The Craftsman, The Compassionate

Luesco was one of the first to enter Idalos, filled with an unquenchable joy. When the expedition of the Originals neared Idalos, he surged ahead to be the first to see the new world. Of all the Originals, Luesco was the most creative. His creations were many and varied. He marveled at engineering, the sciences Fei understood, the wisdom of Brelt’ek, the command of Cierel, the stratagems of Ati’el, and the physical prowess of Anox. Although he was never all that close to Pieren who eschewed social interaction, Luesco was always polite and respectful to his quiet brother. For Luesco, his power was a conduit for joy and expression. Infamously, Luesco was fooled by Cierel’s manipulation into thinking the Spirits were but wild beasts that prevented him from truly taking part as a creator in this new world, thus enlisting his strange creations in the war.

When Luesco became aware that he had helped slaughter a sentient race of spirits to take control of their domain, the horror was beyond his ability to cope with. Driven by guilt, he drove massive amounts of power into the islands in the southwest sea where the Dragons and spirits had been forced to retreat to and rose them up into the sky. A powerful shield was erected around it, ensuring neither he nor any of his siblings would ever step foot in that sacred place. Luesco was an Original of soaring passion and deep compassion. To the Shay he became a beloved figure that championed advancement and the growth of their society. Luesco built most of his creations to serve the Shay who he came to love more than any other Original before him. He was the only one of them that could bring out a gentler side to Cierel, or talk Ati’el down from a stubborn position. Brelt’ek admired this ability to connect with every other Original (save Pieren) and often made use of Luesco’s unquenchable optimism in convincing his siblings to adopt new stances or support his decisions. If Luesco was aware he was being manipulated, he allowed it. In some ways he was the most invested in the Originals being family.

Luesco originally discovered the process to create Immortals, and excitedly shared this knowledge with his siblings. Luesco felt that their species had suffered some terrible loss deep in the recess of Emea, a loss no one could remember, and the Immortals were his way of populating once more. He tried to be as close as he could to his children, who remarkably shared personality traits and views he had no idea were within him at all.

Luesco was the first to feel the Fracturing that led to the Great Shattering. In fear of what that devastation might do to the Shay he had come to love so dearly, he attempted to distance himself from them. He flew into the sky, lifting himself as high as possible, desperate to protect this world he had come to love as home.

Although historically, the Shay have been long forgotten...there have been strange rumors surrounding Viden that some may still persist, deep underground, spared their lives by the last desperate act of Luesco.

Luesco’s Fracture is similar to Fei’s although far, far above the ground. The Beautiful aurora over Viden is that Grand Fracture, radiating the beautiful primordial light of creation. Occasionally, powerful wells fall from that height but most seem to remain within the area of the Grand Fracture, inaccessible save for those who can fly into it. It is said that the Fracture there is strangely hospitable, gentle even, and that the worst of Emean horrors do not venture within. That said, of all the Grand Fractures it produces the least natural wells, as if Luesco angled his Shattering in such a way as to damage as little of Emea and Idalos as possible. Some say that great poets, inventors, painters, and creatives will gain unsurpassed inspiration occasionally, looking into the shifting colors.