Price List


There are four common coins used as currency across the regions of Idalos. Though they're accepted through out every region in Idalos, the Iulure Isles use a different form of currency. These coins are imprinted with the seal of eight, the eight celestial beings who gave birth to the Immortals. It serves as a reminder for why the humans fight to survive. The coins are broken down from smallest value to largest:

10 copper nel = 1 silver nel
10 silver nel = 1 gold nel
500 gold nel = 1 onyx nel
100 copper nels = 10 silver nels
100 silver nels = 10 gold nels
500 gold nels = 1 onyx nel

OOC Note: 10 copper nel is equivalent to $2.00 US dollars. 10 silver nel is equivalent to $20.00 US dollars. 500 gold nel is equivalent to $10,000.00 US dollars. 1 onyx nel is equivalent to $10,000.00 US dollars. The equivalency is only suppose to show you the value of the coins in the World of Idalos, nothing else.



Herb and Spices

Herbs and spices are required for some recipes when it comes to cooking in this game.

Players can buy most of these items from their city's marketplace. We recommend that you go there, in character, to purchase any items from this list.

This is the cost for the plant/tree if someone wants to buy and grow them. Players are responsible for looking up the information on how to grow the item themselves.

Item Name Pricing Notes
Allspice 2 cn/oz whole * 2 gn/tree Allspice berries resemble peppercorns in appearance. They has a warm flavor used in dishes from soups to desserts to sausages.
Cinnamon 5 cn/1" stick * 3 gn/tree Cinnamon is a kind of bark which is dried then ground to add a sweet and spicy kick to many dishes.
Cloves 4 cn/oz whole * 2 gn/tree Cloves are a traditional, though seldom recognized, flavor of Vhalar season specialties.
Cumin 3 sn/oz whole * 4 gn/plant Cumin is immensely popular all over Idalos and has an unmistakable smoky flavor.
Fennel Seed 2 sn/oz whole * 3 gn/plant Fennel seeds dress up pork with a minty kick similar to licorice.
Nutmeg 8 sn/whole seed * 5 gn/tree Nutmeg has a warm and complex flavor. It's wildly popular among those who can afford it.
Paprika 4 gn/oz ground * 5 gn/plant Paprika is available in hot or sweet varieties and adds a bright red color with a bit of bite to anything.
Peppercorns 2 gn/oz whole * 9 gn/plant Pepper adds a spicy kick to food. Though popular, it's very hard to grow.
Poppy Seeds 2 sn/oz whole * 6 gn/plant Poppy seeds are used in baked goods to add color and crunch.
Saffron 15 gn/oz strands * 1 on/plant Saffron is the most expensive spice known to Idalos with a sweet flavor and rich golden color.
Basil 5 cn/leaf * 2 gn/plant Basil is a common herb used to add a sweetness to fresh dishes.
Bay Leaves 1 sn/leaf * 4 gn/plant A bay leaf or two in a pot of soup will add earthy depth of flavor.
Chives 5 sn/oz dried * 8 gn/plant Chives add a bright, oniony flavor and crunch to many things.
Mint 1 gn/ sprig * 4 gn/plant Mint's flavor is distinctive and bright. Makes a sweet addition to desserts.
Oregano 4 sn/oz dried * 6 gn/plant Oregano has a pungent herbal flavor with a sweet twist. Good for long-cooking dishes.
Parsley 3 sn/oz * 5 gn/plant Parsley is a reliable way to add freshness to anything.
Rosemary 7 sn/ branch * 8 gn/plant Rosemary is great to give meat a minty twang.
Vanilla Beans 15 gn/bean * 30 gn/plant Vanilla is incredibly aromatic and adds a sweet flavor to baked goods.
Salt 1 sn/oz lump Salt is technically a mineral, but it has a unique flavor that's almost impossible to replicate.


Each vegetable is sold by itself. If you wish to buy multiple vegetables, you must multiply the number of items by it's price. 5 tomatoes x 2 sn = 10 sn, 2 potatoes x 5 sn= 10 sn. So the total price would be 20 sn or 2 gn.

Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Artichoke 3 cn Cucumber 4 cn
Asparagus 2 cn Eggplant 6 cn
Avocado 4 cn Garlic (Clove) 8 cn
Bean Sprouts 3 cn Ginger 10 cn
Beet 2 cn Green Beans (Small Bag) 4 cn
Bell Pepper 6 cn Collard Greens 3 cn
Broccoli 7 cn Kale 6 cn
Brussels Sprouts 4 cn Spinach 5 cn
Cabbage 6 cn Horseradish 3 cn
Carrot 5 cn Leeks 2 cn
Cauliflower 2 cn Lemongrass 8 cn
Zucchini 4 cn Lettuce 2 cn
Celery 8 cn Okra 3 cn
Celery Root 2 cn Onion 7 cn
Corn 5 cn Parsnip 2 cn
Peas 3 cn Potato 5 cn
Pumpkin 12 cn Radish 4 cn
Spinach 6 cn Sweet Potato 4 cn
Tomato 2 cn Turnip 3 cn
Yams 5 cn


Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Chanterelle 6 cn Baby Bella 3 cn
Enoki 4 cn Morel 2 cn
Porcini 6 cn Portabella 8 cn
Royal Trumpet 7 cn Truffles 5 cn
White Button 4 cn


Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Caushka (Anaheim) 10 cn Banana Pepper 8 cn
Cayenne 4 cn Cherry 6 cn
Red Fire (Jalapeno) 16 cn


Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Black Beans 2 cn Kidney Beans 4 cn
Borlotti 3 cn Lima Beans 6 cn
Butter Beans 3 cn Lupini Beans 5 cn
Cannellini Beans 4 cn Marrow Beans 8 cn
Chestnut Lima 3 cn Pinto Beans 5 cn
Corona Beans 6 cn Red Beans 2 cn
Broad Beans 4 cn Rice Beans 3 cn
Flageolet Beans 2 cn Soybean Bean 5 cn
Garbanzo Beans 7 cn Split Peas 3 cn


Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Patty Pan 4 cn Crookneck 6 cn
Zucchini 2 cn Acorn 4 cn
Banana 3 cn Buttercup 5 cn
Butternut 6 cn Cushaw 3 cn
Delicata 2 cn Hubbard 1 cn
Kabocha 6 cn Pumpkin 8 cn


Fruit may be sold individually or in bulk. If you would like to buy fruit in bulk, simply multiply the base price time the amount that you're getting: 12 Apples x 3 cn = 36cn or 3sn 6cn. Buying bulk fruit means that you want 12 or more items for a single fruit. To get the price for bulk purchases, multiply the the base price by the amount that you're getting: 12 Apples x 3 sn = 36 cn. Then multiple 36 x .80 = 28.8 cn or 2sn 9 cn. Round up or down if greater or less than 5.

Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Apple 3 cn Apricot 4 cn
Banana 2 cn Breadfruit 6 cn
Cherry 4 cn Citron 8 cn
Dragon Fruit 3 cn Fig 10 cn
Grapes 2 cn Raisin 4 cn
Grapefruit 6 cn Kiwifruit 3 cn
Lemon 7 cn Lime 6 cn
Mango 4 cn Nectarine 5 cn
Oranges 6 cn Clementine 3 cn
Seville 5 cn Valencia 2 cn
Papaya 2 cn Passion Fruit 8 cn
Peach 8 cn Pear 2 cn
Persimmon 8 cn Pineapple 3 cn
Plantain 2 cn Plum 7 cn
Prunes 5 cn Pomegranate 2 cn
Starfruit 3 cn Tangerine 5 cn


Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Acai Berry 4 cn Barberry 6 cn
Bilberry 4 cn Blackberry 3 cn
Blueberry 5 cn Cloudberry 6 cn
Cranberry 3 cn Elderberry 2 cn
Gooseberry 1 cn Huckleberry 4 cn
Mulberry 8 cn Raspberry 3 cn
Salmonberry 8 cn Strawberry 2 cn


Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Canary 4 cn Cantaloupe 6 cn
Casaba Melon 2 cn Charentais 4 cn
Crenshaw 3 cn Galia 5 cn
Honeydew 6 cn Horned Melon 3 cn
Watermelon 2 cn

Grains and Flour

There are two separate prices for the grains listed below. The first one is the price meant for grain per pound. The second one is the price for the flour made from that grain. So if you wanted Wheat Flour, you would look at the second price. Flour is charged per large sack.

Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Amaranth 6 sn/lb -- 2 gn/s Barley 3 sn/lb -- 1 gn/s
Buckwheat 4 sn/lb -- 1 gn/s Corn 2 sn/lb -- 1 gn/s
Millet 6 sn/lb -- 2 gn/s Oats 8 sn/lb -- 3 gn/s
Rye 7 sn/lb -- 2 gn/s Spelt 5 sn/lb -- 2 gn/s
Teff 4 sn/lb -- 1 gn/s Wheat 10 sn/lb -- 5 gn/s


Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Almond 5 sn/lb Cashew 8 sn/lb
Chestnuts 4 sn/lb Hazelnut 13 sn/lb
Macadamia 15 sn/lb Pecan 18 sn/lb
Pistachio 12 sn/lb Walnut 9 sn/lb


Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Corn 4 gn/pt Olive 6 gn/pt
Peanut 5 gn/pt Sesame 5 gn/pt
Sunflower 9 gn/pt Almond 6 gn/pt
Hazelnut 6 gn/pt Walnut 5 gn/pt


Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Milk 8 sn/gl Buttermilk 10 sn/pt
Cream 5 sn/pt Sugar 4 sn/lb
Honey 8 sn/pt Lard 5 sn/lb
Yeast 5 sn/lb Butter 3 sn/lb
Eggs 5 sn/dozen Cheese 8 gn/lb


In Idalos, one of the main entrees in a meal may use some kind of meat or fish. Players can go to their city's local butcher to purchase different kinds of meat. Please keep in mind that certain cities only offer what's available in their area, which means if you don't live near the coast, they probably won't have fish available for you. Another great place to look for exotic, cured meats is the marketplace.

Listed below are all the meats you will find in Idalos. There are no prices listed below because the price of whatever meat you buy depends on the kind of cut and how big it is. Therefore, you must get with your local butcher or merchant to determine the price of the meat. Please note that a Prophet must assist you with this.

Poor Quality Standard Quality Prime Quality
1gn Per Pound 2gn Per Pound 4gn Per Pound

Item Name Item Name Item Name Item Name
Cattle Elk Goat Duck
Donkey Goose Deer Turkey
Rabbit Squirrel Lamb Mutton
Pig Chicken Moose Bison


Like the meats, the prices for fish are not listed below because it depends on what you're getting, how big it is, and the cuts you may want. The price for fish will be determined by the Prophet in your city.

Since this is a fantasy roleplay, these are the COMMON meats and fish found throughout Idalos. Many more types of fish and animal meat will be available so stay updated with the Flora & Fauna section. If you are confused about the type of meats and produce your city has available to your character, check the Butcher's Shop, Market Place, and Port Locations (if your city has one) to see available items and prices. If you do not see the item, chances are your city doesn't sell it.

Item Name Item Name Item Name Item Name
Carp Shrimp Catfish Prawns
Salmon Oyster Tilapia Mussel
Crayfish Snail Lobster Crab


Here at Standing Trials, we like to give players full customization when it comes to their character's history, personality, and appearance. We want to inspire players to be creative and develop their characters as they see them. The clothing items list gives extensive information for players to dress their character how they see them through modifications such as size, material, whether the fabric is new or recycled, and its durability and resistance to the environment. Other clothing decorations will play a role into the overall cost of your new clothes, so please keep this in mind.

How To Calculate Clothing Costs
Figure out your garment and combine that with your size mod. Put that number to the side.
Pick everything you want to put with that garment (dyes, fabric, trimming and modifications, etc.). Add those modifiers together then multiply that number with the one you got from your garment and size mod. Items that are not brand new you will then add the quality modifiers to reduce the cost. Here is an example:

Tunawa Gown

Gown (9gn) x Height 10" (X-small)(.50) = 4 GN 5 SN

Garment Quality

If you do not want to invest in new clothes for your character, apply these modifiers to the overall price of your garments. By that, I mean after you've added in any modifications, dyes, sizes, etc. An example of these modifiers would be a set of robes costs 18 gn. If they are ruined, they cost 2 gn and 7 sn. If they are in poor condition, they cost 5 gn and 4 sn. If they are in fair condition, they cost 14 gn and 4 sn.

Fair condition means that the garment has few stains and tears in the fabric. Poor condition mean there are quite a few stains and tears in the garment. Ruined condition basically means that these are rags hanging off of your character's body.

Ruined Poor Fair
Deduct 50% of total cost Deduct 25% of total cost Deduct 10% of total cost

Size Modifiers

X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large
Deduct 50% of Garment Cost Only Deduct 25% of Garment Cost Only N/A Add 25% of Garment Cost Only Add 50% of Garment Cost Only

X-Small Small Medium Large X-Large
0' 4" - 2' 0" 2' 1" - 5' 4" 5' 5" - 5' 11" 6' 0" - 6' 6" 6' 7" +


This is the entire list of all clothing offered in the world of Idalos. It is recommended that players first select what garments they want to cloth their characters in before specifying any fabrics, dyes, sizes, and modifications.

Garments are not resistant to the environment. So please keep this in mind when roleplaying.

Your character may wear whatever they have in their inventory. If it is not in their inventory, they cannot wear it. If your character receives an article of clothing in a roleplay, make sure to include that information when you submit your topic for grading so that moderators know to reward you with it. Note, this is for clothes only. If it appears your character was given luxury clothes for no reason other than you wanted them, the moderators will not give them to you as a reward. Please do not abuse this.

Fabric specification is required.

Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Undergarments (Women) 5 sn Undergarments (Men) 2 sn Coat 7 gn
Skirt 8 sn Blouse 6 sn Cloak 5 gn
Dress 5 gn Chemise 12 sn Stockings 10 sn
Nightgown 5 gn Bodice 10 sn Socks 1 gn
Overdress 2 gn Tunic 8 sn Robes 18 gn
Underdress 1 gn Vest 1 gn Shirt 12 sn
Gown 9 gn Breeches 1 gn Gambeson 3 gn
Corset 10 sn Jacket 3 gn Brigandine 7 gn
Tabard 5 gn Briefs 8 sn Trousers 5 gn
Doublet 3 gn Gloves 2 gn Cape 1 gn
Jerkin 15 sn Pants 3 gn


The price of fabric per yard is 2gn x [fabric modifier]. So if you want 8 yards of wool, the math would look like this--- 16 x 2.2 = 35.2 = 35gn 2sn for 8 yards of wool.

Item Name Pricing Notes
Jute N/A Jute is among the cheapest fabrics sold in Idalos. It is mainly used for sacks and bags, however, it may also be used for clothing.
Hemp x 0.3 Hemp is known for its versatile use for clothing, furniture, shoes, and accessories. It can be warm and soft, or rough depending on the type of hemp fabric.
Ramie x 1.1 Ramie is a type of absorbent material that is commonly used for outer wear. However, it is easy to rip, stain, and ruin.
Organza x 1.2 Organza is a thin, sheer fabric that is easy to rip, stain, and ruin. This fabric is often used for evening gowns.
Linen x 1.5 Linen is commonly used as a fabric for furniture though it can be used for clothing.
Cotton x 1.2 Cotton is soft, safe, and warm. It can be used for things like clothing or bedding.
Wool x 2.2 Wool is a very warm, soft, and durable fabric often worn throughout Idalos. It can be resistant to dirt and fire.
Chiffon x 2.8 Often associated with silk, Chiffon fabric can be easily dyed to any shade of color.
Taffeta x 3.5 Taffeta is a smooth, soft fabric with a slight sheen to it. It is often used for garments and clothing.
Leather x 4 Leather is durable, strong, and resistant to many things. It is a good material to use for most things ranging from armor, clothing, and foot wear. It is not often used with furniture though, it can be.
Brocade x 6 Cloth that has patterns woven into it.
Velvet x 8 Velvet is one of the most smoothest and softest fabrics known across Idalos. It is often used in clothing and can be a statement for one's status.
Silk x 10 One of the higher grade type fabrics found in Idalos, Silk is known for its beauty, luster, and luxurious appearance.
Satin x 12 Satin is the most elegant of fabrics across the world of Idalos. It is used in high fashion gowns, noble attire, and expensive furniture.

Trimming and Modifications

Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Lace (Trim) x .3 Ribbon (Trim) x .2
Fur (Trim) x .6 Gimp (Trim) x .2
Passementerie (Trim) x .8 Fur (Misc.) x .6
Buckles x .5 Bells x .2
Lining x .4 Fastener x .2
Cord (Braided) x .2 Cord x .2
Embroidery x .2 Tassels x .2
Fringe x .4 Chains x .4
Beads x .2 Feathers x .6
Bone x .5


Item Name Pricing Notes
Beige x .2 Common
Black x .5 Common
Brown x .8 Common
Blue x 1.5 Uncommon
Green x 1.8 Uncommon
Yellow x 2 Uncommon
Orange x 2.2 Uncommon
Purple x 4 Rare
Red x 6 Rare
Gold x 10 Rare
Custom Determined IC Rare


This list details all accessories available for players to dress their characters with. Note that new items may be posted as the roleplay progresses.

Players are able to customize the accessories of their characters just as they would the Garments, however, the accessories may be bought at their base price without fabric specification. Keep in mind that any accessories bought at base price are simple looking, easy to tear, stain, fray, and ruin. Items bought at their base price are the cheapest of the cheap.

Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Hat (Women's) 10 sn Hat (Men's) 10 sn
Cap 8 sn Shawl 12 sn
Veil 8 sn Scarf 1 gn
Sash 15 sn Bandanna 12 sn
Hand Fan 5 gn Mask 12 sn
Decorative Hair Comb 10 sn Belt 1 gn
Hair Stick(s) 1 gn Buckle 1 gn
Baldric 2 gn


This is a complete list of most of the shoes you will find across Idalos. Players are allowed to customized their character's shoes as much as they want though we ask that you keep it within the roleplay's theme.

Listed next to certain shoe types might be (Ankle/Knee/Thigh), that is simply stating how high or low the top of the shoe is.

Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Boots (Ankle) 8 sn Boots (Knee) 12 sn
Boots (Thigh) 1 gn Sandals (Simple) 3 sn
Sandals (Knee) 8 sn Flats 3 sn
Shoes (Heels) 12 sn Shoes (Slippers) 2 sn
Dancing Shoes 2 gn


This list details all cosmetics available for players to purchase and beautify their characters with. Note that new items may be posted as the roleplay progresses.

Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Lip Stain (Lipstick) 1 gn Rouge (Blush) 5 sn
Henna 5 gn Eye Paint 2 gn
Face Paint 5 gn Kohl 1 gn
Hair Brush 2 gn Comb 1 gn
Hair Pin (10) 5 sn Nail Paints 3 gn
Hand Mirror 4 gn Wig 50 gn
Toothbrush (Boar Bristles) 5 sn Toothpaste (Herb Paste) 5cn


Jewelry is a great way to add class and elegance to any character; however, it comes at a price. Here, you will be able to mix and match certain items, and/or customize them how you'd like to.

If you would like to customize jewelry so that fabric and/or other modifiers, like feathers, are involved to make your design possible, you are welcome to use those modifiers to create your piece of jewelry. Like the garments, you will instead use the base price of the jewelry and add the modifiers onto that.

If you have custom made a piece of jewelry, please describe it as best as you can on your character sheet. If you have a picture of the piece of jewelry, you may provide a link to it. This is to ensure that the payment for the piece of jewelry is not too little but not too much either.

Bronze Chain Silver Chain Gold Chain
15 sn 3 gn 15 gn


Bronze jewelry is very inexpensive and is most often the choice for common folk if they wish to adorn jewelry. However, bronze jewelry is very likely to bend, scratch, and break. The chains don't hold over a long period of time, and the stones and beads tend to slip off, and ultimately, it will fall apart after a while, in addition to the potential of staining the skin.

Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Earrings 12 cn Necklace 5 sn
Bracelet 15 cn Armband 2 sn
Ear Cuffs 10 cn Torc 5 sn
Crown 2 on Circlet 25 gn
Pendant 15 sn Brooch 15 sn
Livery Collars 20 gn Ring 10 gn
Cuff 5 gn


Jewelry made from silver is the most sought after not only for it's durability but also because it gives the wearer a certain air of nobility. Silver jewelry can withstand a lot of wear and tear as well as hold onto the stones and beads that may be set on or within it. Silver doesn't stain the skin like bronze jewelry, but it does tend to show a lot of scratches overtime and also has a tendency to lose its luster.

Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Earrings 2 gn Necklace 5 gn
Bracelet 1 gn Armband 4 gn
Ear Cuffs 15 sn Torc 10 gn
Crown 5 on Circlet 65 gn
Pendant 9 gn Brooch 9 gn
Livery Collars 40 gn Ring 18 gn
Cuff 15 gn


Gold jewelry has a way of signifying one's status and is as wear resistant as it is beautiful. Gold jewelry is known to withstand the elements, even after many years have passed. It can can be easily scratched though it doesn't lose its luster like silver jewelry. It doesn't stain the skin like bronze and isn't known for losing its beads and stones like the other metals. If one can afford gold, this is by far the best to have and own.

Gold jewelry must be bought new.

Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Earrings 12 gn Necklace 15 gn
Bracelet 11 gn Armband 13 gn
Ear Cuffs 7 gn Torc 25 gn
Crown 15 on Circlet 200 gn
Pendant 35 gn Brooch 35 gn
Livery Collars 85 gn Ring 75 gn
Cuff 65 gn


Onyx jewelry is typically worn by the champions of the Immortals, royalty, and the political powerhouses of certain cities. Owning Onyx jewelry defines ones character even before others have a chance to know them. Onyx is a prized, rare stone that is sought after by most. Unlike Gold jewelry, onyx jewelry hardly ever receives scratches to its outer surface and its luster is one that never dies.

Onyx jewelry must be bought new.

Item Name Pricing Item Name Pricing
Earrings 95 gn Necklace 2 on
Bracelet 1 on Armband 3 on
Ear Cuffs 1 on Torc 4 on
Crown 25 on Circlet 10 on
Pendant 1 on Brooch 1 on
Livery Collars 5 on Ring 7 on
Cuff 3 on

Gemstones In Idalos

Gemstones can be found here


Armor/Weapon Quality Modifiers

Players have the ability to customize their armor and shields to their liking, whether that is by adding gems and jewelry, certain metals, and much more. Listed below are some armors and shields that can be found across Idalos, however, keep in mind that crafting armor and shields is much like crafting a canvas, sculpting, and other arts. Each smith has their own style and technique thus producing many unique items.

Unless someone is starting a brand new character, all armor and shield requests must go through your character's city smith. Players cannot simply buy a shield or armor off the price list and have it in their inventory. This is a roleplay people. Your character has to receive it somehow and trust me, there's no Amazon or FedEx in Trials.

Poor 1/2 x Listed Price
Normal Marked Price
Good 2x Marked Price
Extravagant 4x Marked Price
Masterwork 8x Marked Price
Decorative (Pretty, non-functional) 1/2 x Marked Price

  • Extravagant armors are designed with many stones in the armor set(s), the armor curved or shaped in such a way that the armor looks very different from normal armors. Extravagant armors are typically very unique and specially designed by the armor smith for the individual. Though they are not as durable as master crafted armor, handled correctly, they can be just as good. These kind of armors tend to draw attention and are very personalized. Extravagant shields function the same way.
  • Decorative armors and shields are meant for decoration only. If a character attempts to fight with a decorative armor or shield, they will lose quite easily. These weapon are made out of very cheap steel and crafted in such a way that they are only durable enough to not bend. Decorative armor and shields break easy and are only made to accompany one's status, title, or rank.

When purchasing armor or shields, please remember to add the modifiers. For example, a poor buckler would cost 2 gn, 5 sn. On the other hand, a decorative buckler would be 7 gn, 5 sn. Or a masterwork would be 40 gn.


Item Name Pricing Description
Leather Armor 10 gn Simple leather armor that protects the torso.
Leather Gauntlets 5 gn Simple leather gauntlets to protect the wearers hands.
Leather Greaves 5 gn Simple leather greaves to protect the wearers legs.
Leather Fauld 5 gn Simple leather fauld to protect the wearers waist.
Leather Padding 5 gn Leather Padding designed to be worn under plate armor.
Leather Helmet 5 gn A hard boiled leather helmet designed to protect the head.


Item Name Pricing Description
Chainmail 20 gn Flexible armor made from interlocking metal rings used to protect the torso.
Chain Gauntlets 10 gn Gloves covered by chain mail.
Chain Greaves 10 gn Boots covered by chain mail.
Chain Fauld 10 gn Belt with chain mail armor attached used to protect the waist and upper legs.
Chain Coif 10 gn Cloth padding covered by chain mail designed to protect the head.
Scale Mail 15 gn Stiff armor made from overlapping metal plates designed to protect the torso.


Item Name Pricing Description
Plate Armor 40 gn Heavy armor of solid metal designed to protect the torso.
Plate Gauntlets 20 gn Heavy Gauntlets designed to protect the arms.
Plate Greaves 20 gn Heavy greaves designed to protect the legs.
Plate Fauld 20 gn Heavy fauld designed to protect the waist area.
Plate Pauldron 20 gn Heavy pauldron designed to protect the shoulders.
Plate Helmet 20 gn Heavy helmet designed to protect the head..


Small 1/2 of Marked Price
Medium Marked Price
Large 2x Marked Price

Item Name Pricing Item Name Price
Buckler 3 gn Round Shield 5 gn
Tower Shield 20 gn Kite Shield 15 gn
Heater Shield 10 gn Coffin Shield 15 gn


Weapon Quality Modifiers

Players have the ability to customize their weapons to their liking, whether that is by adding gems and jewelry, certain metals, handles, blade types, and much more. Listed below are some weapons that can be found across Idalos, however, keep in mind that crafting weapons is much like crafting a canvas, sculpting, and other arts. Each smith has their own style and technique thus producing many unique items.

Unless someone is starting a brand new character, all weapon requests must go through your character's city smith, whether that is for weapons or armor. Players cannot simply buy a weapon off the price list and have it in their inventory. This is a roleplay people. Your character has to receive it somehow and trust me, there's no Amazon or FedEx in Trials.

Unless stated otherwise, all weapons purchased from the Pricelist are regarded as being constructed from Iron. In order to "upgrade" a weapon to another metal choice, simply take 1/2 of the Ingot Cost * Original Weapon Cost. For example, upgrading to a Steel Dagger would be 3 GN (Original Weapon Cost) * 6 GN (1/2 of the cost of a single Steel Ingot)

Poor 1/2 x Listed Price
Normal Marked Price
Good 2x Marked Price
Extravagant 4x Marked Price
Masterwork 8x Marked Price
Decorative (Pretty, non-functional) 1/2 x Marked Price

  • Extravagant weapons are designed with many stones on the handle(s), the blades curved or shaped in such a way that the weapon looks very different from normal weapons. Extravagant weapon are typically very unique and specially designed by the weapon smith for the individual. Though they are not as durable as a master crafted weapon, handled correctly, they can be just as good as one. These kind of weapons tend to draw attention and are very personalized.
  • Decorative weapons are meant for decoration only. If a character attempts to fight with a decorative weapon, they will lose quite easily. These weapon are made out of very cheap steel and crafted in such a way that they are only durable enough to not bend. Decorative weapons break easy and are only made to accompany one's status, title, or rank.

When purchasing a weapon, please remember to add the modifiers. For example, a poor Dagger would cost 2 gn, 5 sn. On the other hand, a decorative dagger would be 7 gn, 5 sn. Or a masterwork would be 40 gn.

Swords and Knives

Item Name Pricing Description
Dagger 3 GN A handheld dagger for use in tight spaces or extreme close range combat.
Combat Knife 5 GN A small, easily hidden weapon designed to be used as an emergency weapon or for stealthy kills.
Spring Loaded Dagger 20 GN A spring loaded dagger designed to be worn under the sleeve for quick kills or as an emergency weapon.
Tamo Dagger 20 GN a pair / 15 GN single Tamo Daggers, which are always sold in pairs, are thin, stiletto blades mounted on an often elaborately carved, thick, wooden handle. Each handle has a slot near the blade that serves as a sheath for its twin. When the blades are sheathed, the handles form a sturdy club.
Shortsword 13 GN A simple, short bladed sword designed for use in formation or close quarters combat.
Sai 15 GN a pair / 10 GN single A small defensively minded weapon, usually dual wielded.
Swordbreaker 20 GN A short bladed sword with hooked edges designed to catch and break an enemies sword.
One-Handed Sword 20 GN A medium length one handed sword, can be straight or given a curve.
Longsword 25 GN A medium length sword that can be used with either one hand or two, can be straight or curved.
Cane Sword 40 GN Straight, narrow sword sheathed in decorative case that is frequently disguised as a walking stick or cane.
Broadsword 55 GN A heavy, long bladed sword.
Hand Sickle 20 GN A medium sized sickle designed to be held in one hand.

Lances and Staves

Item Name Pricing Description
Lance 50 GN A two handed combat spear, though mounted fighters can use it one handed during a charge.
Combat Spear 40 GN A spear designed to be used in one hand, can be straight bladed or curve bladed.
Trident 60 GN A three pronged spear that can be used to trap opponents arms or weapons between the prongs.
Bo Staff 30 GN A simple staff used to keep opponents at bay while fighting them.
Three Sectioned Staff 40 GN A staff split into three sections held together by chains. Can be used as a polearm, bludgeon, or whip.
War Scythe 40 GN A scythe that has been modified to be easier to use in combat, with the blade facing away from the wielder rather than towards them.
Reaper Scythe 50 GN A heavy scythe designed to be wielded with two hands, with the blade still facing the wielder. In the hands of the unskilled, it is dangerous only to the wielder, but in the hands of an expert, it is a deadly weapon.

Axes and Bludgeons

Item Name Pricing Description
Club 1 CN A simple wooden club, used for whacking people upside the head.
Combat Hammer 10 GN A small hammer designed for self defense.
Hand Axe 15 GN A small axe designed for use in close quarters combat.
Mace 15 GN A heavy steel ball on a stick.
Spiked Mace 20 GN A spiked mace, designed to penetrate armor.
War Axe 20 GN A heavy axe designed to be used with a shield.
War Hammer 20 GN A heavy hammer designed to be used with a shield.
Ball and Chain 25 GN A mace head attached to the handle by a long chain.
Spiked Ball and Chain 30 GN A spiked mace head attached to the handle by a long chain.
Double-Headed Axe 25 GN A heavy war axe with two heads designed to be held in either one hand or two.
War Pick 25 GN A pick-axe like weapon designed to penetrate armor.
Broad Axe 40 GN A heavy two handed axe.
War Sledge 40 GN A heavy two handed hammer.
Halberd 45 GN A heavy battle axe mounted on a spear handle, designed for combat against both infantry and cavalry.
Flail 45 GN A heavy ball and chain mace designed to be used only by the strongest of warriors.
Spiked Flail 50 GN A heavy spiked ball and chain mace designed to be used only be the strongest and most skilled warriors.
Three Sectioned Staff 40 GN A staff split into three sections held together by chains. Can be used as a polearm, bludgeon, or whip.

Ranged Weapons

Item Name Pricing Description
Short Bow 10 GN A small bow designed to be used from horseback.
Long Bow 15 GN A heavy bow designed to fire a long distance.
Pistol Crossbow 15 GN A medium strength bow that's incredibly easy to use.
Crossbow 30 GN A powerful bow that's easy to use.
Arrows 1 GN for 40 An arrow to be launched from a bow.
Bolts 2 GN for 20 A metal bolt to fired from a crossbow.

Thrown Weapons

Item Name Pricing Description
Javelin 5 GN A spear that is designed to be thrown at enemies.
Throwing Dagger 2 GN for 5 A small dagger designed to be thrown.


Item Name Pricing Description
Bullwhip 20 GN A long, lightweight leather whip.
Cat O Nine Tails 30 GN A whip with, as the name implies, nine tails. Shorter than a bull whip, but still dangerous if used right.
Scourge 40 GN A Cat O Nine Tails with shards of metal tied into each tail.
Barbed Whip 45 GN A bullwhip with jagged metal shards tied into it, designed for ripping flesh and muscle from the wielders target.
Chain Whip 50 GN A whip made entirely out of metal chains.
Urumi 35 GN The Urumi feels like a whip, moves like a whip, yet instead of cracking it cuts you like a razor. Not very effective against armor, but very nimble and able to cause great damage to lightly armored opponents, for example those wearing leather.
Three Sectioned Staff 40 GN A staff split into three sections held together by chains. Can be used as a polearm, bludgeon, or whip.
Chain Sickle 40 GN A medium sized sickle designed to be held in one hand, with a chain connecting the blade to handle.

Unarmed Combat

Armor and Weapon Materials


All metals will be sold as ingots in their standard form. If you harvest metal ore in RP, you must get it converted to ingots by a smith. Metal ore at its basic won’t be worth anything till it is refined. Getting ore refined won’t cost a thing, however, you must wait a period of time before you can use the ingots. How much ore you loot off of one thread is determined by the reviewer.

Novice Smith 20 Trials
Competent Smith 15 Trials
Expert Smith 10 Trials
Master Smith 5 Trials
Legendary Smith 1 Trial

Iron 2gn Per Ingot Iron is often used in the production of inexpensive, durable items like armor and weapons. Iron is also used in a number of furniture pieces, construction, accessory pieces, and many other things. This metal is very dull, both in appearance and combat, though the latter depends on the craftsmen.
Steel 12gn Per Ingot Steel is a higher grade of metal used in the making of various armor and weapon items. Though it is a higher grade of metal, it is not indestructible. It's durability is better than Iron, and is resistant against almost all basic, common crafted weapons. Steel appears shiny, compared to Iron, but runs the risk of rusting and/or tarnishing, especially on long journeys. This is, however, dependent on the craftsmen.
Cobalt 8gn Per Ingot Cobalt metal is very sleek and shiny, appearing black, grey, or dark brown in color. Cobalt is a better form of metal preferred by armor and weapon crafters. Easy to work into shape and pleasant in appearance, Cobalt metal is most commonly used within militarys across Idalos not only for its beauty, but for its price and durability.
Malorite 80gn Per Ingot Malorite is what's known as Star Metal, in Idalos. Star metal is hard to come back, often found in the most unlikely of places. It is very hard to craft it into strong armor because of its rarity, however, it is known to withstand the sharpest of blades. Malorite, when worked over, appears to glisten as if it gave off its own light. Translucent and seemingly starlit, Malorite is coveted by many.
Embersteel 25gn Per Ingot Embersteel is a metal whose compound contains hits of metals that give it a smoldering appearance when worked over and set. Surprisingly, Embersteel is stronger than Steel, however, weighs much more than Cobalt, Iron, or Steel, making it unfavorable to most.
Tienite 40gn Per Ingot Tienite is known by another name: Glacier Ore. Tienite is only found in the most remote of places, one being Oscillus. It is rumored that Treid's living body affects the land around him, thus giving nature an ethereal radiance of blue and white. Even after smelting down the ore, Tienite still radiates the same ethereal blue and white, making the wearers appear cereal and God-Like. Tienite is as durable as Embersteel, light weight, and easily worked. However, due to it's rarity within the other regions of Idalos, this ore is priced at an exuberant amount.
Adamantite 50gn Per Ingot Adamantite is an uncommon metal, harvested in remote locations around mountains, specifically Sirothelle. Adamantite is said to hold special properties within the metal compounds that allow it to slice through even the sharpest, strongest of things. However, this effect is based off of the craftsmen and the compounds within the metal. This metal can yield strong, sharp blades or dull, breakable blades. Adamantite is mainly used for weapons though it is malleable and can be used for armor purposes. This metal appears as a burgundy color when finished.
Geminite 80gn Per Ingot Geminite is ore found deep within mountains, it's properties very rarely found in the world. Appearing as the cross between diamond and glass, Geminite seems like liquid water, transparent and smooth, when being made into items. This metal is highly durable and is easily hammered into other metals while still keeping it's glassy appearance. Geminite easily takes on the color of other metals incorporated into it and makes for a lovely fashion piece.
Crystalline 20gn Per Ingot Crystalline is another ore with strange properties, however common compared to Geminite. Crystalline can be found in caves, caverns, and pretty much anywhere dark and cold. It appears in many colors ranging from shades of pale green and purple to cream colors and the rarity, white. Crystalline can be transparent, depending on the craftmenship, but must be incorporated with other metals. It's durability is weaker than Iron and in most cases, it serves as a better use for jewelry and accessories. However, if fashioned with other metals, Crystalline can appear mesmerizing to the eye.
Blood Metal 30gn Per Ingot Blood metal appears deep black with a reddish tint to it and can be found near volcanoes, both active or inactive. It is a very light weight, malleable metal, often used in sheets as a lining to reinforce armor. Common and fairly priced, blood metal tends to take over the coloration of other metals, if molded with other metals.
Idalinium 10gn Per Ingot Another common metal, Idalinium can be harvested from pretty much anywhere in the world. It appears light grey in color, is very malleable and very easy to work with. It is another metal preferred by craftsmen.
Corvantite 500gn Per Ingot This is a special metal only obtained through circumstances by which involve Immortal beings. Corvantite is a metal that, even after fashioned into items, appears to have captured the wind. Beneath the surface, the colors are always moving. Not much in known of this metal, only that it is every seen on the Champions of the Immortals.
Euvomine 500gn Per Ingot Euvomine is another metal only given from an Immortal. However, the metal comes very brittle and breaks easily. It is not meant to be hammered into armor but sprinkled upon it. This metal is able to fuse on contact with other metals without staining or discoloring the item. The metal itself has special properties only known by the Immortal it came from.
Minithelite 35gn Per Ingot Minithelite is an uncommon metal produced from the bottom of the Oceans. It is often worn by the Euri and contains compounds that allow the metal to blend into different locations, no matter the environment. However, Minithelite is very soft, light weight, and breakable. For this, the metal is often used by tailors to craft items of concealment.
Ghost Metal 200gn Per Ingot To be updated
Sorelian Steel 200gn Per Ingot To be updated
Copper 5gn Per Ingot To be updated
Lead 2gn Per Ingot To be updated
Bronze 8gn Per Ingot To be updated
Tin 2gn Per Ingot To be updated
Gold 15gn Per Ingot To be updated
Silver 15gn Per Ingot To be updated






Mount Armor And Accessories

Mount Accessories

Item Name Price Item Name Price
Horseshoe 3 gn Saddle 25 gn
Lead Rope 2 gn Bit 4 gn
Halter 6 gn Leather Bridle 15 gn
Leather Reins 8 gn Blanket Small 10 gn
Chain Reins 10 gn Blanket Large 20 gn
Harness 30 gn Split Boots 15 gn
Crop 3 gn Spurs 4 gn
Horned Saddle 35 gn Camel Saddle 30 gn
Two seated Camel Saddle 50 gn Steel Bosal Bridle 20 gn
Rope Bridle 5 gn Nose Peg (Camel) 8 gn
Rope Halter 3 gn Chain Halter 8 gn
Hobble 2 gn Decorative Bells (10) 5 sn
Saddle Bag (Small) 6 gn Saddle Bag (Medium) 9 gn
Saddle Bag (Large) 12 gn Saddle Bag (Legendary Mount) 20 gn
Dandy Brush 4 gn Body Brush 5 gn
Curry Comb 2 gn Mane and Tail Comb 1 gn
Hoof Pick 6 gn Sponge 2 gn
Woollen Mitt 10 gn Hoof Rasp 10 gn
Wooden Carry Case 15 gn Hoof Nippers 12 gn
Hoof Knife 4 gn Hoof Scrapper 7 gn

Horse Armor Modifier

Poor 1/2 x Listed Price
Normal Marked Price
Good 2x Marked Price
Extravagant 4x Marked Price
Masterwork 8x Marked Price
Decorative (Pretty, non-functional) 1/2 x Marked Price

Horse Armor

Item Name Price Note
Chanfron (face) 10 gn Can come in open or closed variety, basically whether the eyes have protection. Can also have horns or a spike attached to it.
Criniere (neck) 10 gn Generally wasn’t a single piece of material, usually two, one for the mane and one for the actual neck.
Croupiere (hind quarters) 15 gn Usually a single piece of material that protects the animal’s hindquarters.
Flanchard (Flank) 20 gn Side armor was a big chunk of material. Usually bent around the front or rear of the horse and attached to the saddle.
Peytral (chest) 20 gn Looked like a big collar that was much thicker at the front. Good ones usually attached to the saddle, but having them attached to the Criniere or Flanchard was also common.
Caparisons (body) 10 gn This is basically a thick horse blanket. It was used to protect against arrows where the armor didn’t cover the horse.
Caparisons (body) 10 gn This is basically a thick horse blanket. It was used to protect against arrows where the armor didn’t cover the horse.



Boat Name Price
Canoe 50 gn
Rowboat 200 gn
Fishing Boat 500 gn
Sloop 1000 gn
Ketch 1500 gn
Keel Boat 2000 gn
Long Ship 3000 gn
Schooner 5000 gn
Cog Ship 10000 gn
Brig 15000 gn
Galleon 20000 gn
Tallship 35000 gn


Item Name Price
Small Fishing Net (20sq ft) 40 gn
Large Fishing Net (50sq ft) 100 gn
Spyglass 70 gn
Crow's Nest 200 gn
Custom Flag 30 gn
Oar 30 gn
Small Anchor 150 gn
Large Anchor 400 gn
Wheel 300 gn
Gangplank 50 gn
Hammock 15 gn
Custom Figurehead 300 gn
Bronze Bell 20 gn
Harpoons 10 gn


Item Name Price
Chain (1ft) 1 gn
Light Rope (1ft) 4 sn
Heavy Rope (1ft) 8 sn
Rope Ladder (1ft) 1 gn
Small Sail 300 gn
Large Sail 600 gn
Small Mast 400 gn
Large Mast 800 gn

Land / Property

In City

These are prices for land only. These do not include any structures.

Inside of City Walls Price
2750 sq ft 800gn
5500 sq ft 1600gn
8250 sq ft 2400gn
11000 sq ft 3200gn

Outside City

These are prices for land only. These do not include any structures.

Outside of City Walls Price
1/4 acre (11000 sq ft) 200gn
1/2 acre (22000 sq ft) 400gn
3/4 acre (33000 sq ft) 600gn
An acre (44000 sq ft) 800gn


Building Calculations

The modifiers listed below are the same for both wall and floor prices, therefore if you're using Timber for both the floor and the wood, you would figure out the cost for the floor, then figure out the cost for the wall, and combine that for the total price.

To plan your house layout, use this link. It's recommended that you have a layout in mind before marking prices.

Floor & Wall Types Modifier Per Square Foot
Dirt N/A x 1 SqFt
Mud Brick N/A x 1 SqFt
Thatch N/A x 1 SqFt
Clay N/A x 1 SqFt
Bamboo .1 x 1 SqFt
Timber .1 x 1 SqFt
Cedar .3 x 1 SqFt
Cypress .4 x 1 SqFt
Fir .5 x 1 SqFt
Juniper .3 x 1 SqFt
Larch .4 x 1 SqFt
Spruce .4 x 1 SqFt
Yew .5 x 1 SqFt
Pine .5 x 1 SqFt
Ash .6 x 1 SqFt
Alder .6 x 1 SqFt
Aspen .6 x 1 SqFt
Walnut .7 x 1 SqFt
Balsa .5 x 1 SqFt
Beech .6 x 1 SqFt
Birch .6 x 1 SqFt
Cherry .7 x 1 SqFt
Chestnut .5 x 1 SqFt
Ebony .4 x 1 SqFt
Elm .6 x 1 SqFt
Mahogany .8 x 1 SqFt
Maple .5 x 1 SqFt
Oak .5 x 1 SqFt
Plum .5 x 1 SqFt
Teak .3 x 1 SqFt
Willow .4 x 1 SqFt
Granite 2.0 x 1 SqFt
Limestone 1.1 x 1 SqFt
Slate 1.2 x 1 SqFt
Travertine 1.1 x 1 SqFt
Marble 2.5 x 1 SqFt
River Stone .1 x 1 SqFt
Sandstone .6 x 1 SqFt
Vitrified Tile 1.5 x 1 SqFt
Chequered Tile 1.2 x 1 SqFt
Soapstone 1.5 x 1 SqFt
Brick 1.2 x 1 Sqft
Extra Features Modifier Per Square Foot
Wool Insulation 1.2 x 1 SqFt
High Ceilings .8 x 1 Sqft
Vaulted Ceilings .8 x 1 SqFt
Tiny Window 20gn
Small Window 40gn
Medium Window 60gn
Large Window 90gn
Extra Large Window 150gn
High Ceiling Window 250gn
Door 10gn
Double Doors 20gn
Glass Door 20gn
Glass Double Doors 40gn

Building Materials

Material Price Material Price
1 Bale of Straw 4sn 1 sq ft Wattle and Daub 10gn
1 sq ft Cob 8gn 1 Raw Log 25gn
20 ft Wood Plank 17gn 1 sq ft Raw Clay 12gn
1 sq ft Bricks 30gn 1 sq ft Slate Tiles 45gn
1 gallon of Lime Mortar 20gn 1 sq ft Raw Stone 65gn
1 sq ft Cut Stone 110gn 1 sq ft Marble 150gn
1 sq ft Granite 200gn 1 sq ft Flint 2500gn
Wool Insulation 200gn

Household Items

Furniture Quality

Poor Basic Good Mastercrafted Extravagant Royal
x .2 x .4 N/A x 2 x 4 x 6


Bedding Price Bedding Price
Single Fitted Sheet 5sn Single Flat Sheet 3sn
Double Fitted Sheet 8sn Double Flat Sheet 6sn
Queen Fitted Sheet 2gn Queen Flat Sheet 1gn
King Fitted Sheet 5gn King Flat Sheet 3gn
Light Blanket 5sn Medium Blanket 4gn
Heavy Blanket 8gn Quilt 6gn
Bed Skirt 5gn Pillows (2) 10gn
Decorative Pillow 7gn Body Pillow 15gn
Throw Blanket 4gn Knitted Blanket 8gn
Pillow Cases (2) 2sn Comforter 15gn
Duvet 20gn Single Head Board 10gn
Single Foot Board 10gn Double Head Board 15gn
Double Foot Board 15gn Queen Head Board 20gn
Queen Foot Board 20gn King Head Board 25gn
King Foot Board 25gn

General Furniture Items

Furniture Price Furniture Price
Chair Small (Unpadded) 5gn Chair Large(Unpadded) 10gn
Chair Small (Padded) 8gn Chair Large(Padded) 13gn
Table Small 25gn Table Large 50gn
Desk 20gn Couch 35gn
Armchair 15gn Stool 5gn
Rocking Chair 10gn Bed Roll 5gn
Single Bed 25gn Double Bed 50gn
Queen Bed 100gn King Bed 200gn
Bedside Table 15gn Dresser Small 30gn
Dresser Large 60gn Mirror Small 10gn
Mirror Large 30gn Bookshelf Small 10gn
Bookshelf Large 30gn Vanity 30gn
Bathtub Small 40gn Bathtub Large 100gn
Ottoman 30gn Bench 35gn
Canopy Bed 200gn Hammock 15gn
Head/Foot Board 30gn Cradle 20gn
Changing Table 30gn Basin Stand 30gn
Baker’s Rack 20gn Cabinet 15gn
Kitchen Cabinet 25gn Hutch 40gn
Dowry Chest 60gn Hall Tree 20gn
Folding Cot 5gn Single Bed Frame 10gn
Double Bed Frame 15gn Queen Bed Frame 20gn
Sideboard 15gn Wine Rack 10gn
Shelves (2)(Tiny) 5gn Shelves (2)(Small) 10gn
Shelves (2)(Medium) 15gn Shelves (2)(Large) 20gn
Shelves (2)(Extra Large) 25gn Cellarette 60gn
Coat rack 7gn Fireplace Small 50gn
Fireplace Large 100gn Waterproof Tarp (small) 5 gn
Waterproof Tarp (medium) 10 gn Waterproof Tarp (large) 15 gn
Tent (One Person) 15 gn Tent (Two Person) 30 gn
Tent (Four Person) 50 gn Brick Oven 70gn
Folding Table 4gn Game Table (Pockets and Compartments) 10 gn
Coffee Table 4gn End Table 3 gn
Simple Child Desk 3gn Student Study Desk 5 gn
Secretary Desk 8gn Filing Cabinet 6 gn
Wooden Stove (Cooking and Heating) 15gn


Kitchen Accessories

Item Name Price Item Name Price
Small Frying Pan 2gn Small Cooking Pot 3gn
Small Soup Pot 2gn Small Cauldron 8gn
Flask (Small) 5gn Small Cast Iron Pan 4gn
Flask (Large) 10gn Small Cast Iron Pan 4gn
Small Baking Dish 3gn Small Glass Dish 3gn
Small Clay Pot 3gn Small Copper Pot 5gn
Small Cast Iron Pot 6gn Large Frying Pan 4gn
Large Cooking Pot 6gn Large Soup Pot 4gn
Large Cauldron 20gn Large Cast Iron Pan 10gn
Large Baking Dish 9gn Large Glass Dish 7gn
Large Clay Pot 7gn Large Copper Pot 11gn
Large Cast Iron Pot 15gn Chalice 2gn
Horn Cup 1gn Horn Plate 1gn
Horn Bowl 2gn Horn Tray 2gn
Woven Bowls 3gn Tankard 3gn
Goblet 2gn Wine Glass 1gn
Pint Glass 8sn Pilsner Glass 5sn
Seidel 1gn Brandy Sniffer 5sn
Chimney Glass 1gn Cup 5sn

Kitchen Utensils

Item Name Price Item Name Price
Dinner Fork 1sn Dessert Fork 8cn
Salad Fork 8cn Fish Fork 5cn
Lemon Fork 4cn Oyster Fork 6cn
Carving Fork 2sn Meat Fork 2sn
Garnish Fork 1sn Cake Fork 7cn
Child Fork 3cn Spork 4cn
Boning Knife 4sn Carving Knife 1gn
Bread Knife 8sn Steak Knife 1sn
Paring Knife 7cn Cheese Knife 5cn
Butter Knife 4cn Dessert Knife 6cn
Fish Knife 8cn Dinner Knife 1sn
Tablespoon 1sn Dessert Spoon 8cn
Coffee Spoon 4cn Soup Spoon 2cn
Sugar Spoon 6cn Vegetable Spoon 7cn
Cream Spoon 8cn Teaspoon 3cn
Baby Spoon 3cn Jam Spoon 4cn
Service Spoon 9cn Dinner Plate 2sn
Salad Plate 1sn Bread Plate 8cn
Saucer 7cn Soup Bowl 1sn
Rimmer Soup Bowl 2sn Vegetable Bowl 3sn
Platter 1gn Fish Platter 2gn

Miscellaneous Objects

Item Name Price
Non-Fiction Book 10gn
Fiction Book 8gn
Blank Journal 5gn
Fine Paper (10 pages) 5gn
Ink Well 2gn
Ink Pen 1gn
Ruler 5sn
Pillows (2) 10gn
Finely Crafted Blanket 20gn
Candle Holder 5gn
Candle 5sn
Lantern 10gn


Instruments Price
Drum 35gn
Flute 40gn
Viol 45gn
Harp, Small 30gn
Harp, Large 90gn
Lute 20gn
Shofar 20gn
Rackett 35gn
Cornett 45gn
Sacbut 45gn
Shawm 20gn
Psaltery 20gn
Ukulele 30gn
Gittern 40gn
Fiddle 45gn

Farming Equipment

Item Name Price Item Name Price
Sickle 10 gn Scythes 10 gn
Wooden Plough 40 gn Rake 3 gn
Spade 4 gn Wood Cutting Axe 5 gn
Watering Can 5 gn Water Wagon 80 gn
Wagon (Small) 30 gn Wagon (Large) 60 gn
Grain Cart 25 gn Grain Flail 8 gn
Bucket 3 gn Iron Shears 7 gn
Twine (1 ft) 1 cn Grubbing Axe 10 gn
Weir Box 35 gn Weighing Bucket 10 gn
Clevis 4 gn Curry-comb 3 gn
Daisy Grubber 3 gn Dibber 6 gn
Draw Hoe 9 gn Wooden Float 12 gn
Butcher Gambrel 15 gn Garden Hammer 4 gn
Hand-fork 7 gn Wooden Roller 30 gn
Horse Drawn Hoe 100 gn Ion Roller 60 gn
Pruning Knife 4 gn Gate Latch 6 gn
Olive Seed Clipper 5 gn Berry Picker 10 gn
Pitchfork 7 gn Plant Box (Small) 30 gn
Plant Box (Large) 50 gn Strawberry Planter 6 gn
Pruning Hooks 13 gn Horse Drawn Rake 30 gn
Gravel Screen 8 gn Screw Barrel Press 25 gn
Seed Sower 25 gn Soil Sifter 6 gn
Wheelbarrow 14 gn Wooden Yoke 20 gn
Branding Iron 10 gn Chisel (Small) 1 gn
Chisel (Medium) 3 gn Chisel (Large) 5 gn
Tongs (Small) 2 gn Tongs (Medium) 1 gn
Tongs (Large) 4 gn Chisel 6 gn
Brush Wire 12 gn Brush Straw 2 gn
Brush Horsehair 8 gn Chisel 1 gn
Pickaxe 15 gn Iron Anvil 100 gn
Hand Plane 15 gn Hand Drill 15 gn
Finishing Putty (1lb) 10 gn Sanding Block 5 gn
Rivets Copper x 10 1 cn Rivets Brass x 10 2 cn
Rivets Steel x 10 3 cn Two Man Saw 17 gn
Wooden Fence (10 ft) 2 gn Stone Fence (10 ft) 5 gn
Small Barn 100 gn Large Barn 300 gn
Stable (Single) 100 gn Stable (Double) 200 gn
Silo (Small) 100 gn Silo (Large) 300 gn
Chicken Coop 50 gn Kennel 25 gn


Bags Price Notes
Bag (Small) 1sn Pouch or purse size.
Bag (Medium) 2sn Large enough for food items.
Bag (Large) 4sn Large enough to hold a variety of different sized items.


Modification Price Notes
Light Duty Canvas x 1.5 A light duty canvas bag is more durable and less likely to rip and fall apart than a cloth bag.
Heavy Duty Canvas x 2.5 A heavy duty canvas bag is more durable and less likely to rip and fall apart than a light duty canvas bag.
Waterproof x 1.5 The item is resistant to water.
Waterproof (Light Duty Canvas) x 2 A light duty canvas bag that is covered with wax to make it water resistant.
Waterproof (Heavy Duty Canvas) x 3 A heavy duty canvas bag that is covered with wax to make it water resistant.
Waterproof (Leather) x 3 A leather bag that is covered with oil to make it water resistant.
Leather (Pleated) x 2 A pleated leather bag.
Leather (Soft-Pleated) x 3 A pleated leather bag.
Shoulder Straps x .5 An addition to the bag to help carry it.

Animal Feed Containers

Animal Feed Containers Price
Feed Container (Small) 15gn
Feed Container (Large) 30gn
Water Container (Small) 10gn
Water Container (Large) 20gn
Bucket (Small) 2gn
Bucket (Large) 5gn

Food Containers

Food Containers Price
Flax Basket 3gn
Wooden Basket 6gn

Liquid Containers

Liquid Containers Price
Barrel 5 gn
Wine Barrel 8 gn
Waterskin 3 gn
Canteen 5 gn



Animal Feed

Animal Feed Price
Grain for Small Animals (20 chickens) 1gn per cycle
Grain for Medium Animals (1 goat) 1gn, 5sn per cycle
Grain for Large Animals (1 cow) 2gn per cycle
Bale of Straw 1gn per cycle
Bale of Hay 2gn per cycle


Animal Price
Chick 5sn
Hen 1gn
Rooster 5gn
Duckling 5sn
Duck 1gn
Drake 5gn
Goosling 1gn
Goose 2gn
Gander 10gn
Pigeon 10gn
Dove 15gn
Owl 20gn
Hawk 30gn
Falcon 80gn
Eagle 300gn
Mornis N/A
Sigh N/A


Animal Price
Calf 10gn
Cow 20gn
Steer 30gn
Young Bull 50gn
Bull 100gn
Ox 30gn
Yak 25gn
Bubalus 40gn
Bison 80gn
Buffalo 100gn
Ivorian Auroch N/A
Woolly Bison N/A
Snow Auroch N/A


Animal Price
Small Dog 15gn
Medium Dog 40gn
Large Dog 75gn


Animal Price
Cat 5gn
Ocelot 50gn
Serval 60gn
Lynx 60gn
Caracal 50gn
Cougar 100gn
Cheetah 150gn
Leopard 250gn
Jaguar 300gn
Lion 400gn
Tiger 500gn
Hyx 500gn
Obsidian Panther 500gn
Scython 500gn
Thunder Ocelot 400gn
Oscillus Leopard 500gn
Prismanther 500gn


Animal Price
Foal (Donkey) 10gn
Jenny 30gn
Jack 50gn
Foal (Horse) 20gn
Pony 30gn
Horse 50gn
Thorned Horse 150gn
Quadriga Horse 300gn
Oscillus Horse 200gn


Animal Price
Kid (Goat) 5gn
Doe 10gn
Wether 15gn
Buck 20gn
Lamb 5gn
Ewe 10gn
Ram 20gn
Piglet 5gn
Gilt 15gn
Sow 30gn
Boar 50gn
Bronze Boar 100gn
Deer 15gn
Elk 25gn
Moose 40gn
Camel 55gn
Stave Gazelle 25gn


Insect Price
Worker Bees x 10,000 50gn
Queen Bee 10gn
Beehive Box 30gn
Sicklepede N/A
Siphon Butterfly N/A

Reptiles and Amphibians

Animal Price
Lizard 3gn
Turtle 1gn
Corn Snake 5sn
Garden Snake 1sn
King Snake 30gn
Milk Snake 10gn
Rosy Boa 3gn
Gopher Snake 5gn
Boa 20gn
Ball Python 10gn
Anaconda 50gn
Hotland Taipan 5gn
Shield Python 10gn
Whip Monitor 10sn
Rainbow Sea Snake 1on
Golden Salamanders N/A


Animal Price
Hopping Mouse N/A

Tool Kits

General Tools

Item Name Price Item Name Price
Shovel (Small) 4sn Shovel (Large) 1gn
Hammer (Small) 5sn Hammer (Large) 1gn
Hammer (Sledge) 3gn Pry Bar 1gn
Saw (Small, One-Handed) 1gn Saw (Large, One-Handed) 2gn
Saw (Two men to use.) 6gn Hatchet (Small) 5sn
Hatchet (Axe) 1gn Pliers (Small) 5sn
Pliers (Large) 1gn Small Nails (20) 2sn
Large Nails (20) 5sn Spikes (20) 2gn
Jar of Craftsman's Glue 1gn Vice 10gn
Clamps (Small) 6sn Clamps (Medium) 8sn
Clamps (Large) 1gn Broom (Hand) 4sn
Broom (Large) 6sn Push Broom 8sn
Dust Pan 4sn Fireplace Rod and Hook Stand (For Cooking) 6sn
Washbasin (Not a full bathtub) 4gn Small Towels (2) 1sn
Large Towels (2) 3sn Rags (10) 2sn
Potpourri Sachet (light room scent) 2sn Tarp (5 yd x 5 yd) 3gn, 5sn
Compass 5gn Tinderbox 5gn

Profession Kits

Scribe's Kit

Item Name Price
Scribe's Kit 18gn
Vial of Ink (Black) 5sn
Vials of Ink (Red, Blue, Yellow) 5gn
Vial of Ink Thinner 1gn
Mixing Palette 3sn
Drying Powder with Sachet 3gn
Vellum (10 sheets) 1gn
Crude Paper 2gn
Fine Paper 3gn
Extra Nibs (5) 1gn
Reservoir Pen 5sn

First Aid Kit

Item Name Price
First Aid Kit 22gn
Bandages for casts (3) 3 gn
Tourniquet set 1 gn
Wooden splint braces (6) 3 sn
Cloth bandage strips (bundle of 15) 1 gn
Bandage Hooks (12) 1 gn
Jar of sealing jelly 1 gn
Folding Burner/brazier assembly 5 gn
Boiling Pot 5 sn
Vial of Burner Fuel (lamp oil) 5 gn
Cauterizing iron (5 tip sizes) 5 gn
Needle set (curved and straight) 3 gn
50' Spool of thread 1 sn
Precision Tweezers 1 gn
Precision Scissors 3 gn
Large Vial of Antiseptic Alcohol 2 gn
Sponges 2 sn
Sling 3 sn

Sculptor's Kit

Item Name Price
Sculptor's Kit 75gn
Small Rag (10) 2 sn
Horsehair Brushes (2 x s/m/l) 10 gn
Straw Brushes (2x s/m/l) 5 gn
Chisels (15 assorted weights and sizes) 30 gn
Scoring, Texturing and Finishing Scrapers (10) 15 gn
Hammers (s/l) 1 gn 5 sn
Multi-Loop Leather Tool Belt 10 gn
Small Hand Drill 6 gn
Metal Dowels (10) 5 gn
Bag of Plaster (repairs) 3 gn
Drop Cloth (10'x10') 3 gn
Step Stool 5 gn

Blacksmith's Kit

Item Name Price
Blacksmith's Kit 180gn
Heavily Reinforced Wagon 75 gn
Charcoal Forge (Brick Oven) 25 gn
Iron Anvil 20 gn
Hammers (s/m/l) 6 gn
Tongs (s/m/l) 6 gn
Pliers (s/l) 1 gn 5 sn
Mounted Vice 10 gn
Mounted Shearing Block 5 gn
Tappets and Punches (10) 20 gn
Metal Files (6) 10 gn
Washbasins (2) 2 gn
Sanding Blocks (s/m/l) 1 gn
Heavy Canvas Apron 2 gn
Heavy Canvas Apron (leather) 4 gn
Heavy Canvas Gloves 4 gn
Heavy Canvas Gloves (leather) 8 gn
Leather and Glass Goggles 4 gn
Chemical Flux (per can) 3 gn
Rivets (Brass and Steel x 20) 5 gn

Carpenter's Kit

Item Name Price
Carpenter's Kit 50gn
Sanding Blocks (3) 1 gn
Planing Tool 5 gn
Rasp Fine 1 gn
Rasp Coarse 2 gn
Files (4) 4 gn
Swiveling Miter Box 10 gn
Chisels (s/m/l) 6 gn
Nails (50) 5 sn
Saw (1 and 2 handled) 3 gn
Pliers (s/l) 1 gn 5 sn
Clamps (2 x s/m/l) 5 gn
Straight-Edge Square 5 gn
Hammer (s/l) 1 gn 5 sn
Rubber Mallet 1 gn
Hand Drill 6 gn
Bits and Augers Set 5 gn
Wooden Dowels (20) 1 gn
Glue (1 jar) 1 gn
Rivets (Brass and Copper x 20) 1 gn

Theatre Kit

Item Name Price
Theatre Kit 60 gn
Blonde Wigs (3 different cuts) 20 gn
Colouring Powder Packets (6 for wig changes) 6 gn
Big Jar of Skin Putty 5 gn
Variety of facial features (warts, scars, etc…) 5 gn
Jar of skin glue 1 gn
Body pad set (to fake weight or build) 15 gn
Colored skin dye wash (3 different) 10 gn
Dye remover 2 gn
Shim-Adjustable-soled boots or shoes 5 gn
Lip Stain (Lipstick) 1 gn
Rouge (Blush) 5 sn
Kohl 1 gn

Leatherworker's Kit

Item Name Price
Leatherworker’s Kit 60 gn
Scraping Blade 5 sn
Scrimping Tool & Tips 10 gn
Scoring Iron 5 sn
Lacing Stitch-Wheel Roller 3 gn
Adjustable Width Edge-Skiving Tool 4 gn
Wire Bristle Buffing Brush 2 gn
Sleeking Tool 2 gn
Friction Rubbing Roller 2 gn
Jar Softening Grease 5 sn
Jar Glossing Wax 1 gn
Tooling Hammer 1 gn
10-Piece Design Punch Set 15 gn
Basic Hole-Punching Tool (Awl) 5 sn
Multi-Hole Spacing Punch Set 8 gn
Torque-Geared Leather Cutting Shears 10 gn
Medium-sized Heating (Hardening) Flat Iron 9 gn
Skinning Blade 2 gn

Herbalist Kit

Item Name Price
Herbalist Kit 45 gn
Hand shovel (small and large) 3 gn
Hand Spade (small and large) 3 gn
Box-Framed Sieve 4 gn
Reinforced Cloth Gloves 3 gn
Wrap-Around Goggles 5 gn
Knee Pads 5 sn
Hand Hoe 4 gn
Hand saw 3 gn
Hand Soil Loosening Tool 2 gn
Long-Handled Shears 10 gn
Tool Belt 10 gn
Pump Spray Bottle 3 gn
Pruning Shears 3 gn
Root Digger 1 gn
Collection Pouch 1 gn

Climber's Kit

Item Name Price
Climber's Kit 25gn
Grappling Hook 2gn
Hemp Rope (50ft) 1gn
Climbing Axe/Hammer 3gn
Crampon/Spikes Soles for Boots 2gn
Lock-Slip Pulley 4gn
Reinforced Crampon Gloves 5gn
Pitons (2 Dozen, Stright) 3gn
Leather Seat Harness 10gn

Tattooist's Kit

Item Name Price
Tattooist’s Kit 25gn
Wooden Handle and Needle 5gn
Bamboo Handle and Needle 10gn
Bone Handle and Needle 15gn
Black Ink 100ml 2gn
White Ink 100ml 2gn
Red Ink 100ml 2gn
Blue Ink 100ml 2gn
Yellow Ink 100ml 2gn
Decorated Tapping Stick 1gn
Extra Needles (5) 1gn

Woodworker's Kit

Item Name Price
Woodworker’s Kit 30gn
Clamp (Small) 6 sn
Clamp (Medium) 8 sn
Clamp (Large) 1 gn
Vice 10 gn
Hatchet (Small) 5 sn
Hammer (Small) 5 sn
Hammer (Large) 1 gn
Small Nails (100) 1 gn
Wooden Float 12 gn
Chisel (Small) 1 gn
Chisel (Medium) 2 gn
Chisel (Large) 3 gn
Sweep-tail Gouge 8 sn
Hand Drill 6 gn
Saw (Small) 2 gn

Spelunking Kit

Item Name Price
Spelunking Kit 30gn
Grappling Hook 2gn
Hemp Rope (50ft) 1gn
Climbing Axe/Hammer 3gn
Crampon/Spikes Soles for Boots 2gn
Lock-Slip Pulley 4gn
Reinforced Crampon Gloves 5gn
Pitons (2 Dozen, Stright) 3gn
Leather Seat Harness 10gn
Chin-Strapped Metal Helmet 3gn
Wrapped Oil-Soaked Torches (6) 3gn
Oil Lantern 2gn
Vial of lamp oil 5sn

Fisherman's Kit

Item Name Price
Fisherman's Kit 35gn
Common Pole (Treated wood for flex and strength, crank lock reel fairly reliable.) 7gn
Small Fishing Net 5gn
Trap box (Screened to allow water flow but keep caught fish inside.) 5gn
Tackle Box (Reinforced treated wood, with numerous fold-out compartments.) 10gn
Hooks of Various Sizes (20) 2gn
Common Fishing Line (50ft) 1gn
Lead Weights (20) 1gn
Various Spinning Lures (10) 5gn
Pre-made Leader Clips (20) 2gn
Pouch of Dried Tadpoles 1gn
Worm shovel 1gn
Jar of Fish Eggs 5sn

Falconer's Kit

Item Name Price
Falconer's Kit Plain: 35gn / Mastercrafted: 50gn / Superior: 70gn
Aba (A cloth wrap that immobilizes a bird to calm her or hold her for examination.) 2sn / 4sn / 1gn
Anklets (The leather straps which go around the bird's leg. Several things attach to them.) 3sn / 6sn / 1gn
Bewit (A small leather strip which ties light hardware to the bird's leg.) 1sn / 2sn / 4sn
Braces Straps on the hood which quickly open and close it.) 1sn / 3sn / 1gn
Brail (A leather thong used to restrain one wing on a bird.) 6sn / 1gn / 3gn
Cadge (largely open frame w/leash loops for carrying several birds at once.) 2gn / 5gn / 15gn
Chaps (Leg protectors for a bird, primarily used when hunting prey that bites.) 8sn / 2gn / 5gn
Creance (A long line or cord of 10 - 50 yds., attached to the bird while training.) double thread cost.
Creance Spooler (Spring-loaded winder to "give" when bird reaches end of creance length.) 5sn / 2gn / 10gn
Gauntlet (The classic falconer's glove.) 4gn / 8gn / 20gn
Hawk Box (Fully enclosed or small windowed carrying case for bird.) 3gn / 8gn / 25gn/td>
Hood(The "head cap" which blocks outside stimuli from exciting the bird.) 5gn / 8gn / 20gn
Jess (Leather strips which go through the anklets so the falconer can hold the bird or attach the leash.) 2sn / 5sn / 3gn
Jess Extender (Same idea as a fishing leader, but for quick attachments to jesses. Incorporates swivel.) 4sn / 1gn / 6gn
Leash (Line for long-term stationary perching.) 5sn / 2gn / 10gn
Mangalah (Option to the gauntlet - just a thick, wide cuff, not a full glove.) 3gn / 6gn / 15gn
Perch (Obvious; can be anything from a padded stick to an elaborate showpiece.) 2gn / 6gn / 25gn
Swivel (Metal clip that allows connected jesses or leashes to spin free without tangling.) 3sn / 5sn / 2gn
Tail Guard (Sheath of lightweight material to slide over and protect tail feathers.) 5sn / 2gn / 10gn
Message Tube (for small strips of paper with brief messages.) 5sn / 2gn / 10gn

Chemist's Kit

Item Name Price
Chemist's Kit 115gn
5 fuel cans of burner fuel 10 gn
5 table top burner brazier 10 gn
5 tiny glass vials with rubber stoppers 1 gn
5 small glass vials with rubber stoppers 1.5 gn
3 med. & 3 large glass vials with rubber stoppers 3 gn
1 industry sized glass vial with rubber stopper 1 gn
5 small glass beakers 4 gn
3 med. glass beakers 3 sn
2 large glass beakers 3 gn
1 industry sized glass beaker 2 gn
2 small glass alembic chambers 6 gn
1 large alembic chamber 5 gn
3 tapered glass spouts w/rubber gaskets 6 gn
3 adjustable metal pressure bands 3 gn
5 2-foot glass pipette sections 5 gn
5 1-foot glass pipette sections 2.5 gn
4 2-foot glass coil tubing sections 8 gn
4 sliding clamp stands w/weighted bases 12 gn
3 wooden vial racks 3 gn
Hand-cranked, precision-geared centrifuge 20 gn
3 small eyedroppers 1.5 gn
1 large eyedropper 1 gn
2 cup mortar and pestle set 2 gn
1/2 cup mortar and pestle set 1 gn
3 1-foot square shallow metal trays 3 gn
20 wooden rods w/sponges or cotton balls 2 gn
20 litmus strips (made by alchemists) 10 gn

Crafting Kits

Artist's Kit

Item Name Price
Artist's Kit 19gn
Jar of Acrylic, Oil, or Watercolor (White) 5sn
Jars of Acrylic, Oil, or Watercolor (Red, Blue, Yellow) 3gn
Vial of Paint Thinner 1gn
Mixing Palette 3sn
Palette Knife 1gn
Three Canvases(8 x 10) 3gn
Crude Paper 2gn
Black Charcoal Sticks (5) 2sn
Shading Sticks (5) 2sn
Brush Set (5 Brushes) 3gn
Easel 5gn

Sewing Kit

Item Name Price
Sewing Kit 6 gn
Snips (Simple Scissors) 1 gn
Set of Copper Needles (5) 7 sn
Set of Steel Needles (3) 1 gn
Ball of Yarn 5 sn
Crochet Hook 5 sn
Knitting Needles (1 pair) 1 gn
Fabric Scraps (10) 5 sn
Embroidery Thread (2 Spools) 1 gn
Lucet 1 sn
Thimble 1 sn
Spool of Thread (Any Colour) 2 sn







Item Name Pricing Notes
Buzz 50 gn Nerve enhancer used in interrogations to maximize pain.
Fist Nut 60 gn A misused medicine, excessive coagulation is dangerous.
Fuzz 40 gn A misused medicinal compound poison which can affect many senses.
Frostbite 20 gn Body temperature effect. First doe is medicinal, second is debilitating, third paralytic, and forth is lethal.
Garrotte Vine Sap 40 gn An anticoagulant poison like Red Tide. One dose per weapon smear.
Kidnapper’s Joy 50 gn A paralytic poison harvested from The Kidnapper Spider.
Pie Crust 50 gn A disfiguring poison from the Iulure islands.
Psinia Shock 25 gn A rare mild mental poison made from red Psinia clover.
Red Tide 10 gn Exclusive to the Naerikk, this poison acts as a blood thinner and weakens the victim.
Rockmaze Moderated Poison An experimental poison that weakens bones.
Rubberlegs 60 gn Bone elasticity that is lethal in high doses.
Scarf Rot 10 gn Sleep agent weapon smear.
Second Skin 15 gn Freakish skin growth and return used for interrogations.
Strain 100 gn The classic neurotoxin that is universally applied to blades. Where the effects of “Stretch” may be disclaimed as the victim’s drunkenness or clumsiness, there is no mistaking the seizures and asphyxiation caused by this poison. The combined elements of certain spider venoms and a particular fungal spore give this a far more profitable shelf life than the pure venom. And a “stained” blade is far easier to wield in battle than a spider. It may take more than one strike with the blade to cause the victim to die of the poison alone. But most such fights end with the disabled victim dying on the end of the blade instead.
Stretch 30 gn A ligament elasticity similar effect to ‘Rubberlegs’. Heavy doses are crippling, not lethal.
Thorn Bush Sap 50 gn A blood activated toxin that causes seizures and blackouts.
Ghost Mushroom 10 gn A poison that shuts down the respiratory system. It has a strong smell and is very hard to hide.
Hotlands Taipan Venom 170 gn Always lethal and perilous to handle.
Rainbow 150 gn A sea snake venom that shuts down the respiratory system.
White Saxifrage 100 gn Found only in the black-centered stalks) the “Assassin’s Friend”. Highly versatile and disguisable. Takes a considerable amount, but processes easily and is almost impossible to confirm its use. Takes virtually any reagent application, lethal or not..
Rainbow 150 gn A sea snake venom that shuts down the respiratory system.


Item Name Pricing Notes
Buzz 10 gn Antidote for Fuzz which over-sensitizes and strengthens nerve connections.
Fuzz 10 gn Antidote for Buzz which numbs and can break nerve connections.
Ivorian Kora Sap 5 gn Antiseptic and mild snakebite antivenin.
Fruit of Life Sap 20 gn Snakebite antivenin sold only in Nashaki.
Whitemoss 30 gn Can target specific toxins.


Please see the Player Guide to Slavery in Idalos.