Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Compulsion, Trickery, Vices
Holy Names The Prince of Plots, the Trickster, The Puppetmaster, The Gluttonous
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Eastern Region
Faction Supports Immortals
Mark Kasyni
Notable Creations TBD
Creator Brelt'ek
Immediate Family None
Allies Syroa, Audrae, Raskalarn, Kata
Enemies Ziell, Xiur, Vri
Scribe Whisper


The time before the Great Shattering was not an easy one for Mastes. He had never found much companionship with his siblings, except perhaps Syroa... and that was only a tenuous link. Even more evident was the strained relationship he had with his creator. Brelt'ek rarely approved of the manipulations and games that Mastes played, and detested even more the young Immortal's impulsive nature.

Of course, as he was cast aside by one Original, he soon found himself under the wing of another. With his allegiance diverted to Anox, his gifts were nurtured and utilized, notably in efforts against Zanik. Mastes and Kata spend much of their time in each other's company, and that familial bond soon developed into something deeper after the Great Shattering, when both realized that they shared a similar loss. Becoming lovers, the two fed off of each other's darkness, unknowingly using each other to develop truly dangerous personalities.

It was this relationship which saw the slow depletion of harmless trickery, and the transformation into a much more malignant effort against many. His tricks, which were once considered to be harmless and amusing, became darker, carrying much more danger against the victims of his machinations. He found an almost childish glee in each success, and soon started to delve into tricks of the mind, rather than physical games. Able to create weak illusions, he found himself growing more and more fascinated by the workings of the mind, and delighted in games of watching even the most controlled fall to their vices.

Following the Great Shattering, Mastes found himself hurt more by the loss of Kata, who withdrew into herself, than he did their mentor. For over a decade, he wandered alone, considering and learning about what the world had become. Eventually, he lost patience with his lover, and sought her out, intent on using any means necessary to return her to the formidable woman she had once been. In actuality, it took very little effort to gain a modicum of dominance over the fallen girl, using simple manipulations to remind her of what she should be doing. It didn't take long for Mastes to realise how much Kata craved praise, and he offered it willingly as he convinced her to join her in tormenting Zanik and the humans that walked the earth.


As a master of deception and trickery, it is not common knowledge among mortal dwellers of Idalos what Mastes' natural form is. Some Immortals are even in doubt as to what it might be. His appearance, in front of mortals and Immortals alike, is often for the purposes of duplicity, malignant or otherwise. For this reason, he will take the form of whatever is most appealing to the individual he is targeting.

However, those lucky enough to see his true form will be first struck by his short stature, standing at a little over 5'6. Relatively young in looks, his dark hair is trimmed short, with a petite goatee of the same colour. His eyes are a pale seafoam colour, which almost appear translucent. His clothing often consists of dark fur, an homage to the extravagance and greed of some he represents.

Memories of the Past

A driven and ambitious Immortal, Mastes does not generally reminisce. When he does, however, a smile will play on the corners of his lips as he remembers the the lessons from Anox, the competitions with Kata, and the suffering of Zanik. It was this time where his strength and power grew. Most of all, though, he remembers when Kata was more, when she was independent... when she controlled the darkness, rather than now, where the insanity controls her.


Though bonded to Kata, Mastes is not always found in the Western Region of Idalos. However we always maintains eyes on his volatile lover, concerned as he is that, without his supervision, she might lose control once again. He values his little lioness, with her servile qualities - obeying any instruction or guidance without question... but he would see her become more, for he knows that to push her to reach her full potential would result in Kata's destruction. Personally, he has lost interest in the torment of Zanik, preferring now to administer the slow destruction of a mortals' psyche, convincing them to submit to their deepest desires. Over the centuries, he has been introducing his beloved to his plans for anarchy, but he knows that Kata is not entirely ready to leave behind the task once set by Anox. A wanderer, he has no affiliation to any region, and draws his power from all.