The Ascetic, The Unaligned

Pieren was set apart from his siblings, like Ati’el. He was the last of the Originals to pass from Emea into Idalos and one of the most mysterious besides Delana. Pieren was considered patient but inscrutable, always listening but rarely contributing to the battle plans of his siblings. When the war against the ancient spirits began, Pieren went into seclusion around what is now Desnid, lost in the deep jungles to contemplate their actions. At first, Pieren was the least active in the role of creation. He did little to compromise or subvert the natural world, as created by the Spirits and spent a great deal of time in quiet communion with them. Although it is not written, Anox always considered Pieren a traitor to the rest of his siblings, channeling his power to aid the Dragons and Spirits during the war from the safety of his jungle seclusion.

Fei and Luesco were perhaps the closest to Pieren, each understanding his specific need to be left alone and his difficulty in processing social interactions with more brash personalities. Pieren examined every angle of an issue before deciding, like Brelt’ek but was unable to commit himself with the same confident ardor. When the Orignals turned to the creation of Immortals, Pieren had difficulty forming relationships with the children he created, opting to make them and allow them to figure their place out rather than simply tell them. Pieren was perhaps misidentified as someone who feared conflict when the truth was more that he uniquely saw another way.

Some of his children shed light on his identity, Edasha and Delroth being perfect examples of the deep jealousy that lay within him and the fierce pride that kept it locked. Aellig, born from that sense of conflict, was perhaps the closest to his father purely by being a reflection of Pieren’s inner truth. The Ascetic communicated not with words, but examples through his creation.

It is said Pieren created a place of solitude and respite hidden deep within the jungles around Desnid, that only a few know of its location. Caves hidden that still echo with the quiet resonance of his voice and supposedly answer questions echoed back.

Pieren Shattered where he loved the most, the deep jungles. His Grand Fracture is perhaps the least known and is a place of quiet contradiction, given to extreme and sudden changes of reality’s laws or complete neutrality but attracts very few denizens from Emea to stand or explore its nature. Pieren’s Fracture is a place of silence, where one can easily be lost for centuries without realizing it...and which few have found over the long centuries since his destruction.