Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Earth, Stone, Nature, Life
Holy Names Mother of Life, Great Mother, Great Well of Life, The Stone Maiden, Earth Mother
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Desnind
Faction Supports Mortals
Mark Sevrath
Notable Creations Sev'ryn
Creator Cierel
Immediate Family None
Allies U'frek, Xiur, Ilaren, Yvithia, Ymiden
Enemies Faldrun, Mastes, Kata, Aelig, Syroa
Scribe Dementia, Jade


Long ago, before their disastrous separation, Moseke held close relations with her sister, Lisirra. Born of the same Goddess, the two were far different from the other, though connected by their abilities and their fascination for the Humans around them. Lisirra found other uses for the beings, however, Moseke couldn't help but be pulled to the brilliance of their existence and their determination to survive within their harsh world.

Life. They fought to live.

A particular group of individuals housed within the murky, dangerous swamps off the coasts of the southern continent caught her attention quickly. The tribe blended into the land in a way that nearly captured the entirety of the Immortal's being. They lived in harmony with the land, using only what they needed, taking care of everything that they could, and honoring all sacrifices that were made for the sake of surviving.

Moseke was captivated by these people, so much so that her sister, Lisirra, took notice and began picking off subjects for her experiments. The Immortal of life couldn't condone such mistreatment upon the tribe and commanded Lisirra to leave the lands, and the people within them, in peace. Being toxin incarnate, Lisirra's wrath burst forth in a wave of infection upon the land, the animals, and the people. Rejection from her sister coupled with the denial and insults of her work, her glorious experiments, turned Lisirra bitter. She cast upon everything she could touch a plague so powerful, it stained the lands in putrid stench and a haze of green poison that slowly drove nearly every living thing mad.

The plague was too much for Moseke to combat by herself and as the cycles ticked on, she watched the people suffer. She watched everything suffer. Cries, screams of agony, and torturous death were becoming common occurrences within the swamps. Tribesmen lost their minds, clinging to the comforts of their loves ones, their animals, anything to keep their sanity within the world. The power of such a burden on the land, the animals, and the people forced a disconnection, a split of consciousness from their dying bodies as their souls prepared for the journey to the great beyond. This disconnection offered the Immortal insight to the power of companionship. She could see the souls of the tribesmen mingled with the souls of their animal companions. Such a thing gave both creatures strength, a strength that tried to force connection, to force awareness to their bodies. A strength that attempted to breathe life into both beings.

It was then that Moseke pushed the utmost of her power upon the people, forcing life, and connection, back into them. Though the tribesmen awoke, almost none of their animal companions did. Moseke broke down, the pain the people now continued to suffer through echoed into the deepest reaches of her heart and tore her. She wept, hopelessness enveloping her like the darkest, blackest, everlasting shadow. Her tears ran like the clearest water, washing and cleansing a small part of the land while her despair only pressed her abilities further, purifying an even large bit.

After nearly an arc had past, Moseke noticed the people, her people, rebounded from the plague rather quickly. The signs of it still lingered thickly everywhere, however, it seemed they had adapted to its effect. The tribesmen spoke to themselves often, when they thought they were alone, and communicated with something Moseke could neither see nor hear. The Immortal knew better than to assume insanity. Such conversations where too complex to be madness and while time continued on, the Immortal finally glimpsed a soft silhouette of what appeared to be an animal. It shifted from a radiant soft blue to something that appeared alive.

Her heart warmed then, understanding finally that her efforts were not in vain. She had changed the people she looked after, with the unfortunate help of Lisirra's plague. Though she could save all the creatures from their unfortunate fate, she knew they would forever be linked to that of their most cherished companion, bonded and connected to them than any other being could know. Thus, the Sev'ryn were born.

In her honor, the Sev'ryn built for Moseke a temple which later became the center point for the city of Desnind. Now, many arcs later, the people and its Immortal are still battling back Lisirra's plague on parts of the land and its creatures while countering assassination attempts made by outsiders.

Known for her generosity and patience, Moseke is neither old nor young compared to the rest of the Immortals. She is a fragment of the Goddess Cierel, and is the only 'good' Immortal created by Cierel. Generous with her blessings, Moseke never gives out curses. She believes that everyone is capable of change.

Faith isn't of any particular importance to her. If someone prays for her guidance, then she will help them in her own way. Sometimes this may be subtle-perhaps a nudge in the right direction, or a better harvest that year. When the situation calls for it, then she will intervene with more power. It was one of these interventions that created the Sev'ryn.


Moseke appears as a beautiful woman. Her eyes are green and full of life. Her skin is the soil she walks on, her hair the roots of her trees. Her race seems to vary from sighting to sighting, though one thing is clear: she appears as a member of the race who the person she's dealing with is the most comfortable.

Memories of the Past

Moseke, being the most civil and virtuous of her siblings, never had a real connection with Cierel. Born from the most unlikely aspects of the Original Being, Moseke was treated more like a forgotten idea than a copy to teach and take care of. Moseke was thankful Cierel never took an interest in her or else she fears she would have ended up like Audrae. Nevertheless, their conversations were all but none existent. Instead, Moseke spent most of her time with Brelt'ek and Luesco, both of whom she highly respected. She mourned for their death after the Great Shattering and continues to honor their memory by tending to the life within the world.


Spending time among the Sev'ryn people, Moseke helps and assists the humans within the city of Desnind. She is a being of radiant life and flawless complexion, making her stand out among the people. However, Moseke is well protected, not only by the Sev'ryn, but by their animal companions and the forest around their city. She is willing to speak to those who seek her help.