Fast Facts

Status Alive
Domain Nightmares, Insomnia, Oblivion
Location Emea
Position Serves Sintra
Parent Vri
Allies Sintra, Labrae
Enemies Vri, Jesine
Scribe Basilisk


The son of Vri and brother of Jesine, Kielik spent his time in much the same way as his sister, asleep somewhere out of the way. But while Jesine delved into dreams to live in a world of imagination and dreams, Kielik spent his time in a world of terror and madness, either out of a deliberate attempt to be there or out of that part of the world of dreams choosing him as its avatar on Idalos. Either way, the end result was that by the time of his mothers death, neither Vri nor Jesine could claim to know Kielik and without her, he drifted apart from them.

In time, he found out about the Immortal Sintra and her daughter Labrae through the nightmares that pervaded Idalos. The two fascinated Kielik and he began to spread fear of them in his own way, guiding peoples brief trips into the world of dreams into the realm of nightmares, where some of them went mad from the terror of their dreams and still others went into a comatose state, never to escape from the world of dreams. In time, this activity brought him to Sintra's attention and he gained an audience with the Webspinner. She talked him into serving her, giving him an outlet for his love of causing nightmares and insanity and giving her an agent in the world of dreams, a priceless asset.

In his service to Sintra, Kielik's madness grew even stronger and her found himself consumed by a desire to have his father and sister join him as servants of Sintra and avatars of the realm of nightmares. Now he finds himself split between spreading his nightmares across Idalos and battling his sister in the world of dreams, for he can make her fall, Kielik believes he can attract his fathers attention and lure him into their world, where Kielik can battle him. However, much like Jesine, few mortals of Idalos are actively aware of Kielik, for outside of the world of dreams he is all but powerless, merely a mortal man with a powerful father. As such, he rarely leaves the world of dreams unless called by Sintra or Labrae, her daughter.


Kielik is a man of average height and build with gray eyes and wild, straw colored hair. However, his most notable feature is the look in his eyes, for it is the look of a man who has completely succumbed to insanity, who cannot be reasoned or bargained with. However, few people see this form, for most often he appears as a sleepers deepest held nightmare.

Memories of the Past

How much of Kielik's memories are reality and how much are nightmares is hard to tell, even for him. Over his life Kielik has witnessed the impossible a multitude of times, from the destruction of all life on Idalos to the creation of a new era of the Original Beings, all through the world of dreams. Because of this, the only memories he knows for certain are his are in regard to his service to Sintra and parts of his time with his family before the death of his mother. Kielik remembers Vri as a good father, if somewhat distant and reserved, who wasn't able to stop the growing madness of his son. Outside that, he doesn't recall any significant details about Vri.


Kielik currently waits in the realm of nightmares, plotting his next move against Jesine.