The Blessing of Krorros


Those who bear a Krorros Blessing tend to have an air of absolute command and authority driven by an unbreakable, unrelenting will. This is not a manifestation of the Krorros itself, or even a personality trait of those who are likely to receive the blessing. It is instead a sort of imprint left by Raskalarn, a feeling that those who possess Krorros share in the divine power and unyielding will of the Eternal Empress, the power and will that recruited the forsworn Raskithecal, forged the Eternal Empire from a handful of villages in the wilderness, broke the Webspinner's power in the empire, and defied the most dreadful and terrible of the Immortals to stop her. The actual physical manifestation is far more subtle, a golden line encircling the bearers brow, as if it were a crown.


Ability Name Ability Description
Might of the Conqueror A skill that is passive in nature, Might of the Conqueror provides the blessed with a small, but noticeable, boost to their strength and endurance, so that they might be able to more easily perform tasks they would otherwise struggle with.
Mortal Foe The will of Raskalarn is one of the conqueror and equally strong individuals will stand in the way of such ambition. Mortal Foe allows the marked to identify a worthy opponent as their mortal foe, as someone who must be overcome at all costs. Once that foe is recognized, and only one may be active a time, a Marked will always be aware of when their mortal foe is near, or within the same city. They will always feel a tug toward that fated confrontation and when it occurs, fate intervenes in such a way as to separate the two for their duel. Once used, this ability cannot be again till Mortal Foe has been dismissed.
Krorros Skills I Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Any Weapons Skill (Including Seige Weapons), Unarmed Combat, Discipline, or Leadership. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.
Never Unarmed A conqueror and soldier must remain deadly in any situation. This ability allows a Favored to summon a single martial weapon to their hand. This weapon is one of Raskalarns and uniquely bound to the Krorros. It cannot be broken unless they are and will always retain its edge. If a weapon is not called for in the situation, this ability can also call forth a buckler for defense with similar properties. Only one can exist at any time and if the Krorros drops the weapon, it immediately vanishes.
Necessity and Generosity Necessity and Generosity, as the name implies, can be triggered in two different ways. The first will allow the Blessed to draw energy from those loyal to them in order to replenish their own energy, though they cannot drain others to death or unconsciousness. The second is the inverse of the first, with the Blessed feeding their own energy to their followers, with the same fail-safe as the first method. This ability can be used at will.
Conqueror's Aid Those Blessed by Raskalarn tend to be warriors above the skill of the average soldier, mercenary, or guard. Conqueror's Aid allows the Blessed to aid these lesser warriors. Conqueror's Aid is the only Krorros ability that relies on other people for activation. Those truly loyal to the Blessed can call on their aid as long as they are nearby, and the choose to answer that call, at which point they will appear instantly at the callers side.
Conqueror's Resolve A passive skill, this ability grants the blessed an inherent resistance to mental or behavioral modifications, such as blessings, potions, or drugs that induce fear, madness, makes one more susceptible to manipulations, or otherwise affects their behavior. This resistance is based upon the discipline of the wielder, with the resistance applying to incoming effects one rank higher than the blessed's discipline or lower. That is to say, someone with Expert Discipline could resist a mental subjugation drug created by a Master Chemist.
War Mount The Favored of Raskalarn is rewarded with a powerful spirit to serve as their mount. This spirit of Conquest often takes the form of a horse or appropriate land-mount for the Blessed. It can be called from intangibility when the Blessed requires and is a mount that never tires once mounted. It is perfectly trained to handle battlefields of any kind and will always return to the marked if separated. If destroyed, an entire Cycle must pass before a new mount will be given to the Blessed. This mount feeds on victory and conquest and a Blessed who does not feed the spirit will find that it is unable to manifest when required. While somewhat sentient, a spirit of Conquest is a stubborn thing, always seeking ways to test its power and that of its chosen lord.
Wrath of the Conqueror A skill that can be highly dangerous to the user, the use of this ability generates a controlled explosion just in front of the palm of the user's dominant hand, varying in size depending on the concentration of the user. This means that if the user focuses too hard on the skill, they can generate an explosion big enough to kill them. At the largest, the explosions can destroy a common house, though this will almost certainly kill the blessed. (Common house refers to the type of house given in the basic starting package.)


Ability Name Ability Description
Heavy Blow The Devastation Raskalarn promises her marked extends to the weapons they wield. This ability coats a chosen weapon in a heavy force that allows the wielder to strike with twice the weight they might have otherwise. While this ability does make the weapon somewhat slower to wield, when it connects the force can be tremendous and difficult to weather. When this ability is used, the air around the weapon itself will seem to refract and crackle, but then, Raskalarn is not known for her subtlety.
Commanders Boon A favored of Raskalarn is granted an unprecedented ability specifically with their allies. If the Krorros is serving beneath someone, their orders will always immediately come to the ears of the marked no matter the distance during combat. If the Krorros is commanding, their commands are made known to any serving beneath them. While this ability cannot be used for casual conversation and is only effective in combat, it allows a Krorros to be one of the more valuable soldiers, or a powerful commander.
Krorros Skills II Add an extra six skill points to one of the following skills: Any Weapons Skill (Including Seige Weapons), Unarmed Combat, Discipline, or Leadership. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.
Conqueror's Empowerment An ability that spreads out like an aura from the Blessed, Conqueror's Empowerment affects all those who are truly loyal to the Blessed, granting them enhanced durability and strength. While this power is active, both the Blessed and the ones they're empowering are given a sigil that glows with black light. The sigil is in the shape of the Krorros crown, but covers their upper chest and shoulders instead. Sustaining this ability comes at a cost to the Blessed, draining them the longer its sustained, with the average time this ability lasts being up to a break.
Conqueror's Armor The Blessed creates a set of perfectly fitted black plate armor, and the required padded garments for wearing plate armor, that instantly appears on their body upon creation. The armor is no more durable than common armor and isn't a proper replacement for a personalized set of armor forged by a master smith, but can be summoned as many times as needed, meaning that Raskalarn's Blessed are never unarmored in a fight, even if they're caught unawares.
Conqueror's Rush A skill that might at first seem out of place with the strength and leadership oriented Krorros, Conqueror's Rush is a skill that gives the user a sudden burst of speed, allowing them to either reach their destination more quickly or retreat from a situation that has grown beyond their control. Repeated use of this ability will drain the users energy as if they had spent the day undergoing strenuous exercise.
Unyielding Resolve Those Adored by Raskalarn often set out to complete tasks that many would consider difficult, at the very least, to accomplish. Unyielding Resolve aids in the completion of these tasks. When activating this ability, the blessed swears an oath that they will complete this task. From then on, as long as they are actively working at the task they swore to complete, the are granted boons to aid in the completion of the task they swore to do, such as enhanced durability on their weapons and armor, or greater strength or speed, or the ability to go longer without sleep. The boon is specific to the task at hand, and while they can change as the task changes, only one boon is ever present at a time. If the blessed abandons the task, they can't use this ability again for a cycle.
Force of the Conqueror A skill that has seen a large variety of uses from Raskalarn's Blessed, Force of the Conqueror allows the Blessed to emit a blast of pure force from in front of them. The strength is dependent on the Blessed's Discipline, a weak blast enough to knock an opponent back, while the strongest blasts have blown mansion gates off their hinges. This ability can be used five times a trial.
Ignore Pain A skill that is incredibly useful, but risky to use for too long, Ignore Pain cuts off all sense of pain, injury, or stress, from the Blessed, allowing them to function as well as they physically can without the additional strain caused by pain or other forms of physical or mental stress. However, the injuries and stressors are still very much real, and the Blessed of Raskalarn have done themselves serious injury in the past by overuse of this ability. This ability can be used as frequently as the Blessed desires.


Ability Name Ability Description
Battelfield Advantage A skill that is passive in nature, Battlefield Advantage does two things. First, it gives the Blessed an inherent insight into weak spots in their opponents techniques, health, or body, making it easier for the Blessed to take advantage of such weaknesses, though knowing how to do so still falls to the Blessed. The second advantage this ability bestows is an innate knowledge of when an opponent is about to flank or ambush them. While the Blessed only gets a moments warning it is enough for them to move out of harms way.
Remove the Head Another skill that is passive in nature, Remove the Head gives the Blessed an innate sense of who is most important to an enemy armor or group, whether that is their most dangerous fighter, most charismatic morale raiser, or most skilled leader, allowing the Blessed to focus on this target over the peons that follow these titans of the battle.
Krorros Skills III Add an extra nine skill points to one of the following skills: Any Weapons Skill (Including Seige Weapons), Unarmed Combat, Discipline, or Leadership. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.
Conqueror's Domain There are powers and magic that rely on the location they take place in. Conqueror's Domain interferes with these powers by making an area within a 500 yard radius around the Blessed a part of Raskalarn's Emean Domain. This will short out all but the most powerful location based enchantments. In addition, it will also provide a surge of energy to all those who follow the Blessed.
Conqueror's Rally In battle, it is common for forces to become scattered and misplaced. Conqueror's Rally provides the Blessed with a way to counteract this weakness, summoning all of the Blessed's follows to them, allowing them to regroup instantly. The followers of the Blessed by can refuse this call if they truly wish to by concentrating their will on the situation they're in. This ability can be used once a trial.
Rage of the Empress Rage of the Empress is, at a surface level, similar to Wrath of the Conqueror in that it is one of the few abilities that makes use of Raskalarn's domain of Devastation. However, what Rage of the Empress does is allow the user to charge an object with the same energy that is used in Wrath of the Conqueror. An object charged so will explode violently upon contact with any other object. The Blessed can only charge an object they can wrap their arms around and can be used up to ten times a break.
Imperial Armory In long wars and sieges, supplies are often the deciding factor between a victory and a defeat. Imperial Armory, once a trial, allows the Exalted to call upon the extensive reserves within the Eternal Empire to summon any supplies they need. This ability can be used to summon food to feed a contingent, weapons and armor to outfit that same contingent, or even summon something as large as a Trebuchet or Catapult if the situation calls for it. The Exalted is an invaluable resource to any army with this ability and it is said Raskalarn’s Champion can use this ability twice in a Trial.
Eternal Dominion Raskalarn’s Champion is no mere marked. Her Champion sits near the head of her army and oversees her lands beneath her. This ability allows a Champion to be instantly aware of the exact resources, strength, weaknesses, and Defenses of any city he stands within. If this is a city under his control, he can never be lost and will always be aware of when life is taken by violence within his area. This allows a Champion of Raskalarn to be a terrifying sovereign in any city, town, or village she takes and additionally a spy of unprecedented ability. The Champion must spent at least a trial in the city they wish to evaluate and when they leave they will have the measure of strength, defenses, and weaknesses of that military. While the details are not precise, the Champion will know a general approach to conquering the city, if it is even possible with the resources they have. While standing in the midst of an army after standing in another army or city, they will know…in a general sense, how a confrontation between those two forces might go. While this is not exactly what will occur (as many factors decide the course of an occupation or battle), this information is valuable beyond any that Raskalarn could ask her devoted to find for her.
My Mind, My Battlefield Another ability developed for a leader of armies, this ability allows a Champion to sculpt the conditions of a battlefield. If they have a trial before combat and take a measure of the location, they can draw onto a map how they want the battlefield manipulated. Mud where solid stone once was, a storm, morning mist, anything the Krorros desires can become the ruin of another army. While other location based magic and abilities might somewhat counteract this, few can claim to do it on the same scale as a Krorros. In the midst of combat, any changes to the environment they are fighting on can be resisted. A Krorros can pit their might against the might of other marks or even magic, their sheer willpower diverting the power or providing a measure of protection to his entire army. None can strategize better than the general that can alter the very land the battlefield takes place on. This ability cannot be used to collapse walls or demolish defenses, exactly, but it can put the environmental factors in their favor. If the Krorros wants to set a field of battle ablaze, they can fill the land with dry grass, shooting up from the soil, ready to catch fire and burn. Consult with a Prophet for any unique or strange battlefield changes. This ability can effect an area of miles, but can be used on an area of only a few yards. The only requirement is that a battle will happen or is currently happening upon it.

The Curse of Krorros


Raskalarn only grants one curse to those who earn her ire. If she can’t be troubled to kill them herself she brands them with a black band around their skull. This black mark immediately communicates to any loyal to the Eternal Empire that this individual is an enemy of Raskalarn. Any who pledge her allegiance will feel themselves compelled to take the life of the cursed for daring to defy their sovereign queen. If the cursed is in the lands of the Eternal Empire? It is doubtful they will escape alive.