Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Bonds, Leadership, Light, Courage
Holy Names Sigil of Light, Lady of the Light
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Central Idalos
Faction Supports Mortals
Mark Celarion
Notable Creations TBD
Creator Fei
Immediate Family None
Allies Ilaren, Ethelynda, U'Frek, Xiur
Enemies Audrae, Faldrun, Kata
Scribe Zenith


Qylios was brought into existence shortly after Chrien by the Original Fei. Although she was disheartened by the lack of relationship between her creator and herself, she began to travel the world in hopes of meeting other Immortals and building more relationships among them. When her brothers were brought into being, she was there to introduce them to the world and to some of the other Immortals she had already met before they, too, set out on their own. From time to time, Qylios would seek them out to converse about their journeys, but for the most part, she left them to their own devices and has continued wandering Idalos.

During her journeys, Qylios met many of the Immortals of Idalos and befriended most. Most notable among those she met and counted as friends were the Sisters of Judgment (Pier and Pre), the Lord of Death (Vri), the Guardians of the Seasons (Ymiden, Ashan, Vhalar and Ziell), and the Warm Glowing Sun (Faldrun).

The years passed and the Immortals continued on as they had. Eventually, one of her kin, Faldrun, made a play for the role of leader of the Immortals. Qylios stood opposed to the notion. She knew his grief for the Originals ran almost as deep as Chrien's, and that Faldrun had little intention of leading the Immortals. He wanted to rule them. With her actions pitting her against him, their long-standing friendship vanished and in a moment they became enemies. He was the first of such for Qylios, but not the last as Faldrun began calling for the eradication of the mortal races of Idalos.

Many years passed by, and it seemed like the loss of both the Originals and her bond with Faldrun were finally starting to heal when she got news of Tried's Slumber, and Audrae's part in it. After hearing the news, Qylios sought out her younger bother Xiur, and after a half-hearted reunion wept for the loss of yet another person she held dear. Afterwards, she joined Xiur in the wilds and traveled with him for a few years, enjoying his mostly silent company and the familiarity that came with being with one of her brothers. Soon, though, news of the world reached them, and she knew she couldn't remain in her self-imposed isolation any longer.

Bidding farewell to Xiur and the wilderness they had roamed for years, Qylios returned to the world and to her kin with a single goal in mind: leading them back to each other, and reuniting the bonds that had frayed and torn after the Originals' deaths and the start of this forsaken war.


Qylios always appears as a woman of great stature. She stands well above average height at just over six feet and is of solid build, which makes it hard for her not to stand out - though her height plays only one factor in that. With glowing blonde hair that seems to shine from within, as though she had swallowed the sun itself, and shining golden eyes, her identity as an Immortal is never in question. Often clad in some form of armor, whether it is leather, chain, or plate, she always seems at ease with any situation. Her face is kind, and she tends to carry herself in a very approachable fashion to offset the intimidation many feel from her size and stature. Along with her armor, she is never without her hand and a half sword, which she carries sheathed and in hand, not at her waist or on her back.

Memories of the Past

Like Chrien, Qylios tried to win her creator's approval and affections, but their personalities were just too different. When the Great Shattering took the Originals, she was saddened not only at the loss of the beings, but also at the fact that she would never be able to reconcile with Fei. But while Qylios was merely saddened, Chrien was crushed and quickly became inconsolable - so much so that her grief soon turned to rage and hate.


Currently, Qylios can be found traveling between cities. She often travels between Ivorian and Rharne, but will sometimes journey as far as Viden in hopes of visiting with her brother Xiur. Often seeking the counsel of her kin, and providing it if asked, she is frequently found in the company of at least one other Immortal when not traveling.