Cap 25

Profession Skills Required Profession Skills Required Profession Skills Required
Acrobat Acrobatics / Strength Baker Baking Barber Cosmetology / Socialization
Barmaid Mixology / Strength / Socialization Basket Weaver Basket Weaving / Negotiation Cannoneer Siege Weaponry / Tactics
Chaplain Discipline and Politics Cobbler Shoemaking Courtesan Seduction / Persuasion
Dancer Dancing and Strength / Endurance Deserter N/A Woodcutter Endurance / Strength
Vintner Vinting and Gardening / Agriculture Event Coordinator Leadership / Business Management / Politics Ferryman Navigation / Seafaring
Forester Gardening / Agriculture Fortune Teller Meditation / Dreamwalking Gardener Gardening / Agriculture
Hatter Needlecraft / Mathematics Shepherd Animal Husbandry and Weapon Skill Watchman Detection and Weapon Skill
Locksmith Lock Picking Miner Mining and Endurance Monk Meditation and Discipline
Oystermen Fishing / Trapmaking Peddler Persuasion / Appraisal / Negotiation Perfumer Cosmetology and Chemisty
Philosopher Philosophy and Research / Psychology Reaper Agriculture / Endurance Rope Maker Cordage
Rug Maker Needlecraft / Mathematics Saddler Leather Working and Mount Scout Detection and Stealth
Seamstress Needlecraft / Mathematics Seaweed Harvester Fishing / Gardening / Agriculture Tattooist Drawing
Toll Keeper Intimidation and Weapon Skill Sketch Artist Drawing / Painting Tailor Needlecraft / Mathematics
Trapper Hunting and Trapmaking Treasurer Mathematics and Politics Tutor Teaching

Cap 50

Profession Skills Required Profession Skills Required Profession Skills Required
Accountant Mathematics and Research Animal Handler Animal Husbandry / Agriculture Animal Trainer Animal Training
Apothecary Medicine and Gardening Bailiff Politics, Weapon Skill, and Intimidation Beast Tamer Strength and Animal Training / Animal Husbandry
Blacksmith Smithing and Endurance Bodyguard Detection and Weapon Skill Broker Appraisal and Negotiation
Trafficker Negotiation / Intimidation Chandler Candlemaking City Guard Weapon Skill and Detection
Composer Writing and Musical Instrument Courier Navigation and Politics Farrier Mount and Smithing
Fisherman Fishing Fletcher Fletching Furniture Maker Woodworking
Glassworker Glassblowing Herbalist Gardening Huntsman Hunting and Fieldcraft / Weapon Skill
Jailer Intimidation / Weapon Skill Journalist Writing and Research Leathersmith Leather Working
Line Cook Detection / Cooking Toymaker Needlecraft and Woodworking Mason Mining and Sculpting
Painter Painting Pirate Weapon Skill and Pick Pocketing Playwright Writing and Acting
Poet Writing Priest Discipline / Meditation Sailor Seafaring / Navigation
Scribe Writing / Linguistics Sculptor Sculpting Siege Engineer Siege Weaponry
Singer Singing Sorcerer Magic Skill Spearman Weapon Skill / Endurance
Steward Politics Tanner Hunting and Tanning Tavern Keeper Business Management and Socialization
Thief Stealth and Pick Pocketing

Cap 75

Profession Skills Required Profession Skills Required Profession Skills Required
Actor Acting and Rhetoric Architect Mathematics and Woodworking Bandit Weapon Skill and Intimidation
Banker Mathematics / Rhetoric Bard Musical Instrument and Storytelling Teacher Teaching and Leadership
Builder Woodworking and Endurance Carpenter Woodworking Chef Cooking, Baking, and Detection
Cryptographer Cryptography and Fieldcraft Executioner Strength / Endurance Farmer Gardening / Agriculture / Animal Husbandry
Interpreter Rhetoric and Linguistics Tax Collector Intimidation and Politics Marshal Politics, Weapon Skill, Tactics, and Detection
Mercenary Weapon Skill Musician Musical Instrument / Singing Navigator Navigation
Physician Medicine and Surgery Ship Captain Seafaring, Leadership, and Navigation Spy Intelligence, Deception, and Disguise

Cap 100

Profession Skills Required Profession Skills Required Profession Skills Required
Alchemist Alchemy, Mathematics, Chemistry, and Gardening Assassin Weapon Skill, Stealth, and Deception Astrologer Astrology and Research
Chancellor Politics, Etiquette, and Rhetoric Diplomat Politics, Etiquette, and Rhetoric Duke Politics, Etiquette, and Leadership
Guild Master Business Management, Leadership, and Weapon Skill Jeweler Jewelry Crafting Judge Politics, Investigation, and Psychology
King Politics, Etiquette, and Rhetoric Lawyer Politics and Research Professor Teaching and Leadership
Queen Politics, Etiquette, and Rhetoric Shipwright Seafaring and Navigation Surgeon Surgery and Medicine
Veterinarian Animal Husbandry, Gardening, and Mathematics