The Blessing of Nyvora

Jesine's mark materialises over the blessed individual's skull and down the back of the neck in the form of a spider's web. Each mark is slightly different, just as webs found in nature are unique, and cannot be seen during the day or at night unless in the light of the moon, it is then the web appears, faint with a light silver glow. Jesine is very particular about the individuals she marks as the power of Emea is secret and unknown and much is still to be discovered about this strange and wonderful realm. It is said Jesine admires dreamers, men, women, and children with good hearts, and kind souls. As a passive benefit of Nyvora, beyond the special abilities granted by the mark, it grants all blessed access to the Dreamwalking ability, automatically granting them the privilege of progressing in this skill. While they don't immediately gain access to the Dreamweaving skill and ability (unlocked in the higher levels of Dreamwalking), Jesine's blessing raises the skill level cap per tier of their mark (where an unmarked PC will be capped at 25 in Dreamweaving). An Admired PC will have their cap raised to 49, Trusted to 75 and Cherished to 99. In addition, they will also be protected from Emea's corruption.


Ability Name Ability Description
Sanctuary Gives the user the ability to protect their own dreams and anyone involved in them from Kielik's influence (Nightmares), and most native predators of Emea. The protection extends to all other individuals that should chance upon the dream, though the marked is at liberty to shut out or expel unwanted visitors at their discretion. Only those possessing a mark from Kielik of a higher caliber than the dreamer's Nyvora level, particularly potent entities in Emea or Kielik himself can override this protection. Dream threads can only be marked as "closed" if started by a PC with this ability.
Dream Seeker Anyone known to the blessed individual in the living world can be tracked down in Emea. Once found, the seeker has the ability to enter their dream, alter the dreamer's dreamscape subtly and guide them into a state of lucid dreaming, where interactions, conversations, and the dream itself will be remembered by the dreamer. With this power comes the ability to stop outsiders from entering the same dream (as if the other dreamer had also possessed the Sanctuary ability), making it a secure place to share information.
Silent Guardian Those blessed and trusted by Jesine are assigned a Fairy (a personal NPC with no upkeep requirement) that, in the world of Idalos, can only be seen by those marked with Nyvora but will follow the marked even in their sleep. While awake, the marked individual can close their eyes and control the movements of this Fairy, seeing through its eyes and moving without moving. The Fairy, much like a ghost, can do no physical damage in the living world, but can be useful for investigative purposes and as an additional set of eyes on the lookout for danger, granting them the benefit of the Fairy's own perceptive skill levels. The Fairy, unlike the marked, is immediately aware of the presence and influence of Kielik and his marked. While in the waking world, the Fairy communicates with their marked protégé empathically, though they can be conversed with like any other creature when they dream in Emea.


Ability Name Ability Description
Pathfinder As protégés of Jesine, blessed individuals enjoy a level of protection that others don't when they Dreamwalk deeper into Emea itself, past the layer of dreams. When granted this ability, marked individuals will have a built-in sense of direction, allowing them to always know how to return to the dream they originally left from to prevent them from getting lost in Emea. When and if they encounter other static locations within Emea, they'll intuitively know how to find their way back to them the next time they Dreamwalk.
Waking Dream Jesine's influence over certain spheres of waking thought and imagination unlocks the ability for her marked to, while they are sleeping, reach out into the minds of people they know who are still awake in Idalos. This induces a sort of intrusive daydreaming state in the targeted individual where the marked is able to communicate with them empathically and telepathically, usually briefly, unless the recipient focuses and reciprocates, indulging in the daydream. This communication can be thrown over any physical distance, but the connection can't be maintained if the recipient is unwilling or otherwise indisposed or distracted.
Divine Portal The ability to use Emea as a means of travel, opening a gate that defies the rules in the realm of the living. Unlike the Dreamwalking skill, those marked with Nyvora are able to open a physical portal (limited to one use per season), carrying none of the risks that normally apply and bypassing the otherwise required challenge of getting by Gatekeepers as they pass through it. Once the portal has been opened, it stays open for a maximum of one trial or until the marked elects to close it before the end of said trial, allowing the marked to return through it while it remains open. While the portal is open, it can be entered by anyone granted the permission to by the marked. Unless they too possess Nyvora (which makes their passage as safe as the portal's creator's) or some experience in Dreamwalking (where higher tiers offer greater chance for success and safety), however, it carries with it extreme risks and will require staff moderation if attempted with anyone without the Nyvora mark.


Ability Name Ability Description
Concealment It goes without saying that Emea is a mysterious, otherworldly place, but none know its potential quite like those marked by its protector. This ability allows the user to conceal a physical item from the real world inside the realms of Emea. There is one drawback, however; the bigger the item, the sleepier the individual will feel while awake, as hiding things in Emea takes a lot of subconscious concentration. This could technically apply to concealing another living creature or individual (who will effectively be asleep while concealed). The item or creature concealed in Emea through this ability can be accessed by the marked at any time, always reappearing in Idalos at the marked individual's current location. The marked can only ever store one item, creature or person this way; the latter two always causing the marked to appear and feel fatigued in Idalos while the power is active.
Stellar Those marked with Nyvora are stronger in the realm of dreams, and one of their more potent abilities is to move the battlefield to the realm in which they have greater influence by forcing a state of sleep upon select targets or those around them. The ability is more potent under the night sky, but has a more limited application during the day where the marked can approach and lay hands upon their intended target, palms against their temples. The ability is effortless when used on a willing target, where an unaware and/or unwilling target are able to resist either physically by breaking physical contact or possessing high levels of Resistance (50+). If successful, the ability renders both the target and the Marked asleep in Idalos, minds forced into the Marked's dreamscape in Emea, bodies left behind and unprotected. During night time hours, however, the ability no longer requires physical contact with the intended targets and makes no distinction between willing and unwilling, requiring only that all intended targets are in visual range of the Marked. Activation of the ability will cause the Marked to emit pale light, akin to moonlight reflected in a mirror. Any who lay eyes upon the Marked in this moment are subject to the ability's effect and called into Emea, bodies asleep in Idalos, the Marked following right behind them. Creatures normally unable to enter Emea are not exempt. Anyone who has been forced into sleep this way is still able to awaken normally by being disturbed in Idalos, thus being called back to their bodies.
Dominion Those favoured by Jesine are able to craft their own Domain in the world of Emea and are in full control of who may come or go. Unlike other dreamscapes where the world can be altered by those dreaming, things can only manifest in this place via the blessed individual's will. Guests in this Domain will see only what its crafter bids them to. The size of the Domain is limited to 500x500x500 feet. Though the dimensions are set, the environment and contents are limited only by the marked individual's imagination.

The Curse of Nyvora

Though it's exceptionally rare for Jesine to bestow a curse, it is sometimes a necessity for the protection of the realm, her followers and even the entirety of Idalos. The curse is more often than not withdrawn after a period of time, the incapacitation usually enough even in the short term to defuse any threats the cursed individual may originally have posed. For the cursed individual, the silvery web that would've covered the back of their skull and neck instead darkens to a more dusky hue, losing its shimmering quality and remains visible in their skin even when not touched by moonlight. A cursed individual is unable to access Emea in any way, their conscious mind trapped in Idalos, their sleep dreamless and unfulfilling. They often feel tired and drained, minds hazy and slow, which leaves the individual unable to focus on anything for an extended period of time. They have trouble finalizing even basic thoughts and ideas, as if creatively drained, and their short term memory will start to deteriorate. Many liken this state to a severe depression due to the normally bleak outlook that tends to follow this state of perpetual exhaustion physically, mentally and emotionally. It goes without saying that the cursed individual is not susceptible to the majority of Nyvora's granted abilities, though this also shelters them from Kielik and his influence which is, perhaps, a blessing in disguise.