The Blessing of Nitahi

Kielik isn’t picky when it comes to handing out his mark. There’s a fair number of agents around Idalos who answer to him before all else, subjugated into his service. While he values loyalty in his followers, it’s not necessarily an entry-level requirement. In fact, he’s been known to coerce others into his service and deliver marks as a means of enslaving his servants with the promise of relief from their personal nightmares if they serve diligently. It’s not uncommon that his agents started out cursed and were later promoted once they’d been worn down to the point they could no longer bear to resist him. After being marked, he plants the seeds for and nurtures what will become a deep-seeded sadism in his followers, to enable them to pursue their fellows in Idalos and further Kielik’s and his associates’ agendas.

The mark initially manifests as a subtle starburst pattern, faded in colour like a dark tattoo on the Marked’s upper left eyelid. As their devotion to their master grows, so too does the mark as it slowly starts to expand over the upper left side of their face in wispy, stylized and dark tendrils that stretch ever outward. When utilizing any of their powers, their left eye is additionally coloured a solid black. Once reaching their peak as Cherished, the eye’s colour is permanently changed.

In addition to the below listed effects, all those marked with Nitahi gain access to the Dreamwalking skill and are allowed to progress it as if initiated normally, but do not enjoy the protections that Nyvora grants. Furthermore, the Marked loses their ability to dream normally, all their dreams turned into nightmares, including those they share with others, but are personally immune to the effects of Nightmares other than their own (cannot be wounded or Corrupted by alien Nightmares, unless by Kielik himself).


Ability Name Ability Description
Sleepless Nights The entry level ability of the Marked is to, with physical contact and intent, magically make others unable to sleep. The touch is inconspicuous and the victim will not feel the effect of this power until they first realize its effect. No matter how exhausted the touched individual gets in the trials to come, they seem unable to fall asleep and must take to artificial or violent means in order to cease their forced state of being awake. The effect lasts for 3/6/9 trials (for Admired/Trusted/Cherished, respectively), but it’s completely cancelled if the individual is knocked unconscious during this time by any other means than natural sleep. For every trial of sleep that the Marked robs another of, they gain equal trials of fulfillment wherein they require no sleep or sustenance. After using the power, it's still usable but provides no additional benefit to the Marked until the end of the effect (meaning they can still subject others to the effect, but the benefit to the marked won't stack). To be able to enjoy the effect continuously and for an extended period of time beyond the listed number of trials, it has to be used again once the beneficial effect runs out to start over the timer.
Stuff of Nightmares (Minor) Dipping truly into the realm of Nightmares, the initiated of Kielik’s followers are granted the unique ability to create and control Nightmares of their own design, further permitting them to haunt dreamers in range of them through the Veil. At this level, the Nightmares are weak and limited, the creatures created as NPCs with a total of 75 skill points (a maximum of 30 in any one skill) and two Minor Traits from the Nightmare Beast table. The beast has to be created in-thread and approved through the Prophet Support before being used. Once created, it cannot be undone and the Marked can create and control up to three beasts at this level, puppeting two at a time in Nightmares. Provided the Marked is otherwise able to access the Veil through Walking, they are able to control their beasts like puppets and thrust them into the Dreamscapes of others within the same city as the Marked. The dream turns into a Nightmare, orchestrated by the Marked, where the victim can elect to be lucid and self-aware. When the Nightmare is reviewed, the beasts are treated as if it was the Marked, for all intents and purposes, and the victim as if they were lucid and physically present. When a beast dies, however, the Marked suffers feedback from its death and is rendered trapped in their Nightmarish dreamscape, effectively comatose in Idalos, for 6 trials per minor beast that was killed. Minor beasts created by the Marked cannot be used for any other purpose, or otherwise interacted with as they lack sentience. They cannot accompany the Marked while Dreamwalking, nor be used for Waking Nightmare. Nightmare beasts conjured and controlled this way by the Marked are not capable of killing through Nightmares, and may not inflict lethal damage. A Nightmare featuring a Minor Nightmare Beast can be resisted by a PC with a Meditation score of 25 or higher, where the lucid dreamer forces themself to wake up. (For information on the Nightmare Beasts, please visit their Guide.)
Corruptive Influence It’s the terrifying legacy of Kielik and his followers that some dreams haunt the denizens of Idalos even after they awaken. While the Dreamscapes are sheltered in the Veil from the raw chaos of Emea, those Marked by Kielik are able to bridge this gap in order to subject the unwitting dreamer to the poison of the raw Ether beyond. When in a Nightmare/dream together with other PCs (following the regular guidelines of collaborative dreams, as the Marked is not able to force themselves into dreams unless progressed in Dreamwalking), or haunting them with their Nightmare Beasts, the Marked may elect to subject their victims (and themselves, if they so choose) to additional Corruption. Without the use of their Nightmare Beasts, the Marked is able to conjure Minor Corruptions without limitation (except for a maximum of one/two/three per thread dependent on the level of the mark) and one Moderate Corruption per season. These Corruptions need to be detailed in-thread for the benefit of reviewers. The manner of manifesting the Corruptions is up to the creative liberty of the Marked, depending on the circumstances of the dream/Nightmare in which they manifest, and whether they personally inflict them or through their Nightmare Beasts. No matter which medium is used to inflict the Corruption, the Marked or their beasts, it must be done with intent and physical contact, specifically tasked to transfer the Corruption to the victim. This touch can be physically resisted or avoided as it has to last for about five seconds, or cancelled by the Resistance (25 for Minor, 50 for Moderate) skill. (For more information on Corruption, please visit the Guide.)


Ability Name Ability Description
Malignant Dreamcatcher A step up from the ability to rob others of their sleep, the Marked are bestowed the ability to instil a fear of sleep in their victims by temporarily robbing them of their ability to dream. When they slip into sleep, their Dreamscape is rendered empty and devoid of life---a black nothingness awaiting them beyond the waking world. To make matters worse, the victim is perfectly aware for the duration of their dream, perfectly lucid and aware of the deafening silence and maddening void around them for the full duration of their sleep, an awareness that remains with them as they awaken once more and that haunts them as night approaches and they know what awaits them once they fall asleep. The effect can be delivered personally by the Marked either by physical contact in Idalos (resulting in a chilled sensation where the victim was touched that lasts for the duration of the effect) or in their dreams, by the Marked or their Nightmare Beasts. It can be used 3/6 times per season (Trusted/Cherished respectively) and lasts for 5 trials, without the mercy of cancellation by other means. Outsiders are still able to enter these dreams as normal, bringing some semblance of life into them, but nothing is quite enough to defeat the yawning void. Others who enter into the dream are suddenly lucid and aware, like the victim, while they remain inside the dream. Only if one marked with Nyvora enters the dream are they able to temporarily dispel the void for the night in which the Nyvora-marked entered it.
Stuff of Nightmares (Moderate) The beasts grow stronger as the Marked rises in favour. Out of the three beasts the Marked already has, one per season can be promoted to a Moderate (instead of Minor) beast, provided they aren’t instead killed, and as such gains Sentience, along with the other benefits of being ranked up. At this level, the Marked’s control of their beasts extends so to the point that they can create and control up to five at once, puppeting three at a time in a single Nightmare, and any newly created beasts will be Moderate Beasts. These NPCs are sentient, and can possess up to four Minor Traits and two Major Traits from the Nightmare Beast table, and 150 Skill Points (with a maximum of 60 in any one skill). They are able to inflict Moderate Corruptions in-thread on their victims, twice per season split across all beasts and following the guideline of "Corruptive Influence". Like before, they have to be created in-thread and approved in the Prophet Support forum before they can be used, and obey the same rules when puppeted to haunt other people's’ Dreamscapes as Minor Beasts. However, because they are also Sentient, they are now able to accompany the Marked when travelling inside the Veil and when venturing beyond, into the Untold, if the Marked is also a skilled Dreamwalker. They begin to develop their own mannerisms and personas, which are up to player discretion but may be further encouraged by Storytellers. The Marked is now able to access the Veil of the whole region they are presently in, for the purposes of haunting others in their dreams with beasts. When a Moderate beast is killed, however, the feedback to the Marked is more dramatic than before, rendering them trapped in their Nightmarish Dreamscape for 12 trials per Moderate beast that is slain. Nightmare beasts conjured and controlled this way by the Marked are not capable of killing through Nightmares, and may not inflict lethal damage. A Nightmare featuring a Moderate Nightmare Beast can be resisted by a PC with a Meditation score of 50 or higher, where the lucid dreamer forces themself to wake up.
Waking Nightmare Breaching the walls that protect the waking world, the favoured of Kielik develop a terrifying power to haunt their victims even beyond the realm of dreams. Once unlocking this ability, the Marked is able to select a victim in visual range of them, and send a single one of their beasts after them even if the victim is not sleeping provided the Marked's focus remains solely on their victim and they continue to remain in visual range. If the victim at any point exits the Marked's field of view, the power is cancelled. The victim will experience vivid hallucinations as a result where the beast will interact with them as if existing in the real world, but will be real only to the victim. Any damage done to their person will transfer as normal and the victim will be able to physically defend themselves, as with any other Nightmare. The victim will experience the beast as if it has effect on the physical world around it, even if this is not true. No one else will experience or see the beast as it hunts the victim or be able to affect it in any way, but are able to perceive the physical damages on the victim once they appear. While a beast rampaging through the street may appear, to its victim, as knocking over crowds and objects in their path, it's an illusory effect that affects only the victim and they'll be able to perceive the world correctly once the Nightmare ends. Like regular Nightmares caused by the Marked, the Nightmare Beasts are not able to kill or inflict lethal damage through a Waking Nightmare. Additionally, the power required by the Marked to temporarily anchor the Beast enough in the waking world to manifest it to a victim while awake leaves a visible trail, gaining the marked a powerful, wispy aura of black tendrils of smoke that seem to ripple out of thin air and circle around the marked in a ten foot radius.


Ability Name Ability Description
Perfect Insomniac Closing in on the pinnacle of their ability and devotion to their patron, the Marked embrace their master’s domains and become able to go without sleep for unlimited periods of time, further gaining the ability to will themselves into sleep if they must and access the Veil and Dreamscapes while wide awake in Idalos, without Crossing over by means of Dreamwalking. In order to access the Veil this way, however, the Marked needs to focus, be it through artificial means (drugs), Meditation or similar techniques. They become immune to natural, artificial or magical effects that would normally put them to sleep, whether they’re divine or not. They are not immune to being knocked unconscious by violent means, however.
Stuff of Nightmares (Major) The beasts reach their full potential, the Marked’s control over them increasing as Kielik’s chosen rise in the ranks. Out of the five beasts the Marked already has, they may choose once per season to promote one of their Moderate beasts to a Major beast, provided they aren’t instead killed, providing them with all the benefits of a Major Nightmare Beast. At this level, all newly created and controlled beasts will be Major, and their control extends to the point that they can create and control up to seven beasts at once, puppeting four at a time in a single Nightmare. The previously sentient beasts become capable of intelligent thought and develop solid personalities. They can possess up to six Minor Traits and four Major Traits, with 300 Skill Points (a maximum of 90 in any one skill). They are able to inflict Moderate Corruptions on their victims four times per season split across all beasts and following the guideline of "Corruptive Influence". They have to be created in-thread and approved via the Prophet Support before they can be used. Once created, they serve the same purpose as their lesser cousins, able to be directly puppeted by their master in order to haunt the Dreamscapes of others in their vicinity (local city, region and adjacent regions), but are also able to accompany their master into their own Dreamscape to communicate or travel alongside them through the Untold. While intelligent, they still answer to the Marked, and to Kielik. When a Major beast is killed, the feedback on the Marked is dangerously dramatic, trapping them in their Nightmarish Dreamscape for 18 trials and gaining the disdain and possibly hostility of their remaining beasts. Nightmare beasts conjured and controlled this way by the Marked are not capable of killing through Nightmares, and may not inflict lethal damage. A Nightmare featuring a Minor Nightmare Beast can be resisted by a PC with a Meditation score of 75 or higher, where the lucid dreamer forces themself to wake up.
Living Nightmare It’s Kielik’s eternal goal to bring his Nightmares to life, forever taunting his sister and haunting the denizens of Idalos. At their peak, the most favored of Kielik are able to bring their beasts to life. Once per two seasons, they are able to elect one of their Nightmare Beasts, regardless of their present rank, and grant them the privilege of materializing in Idalos. Permanently. Only two of their beasts can be manifested this way at a time. They take on the rules of Personal NPCs, but require no upkeep beyond vanities and are able to be progressed every season in the same way other Personal NPCs are. They are able to interact freely with the world of Idalos while still filling every function in and beyond the Veil that they did before, granted the boon of being able to cross between realities alongside their master. The downside to this, however, is that they are unable to return to Emea without their master and is, as such, subject to everything the reality of Idalos has to offer and trapped there once they are moved over. They may be slain in Idalos like any other living creature and some more conspicuous beasts will need to be concealed to avoid notice. They still enjoy all the benefits of their Traits as normal. Unlike their Nightmare-bound cousins, the Nightmare Beasts who have been granted physical form in Idalos are capable of inflicting potentially lethal damage just like they are able to be slain like normal, and are affected by the world around them and everyone in it like any normal NPC.

The Curse of Nitahi

More common by far than his blessing is Kielik’s curse, which he uses commonly as a tool for subjugation. It only has one stage, and that is more than enough. The cursed individual’s eyes turn completely black for the duration of their curse to display their suffering to the world, accompanying the dark bags that will inevitably form under their eyes. From the moment that they are touched by Kielik’s curse, they become unable to sleep by natural and artificial means. While they can be knocked unconscious by violent means, it doesn’t save them from the exhaustion that follows their inability to find rest and respite in their dreams. While the exhaustion will not kill them, their minds will start to suffer from it and gradually start to break down from the strain. As if that’s not enough, they are haunted by disturbing images and hallucinations that impose on their daily life, fearsome beasts and creatures appearing before them and sometimes assaulting them. They are invisible to all but the one touched by the curse, and yet they are able to inflict physical wounds on them and haunt them in the waking reality, no matter where they are, denying them the courtesy of peace.