Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Wisdom, Bitterness, Time, Bears
Holy Names The Timeless Sage, The Sorrowing Scholar, Citykeeper
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Central Region
Faction Supports Mortals
Mark Shirvain
Notable Creations TBD
Creator Pieren
Immediate Family None
Allies Ethelynda, Ilaren, U'frek
Enemies Faldrun, Audrae
Scribe Basilisk


One of the children of Pieren, Ralaith was always one of the shier and more withdrawn Immortals, prefering to distance himself from the rest of his kin and live alone. However, despite this attitude, he developed strong feelings for Daia, the Immortal of Companionship, eventually falling in love with her. Despite how he felt, Ralaith could not bring himself to approach her, and watched her silently from afar. When Daia brought news of the human race, Ralaith was as surprised as the rest of their siblings, but instead of panicking, he went to go study them in his own way.

As time passed, he occasionally checked on Daia, always happy to see that she was well. And then the day came when he went see her, determined to finally confess his love to her, only to find that had been killed. Grief, loss, and bitterness consumed him and for a time he was mad with pain and loss, blaming the humans as a whole for her death, whether they had anything to do with it or not, and lashing out with an almost reckless abandon.

However, at one point he found a small tribe in the Uzkernia Jungle, desperate for survival and barely able to hang on in the hostile environment they lived in. However, despite their hardships, they cared deeply for each other, and in that moment, Ralaith was reminded of how much Daia had cared for humans and how disappointed in him she would have been. After a moments hesitation, he took the small tribe under his lead and showed them how to survive and prosper in the jungle, becoming very much like a teacher to them. Still being fairly withdrawn, Ralaith only very recently found out that war had erupted between the Immortals over the mortals of Idalos, and has joined the fray on the side of those who would protect the mortals out of respect for the memory of his beloved Daia.

Ralaith is on the side of the Mortals, though he rarely interacts with his allies.


Ralaith appears as an impeccably dressed middle aged man with a stern and sorrowful countenance, usually carrying a book of some sort. Very calm and quiet, Ralaith isn't easily excitable and prefers discussion to combat. However, when angered he is difficult to calm down. In addition, he can be a bit arrogant to the more violent and rash Immortals.

Memories of the Past

Ralaith looks upon his creator as having been strict but fair with him and remembers him fondly despite the fact that they weren't particularly close, due to Ralaith's withdrawn nature.


Believed to be in Strosdyn, acting as a teacher to the Mortals there.