Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Insanity, Injustice, Ruin
Holy Names The Mad, The Ruined Maiden, The Unjust
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Western Region
Faction Supports Immortals
Mark Kasyni
Notable Creations TBD
Creator Anox
Immediate Family None
Allies Faldrun, Valtharn, Syroa, Mastes
Enemies Pier & Pre, Ethelynda, Zanik
Scribe Whisper


It is not surprising to most that Kata was particularly close to her creator, Anox - the two shared much in common... more so, perhaps, than her siblings did. Whilst Raskalarn and Faldrun would find themselves dismissed, and soon developed their own interests, away from Anox, Kata would often remain at his side, as she has a naturally twisted nature, and an ill-formed mind that allowed her to assist Anox in the worst torments for her oldest brother, helping Anox to mould the perfect weapon.

The last of Anox's creations before the Great Shattering, the Immortal of Insanity was known and disliked amongst many other immortals. As well a her part in moulding Zanik, Anox also used Kata in his games, and for his own amusement. Her adoration for Anox left her blind to this manipulation, however. The appearance of Mastes caused more than a little jealousy on the part if the childish Kata, and the rivalry was evident, as both fought for the favour of Anox. That competitive streak always remained, but Mastes' unique, subtle gifts worked their way through Kata's mind like a worm, and she eventually became his lover.

Because Kata had spent her entire existence at Anox's side, being guided by him, his loss at the Great Shattering hit her harder than any of her siblings. Similar to Faldrun, Kata fell that day, and it is doubtful whether or not she truly ever picked herself up. But it was a number of Arcs before her dark streak truly manifested into the corrupt genius that she is infamous for in present times. At the time, Mastes (who had dealt with the Great Shattering much better) sought her out, and convinced her that her creator would be ashamed by how weak and inactive she had, in her depression, become. Unaware of the subtle manipulation that the Immortal of Trickery used, the dead eyes burned once again with a fire, one that drove her to continue with Anox's work.

From that moment on, Mastes found himself a lethal servant of sorts. The leadership and praise that Kata once craved from Anox now came from Mastes, and her loyalty for him slowly grew as he continued to skillfully guide and control her. For the most part, she is apathetic towards the war raging around her, though her side was chosen almost by default, dependent on what her siblings (and Mastes) chose.


Similar in appearance to her brother, Faldrun, Kata's fiery locks fall in what should be elegant waves, framing her face and falling to her breasts. Instead, her hair generally seems to be an unkempt mess, particularly to those who have fallen out of her favour. With pale skin and gentle freckles visible on her cheeks, the natural looks convey an element of innocence to those who see the Immortal. However she is anything but. Dependent on her intentions towards those she appears before, Kata may either leave her features natural, or will deliberately warp them. In such cases, charcoal lines her eyes in thick, dark shades, giving her features an almost sunken appearance. To those she is seen by, her slight, athletic form is only partially covered by tight, dark brown clothing, which often appears ripped or otherwise damaged.

Memories of the Past

It would be impossible for any to convince Kata that she was anything but loved by Anox, as his favourite. The latter might be true, but it would be a stretch to assume that Anox was capable of loving any of his creations. To Kata, the time before the Great Shattering was a paradise, where she was nurtured and protected.


Misguided, Kata spends much of her time devising ways of tormenting Zanik, and watching him from afar. With Mastes nigh on always watching over her, she has grown to be more than Anox could ever have imagined, though her loose grip on reality means that she is without a doubt the most dangerous of the Immortals. Given the chance, she would make Zanik watch his beloved city crumble. She is driven by the belief that, were she to please him, Anox will return to walk with her on Idalos once more... though if the Original Immortals were to return, it is a wonder whether Mastes would relinquish authority over her. Despite being relatively close to her brother, she is not often found in the Northern Region; Faldrun tolerates both Kata and Mastes, but he will not allow them to jeopardize the wavering control that his Aukari have over their fires.