Fast Facts

Status Deceased
Domain Joy, Innocence, Sacrifice
Parent Unknown
Scribe Basilisk


Even the other Immortals know very little of Leviana's life. The only person who knows about her is the Immortal of Lightning, Ilaren. The others found out about her existence and her death at the same time, when Ilaren brought her before the others and accused Faldrun, the Immortal of Fire and the self appointed leader of the Immortals, of her murder. The exact circumstances of her death remain unknown, barring one horrifying fact: She was burned to death.


Leviana appeared as a child of roughly eight Arcs old with light red hair and dark green eyes, wearing a simple cloth dress. She was almost constantly cheerful and willing to help others with their problems, though as she was pretty young, getting her to understand what exactly the problem was could be difficult at times.