Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Pestilence, Toxin, Decay, Insects
Holy Names The Pestilent One, Lady Plague, The Plaguedaughter, The Toxic One, Corrupter, The Insect Queen, The Mistress of Toxin, The Queen of Rot, The Lady of Decay, The Plague Lord, The Eternal Child, The Blight, The Destroyer of Desnind, The Terror of Rhakros, The Hive Mother
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Rhakros
Faction Supports Herself (Appreciates Mortals)
Mark Yithnai
Notable Creations Avriel, Various Monsters
Creator Cierel
Immediate Family None
Allies Syroa
Enemies Ethelynda, Moseke, Vri
Scribe Basilisk


The child of Cierel, Lisirra is one of the most disturbed of the Immortals, and perhaps the one that can be most easily be called evil. The Immortal of Pestilence takes an almost childlike joy in creating new diseases, viruses, parasites, and poisons; and then unleashing them on the world with a reckless abandon. Originally, she had been kept in check by Moseke, who restrained Lisirra's insatiable appetite for experimentation with a firm hand. Lisirra's relationship with her creator, Cierel, had been incredibly strained and Lisirra felt no sorrow at her passing.

Leaving the other Immortals to their grief, Lisirra kept her up her typical behavior, and her relationship with her sister strengthened after Cierel's passing. And then Daia brought news of a new race upon the surface of Idalos, a race that was sentient. Eager and excited by this news, it didn't take long for Lisirra to turn her attention to the human race, and to her surprise and eventual delight, she found that they were largely more resistant to her plagues than animals were, spurring her on to create even more virulent and robust diseases to unleash upon the human race.

However, it wasn't long before the other Immortals each began to claim bits of human society for themselves, for whatever reason, and Lisirra found that she wasn't able to play with her plagues without attacking one of her sibling's territories. Despite this, she refused to stop her experimentation and has at some point crossed almost every single one of her siblings in some way or another.

For reasons unknown that she refuses to share with anyone, the relationship between her and Moseke soured and Lisirra broke away, unleashing a deadly virus into the community most favored by Moseke and wiping out all life there, though Moseke did manage to revive them and create the Sev'ryn. Following this, Lisirra was mostly on her own, though she did eventually make friends with Syroa, though she was still far more aloof than she had been.

Eventually, however, Lisirra got bored of just being on her own all the time and began to wander among human settlements. Much to her surprise, she eventually stumbled across a small group that was trying to replicate one of her older diseases. Having found a group of humans that took after her own mind, Lisirra gathered them and other like-minded mortals together in a corner of the Uzkernia Jungle, one of her favorite breeding grounds for new diseases, parasites, and toxins. Eventually, she learned of the war between the Immortals over the fate of the Mortals of Idalos. Unwilling to allow her siblings to take her new subjects away from her, Lisirra has joined the war on the side of those protecting the mortals, eager to see how the bodies of her siblings are able to stand up to her various plagues.


Lisirra appears as a young girl of maybe 13 or 14 Arcs, not quite a child, but not yet an adult either. She has a short, straight black hair and yellow eyes. She is always seen wearing a plain white dress with black stains on it, along with a simple pair of sandals and a feathered headband. Wherever she goes, Lisirra is escorted by a small group of orangish-yellow butterflies that posses an acid capable of immobilizing their victims.

Memories of the Past

For reasons she has refused to explain to anyone who asked, Lisirra hated Cierel with an absolute burning passion. Even now, centuries after her death, Lisirra thinks of Cierel as the one truly evil member of the Original Beings, and the one who's lingering malice is the cause of mortals' potential to do great evil.


Lisirra is currently staying Rhakros as the city's ruler, the Plague-Lord. Her activities are not known at the time.