The Blessing of Kasyni

The only Blessing to be gifted through the domains of two Immortals: Mastes and Kata. Mastes has, over the long arcs since the Great Shattering, created such a bond between himself and Kata that he now lays a somewhat tenuous claim to the female's domains as well as his own. His manipulation and control of the other is such that he did not even realise how he had combined his own gifts to hers when he blessed the first mortal. The abilities themselves are given by Mastes' blessing alone; it is not a requirement for both Immortals to be present. In point of fact, it is unknown as to whether or not Kata has ever blessed an individual... or if she is even aware of the existence of a blessing combining her domains with Mastes'.

The physical representation of Mastes' attention is a clever one; the Immortal deemed it necessary in most - cases for the mark to be discrete from the public eye; it would not work to his advantage for mortals blessed by him to be ostracised - or worse, lynched - by those around his followers. It appears as little more than a natural-looking scar across the outside of the upper thigh of the individual: the scar is natural, for the blessed would have created it themselves in the process of giving themselves over to Mastes entirely. For the Adored and Exalted, the mark it joined with two newer, smaller scars, which cross at random points to maintain an illusion of naturally gained injury.


Ability Name Ability Description
The Shadow of Vice Gained upon receiving the mark, the Spirit of Vice is a literal spirit representing the Favored’s own personal vice. Decided upon gaining the mark, this spirit manifest as the Favored’s shadow, and can move and appear separately than the Favored, though it does not have any physical capabilities. This gives the Kasyni basic control over the purview of the chosen vice. Acting more like a Sev'ryn familiar than an actual spirit, the Shadow draws the Kasyni toward his or her particular vice, and is fed on indulgence in that vice. However, once per day, the Favored can merge with the spirit, allowing him moderate control over his vice. For example, a gambler would become better at gambling, an alcoholic may find his drink never-ending for the night… But at the crash from the merging leaves the Kasyni feeling weak and lethargic for a trial, and the Spirit of Vice no better.
Addiction The Favored of Kasyni can, with a touch, instill in a target the desire to engage in a vice that the Kasyni has experienced. Each vice may be different, and the Kasyni can tailor the impulse to fit the vice.
Compelling Skills I Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Chemistry, Discipline, Psychology, Rhetoric, Tactics, Torture.
The Shared Needle A basic ability that allows a Kasyni to 'taste' a target's vice on them. Kasyni delight in the tastes of desires and vices, collecting new ones with each new person they meet. Requiring eye contract, the Kasyni will 'taste' the primary vice of the target they are observing. Innately, the Kasyni knows what each taste means. Each “tastes” differently to a Kasyni, and no two Kasyni “taste” the vices the same, depending on their experiences and current vices.
Spotless Mind Allows the marked to benefit from a unique mental protection. While not technically insane, their emotions and logic process at different speeds and angles than people are used to. This provides them a solid defense against telepaths, empaths, and any power that would effect their mind. If the power used against them is lower than their progress in the mark, they have a chance to shrug it off quicker or even instantly as their mind circuitously reroutes the power through a matrix of madness. Marks and powers at the same level would have some effect and those higher would have most of their effect or full effect. This effect also includes mental magics, such as Empathy, and may scale with the Kasyni's level of devotion. At Favored, he is able to resist Initiate mental magics. Each tier up allows for greater protection, and it is said that a Champion of Mastes has been able to shrug off the effects of Legendary mental mage.
Tolerance One of the more basic abilities of Mastes favor but important nonetheless, a Kasyni will never experience the negative side effects of a drug. In addition, no addictive substance will hold sway over the Kasyni as long as they have this ability.
Confuscate A Kasyni can, upon skin-on-skin contact, disrupt a target’s ability to think clearly, instead causing them to become confused. Their targets’ thoughts turn from sensible processes to terrifyingly inane, redundant streams. This can be used offensively, to disrupt an attacker for instance, or defensively, to confuse and incapacitate a target. It lasts for ten bits per level of devotion, and can be partially resisted by high discpline.
Ravage The Blessed can touch an inanimate object and cause it to begin decaying or breaking down. This can only be used four times a trial, and causes minor structural damage.
Context High Connoisseurs of sensation, Kasyni can pass this experience on to others. Requiring skin on skin contact, the Kasyni can infect the subject with the sensation of a single drug the Kasyni has experienced before. High meditation and discipline may aid someone in escaping the sensation, but usually this is enough to get the Kasyni what they want...or to inject some unique and intriguing chaos into a situation. There is no limit to the amount of people that can be effected at once with this power, but the Kasyni cannot afflict the same drug's sensation at the same time to two different people. The more drugs the Kasyni has savored, the more they can drag into the experience.


Ability Name Ability Description
The Burden of Vice An improvement to the Shadow of Vice, this ability allows the Kasyni to give more independence to his shadow. The shadow may now detach itself, and will independently locate the closest den of sin that offers the Kasyni’s chosen vice. The Shadow also takes on the effect of a second vice, granting the same bonuses as it would to the first vice. For example, an alcoholic gambler may find that his drink is always full, and that the more inebriated he gets, the better his luck with gambling. However, this comes with a price. The Shadow takes on a Burden, greatly increasing the Kasyni's draw to his initial Vice. This manifests mostly as a great desire to indulge at least once per trial. At this level, the Burden also gains sentience, able to communicate with the Kasyni.
Compelling Skills II Add an extra six skill points to one of the following skills: Chemistry, Discipline, Psychology, Rhetoric, Tactics, Torture.
Ride the Lightning The Kasyni can “piggy-back” on another’s vice, allowing themselves the ability to experience the positive effects through someone else’s experience. When doing so, the withdrawal effects for the target are greatly diminished, though their craving returns twice as quickly.
Perfect Lie A small but important talent, the Exalted of Mastes gain the passive ability to lie perfectly. No manner of magic or divine mark can uncover the truth or even hint to the presence of a lie unless the mark is at a higher level than the Kasyni. All lies a Kasyni tells has a subtle spell of persuasion around them, making them easier to believe than perhaps even the truths a Kasyni might tell. While natural skepticism cannot be countered, even the most skilled of detectors will not notice the telltale signs of a lie in the Kasyni's words (unless they already know the truth). The caveat of this skill is that, when the lie is told, it is so perfectly crafted that even the Kasyni believes it to be fact, and can only be shown the truth through irrefutable evidence. However, once the Kasyni finds out it is a lie, he is able to re-tell it over and over and resist the effect.
Amplified Slight The Adored can cause those around them to feel like they were slighted more than they were by those who’ve done them wrong. The feelings may manifest as intense distaste, rage, or in some cases, extreme violence. Those affected by this have described their vision as red around the edges, and an uncontrollable urge to damage those who have wrong them.
Drug of Choice The Kasyni has the ability to choose one drug that he or she has imbibed and knows intimately. When the Drug of Choice is taken by the Kasyni, the effects are felt by all those in a ten yard radius. A hallucinogen taken in a room full of people could result in an orgy… or a riot. A stimulant may increase the adrenaline and the strength of those effected. However, while the Kasyni is immune to the come-down effects, the people around them are not.
Obliterate Like its previous iteration, the Adored can use Ravage only once per trial, but its strength is greatly increased. The power can bring down an entire normal sized house and cause significant structural damage to larger establishments. This effect is near instantaneous, though the damage can take up to a few bits to manifest as gravity takes hold, etc.
Tailor Drug This ability draws on the sensational experiences of the Kasyni. As Mastes certainly recommends indulging in the chemical bliss Idalos can offer, this ability becomes more nuanced and powerful the more sensations and drugs the marked has experienced. Tailor Drug allows the Kasyni to produce a unique drug built out of a composite of other drugs they have experienced. Distilled from their blood, a Kasyni can decide what sort of chemical it is and how the high might work. They can make a mellow hallucinogen or an opiod that incenses one to pain even while driving their nerves to ecstasy. Generally, the drug has three effects, determined by the Kasyni when they gain this ability (This includes the effects of withdrawal) At favored, the Kasyni can only create one dose per trial. At Adored they can add another effect to the drug and produce two doses per trial. At exalted, the Kasyni has the opportunity to create a second drug from their blood and split the doses between the four allotted per trial. The Champion of Kasyni has up to five unique effects for their tailor drugs and can create up to five doses a trial. Each drug produced through this ability is highly addictive. Uniquely, this drug has no barriers. Even those without internal systems like the Yludih or Tunawa can be effected by this concoction.
Red-Handed Injustice falls under Kata’s purview and that injustice is often in the service of Mastes’ servants. Red-Handed goes into an effect after a Kasyni has committed a crime. Fingerprints don’t stick, witnesses have a hard time remembering exact details. Any personal tools or weapons a Kasyni used to commit the crime vanish from their person if they are detained and questioned. Unless a Kasyni is formerly charged with the crime, this evidence remains vanished until the Kasyni is free in which case they return to their person. If a Kasyni is formerly charged with a crime regardless of this mark’s power, all the evidence it once erased returns completely. Mastes won’t have Kata do all the work for their marked, just enough to keep them from the cells if they’re smart enough to use it. This obscuring of Evidence will not work on anything that has been stolen, which must be hidden with other means.


Ability Name Ability Description
Submit to the Urge The Kasyni gains the ability to passively reduce the inhibitions of those around them at will. This effect acts as an aura, and can be extended or withdrawn at will. This aura doubly affects those who have actively fed a vice within a trial, doubling their craving and making it nearly impossible for them to resist. This affects the area of a large room, or roughly 750 square feet. Those with exceptionally high Meditation may resist, but will still find themselves with small insinuations from time to time. Additionally, though who fed a vice will find their high renewed with vigor, doubling the amount of time the high lasts.
Compelling Skills III Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Chemistry, Discipline, Psychology, Rhetoric, Tactics, Torture.
Blood Feud The Exalted of Kasyni can, once per season, designate a pair of people. These people gain upon their skin marks that are the opposite of each other, one being reminiscent of a P and the other a lowercase d. The two marks, when put together, form a single letter. However, that is rarely the case. The Exalted of Kasyni can inject into their minds the idea that they have always been enemies, and that their families had been enemies for generations. This bitterness is instant, and it is likely that the two families will war for generations to come. This effect can be resisted, but requires an unusually high Meditation or Discipline on behalf of both parties, and the effect will last until one of the bloodlines runs out, or the Kasyni releases them.
Fixslaves Dependent on Tailor Drug, Mastes prefers to manipulate those who are already in his clutches. Fixslaves is an ability that works only on someone that has taken at least two doses of the Tailor Drug. Two doses are usually enough to awaken an addiction in the subject. Those who have satisfied these requirements are within the Kasyni's power. To maintain this ability, the victim must be re-dosed within three trials, but while the drug lays claim to their system the Kasyni receives an unprecedented and impressive power. Kasyni's can order those in the throes of their drug to perform tasks for them with terrifying power. The order of the Kasyni echoes in the victim's head and refusing to follow the command results in agonising withdrawal symptoms as Kata's power magnifies Mastes' own within the victim's body. A victim who refuses the Kasyni will find their body breaking down into ruin as withdrawal symptoms ravage their body. Only the release of the Kasyni's Tailor drug, the third trial without a new dose, or fulfilling the task will bring the fixslave any relief. At adored, the Kasyni can manipulate up to two victims this way. At Exalted, up to five hooked on the Tailor drug can be commanded and at Champion there is no limit save the limit of how many are under the thrall of the drug.
Fueled by Addiction By remaining under the influence of a drug or alcohol, the Exalted Kasyni can forego the necessity of sleeping, eating or drinking to remain alive. This does not negate the need to eat, sleep or drink, but instead allows the Kasyni to postpone their basic necessities as long as they remain high or drunk. If the Kasyni were to come down or sober up, though, the needs would return at the same level as if the Kasyni had allowed them to progress naturally. For example, a Kasyni on a twenty-trial binge would find that he hadn't eaten, drank or slept in twenty trials, and would submit to hunger, exhaustion and thirst.
Den of Sin The Kasyni can designate one singular location as his or her own personal Den of Sin. Once per trial, the Kasyni can send out a magical signal to all those within withdrawal in a city-wide radius. The signal attracts the junkies to the Den of Sin, where each can find one dose of his or her addiction. This does not include the Kasyni's Tailor Drug, which has to be given freely by the Kasyni. For every high experienced, the Kasyni grows more vital, resisting the need to eat, sleep or drink. It is possible for the Kasyni to go trials without eating or sleeping thanks to this ability.
Corporeal Vice The final manifestation of the Shadow of Vice, a Corporeal Vice is the Kasyni's strongest ally. A mirrored gestalt of the Kasyni, the Vice takes on a physical form of its own. It appears as the Kasyni, though slightly hazy, as if being seen through drunken eyes. The Vice can only be directly controlled while the Kasyni is under the influence, and can act as a bodyguard, or more likely, a courier to fetch more drugs.

Importantly, the Vice shares some ability with the Kasyni, having three-quarters of his skills, excluding magics. At this level, the Kasyni and the Vice have been a part of each other long enough to establish a mutual respect, but the Vice does not always have to follow the Kasyni's orders. Instead, it's sentience becomes that of the Kasyni's, and often the two work together. It's also important to note that, at this level, the Kasyni may no longer merge with the Vice.

Lay Waste The final ability of Ravage, Lay Waste allows the Kasyni to cause wide-scale damage to non-organic structures in a medium-sized-town’s radius. This ability turns any non-organic substance into sand, adding a secondary hazard to the ability. Additionally, the Kasyni is surrounded by a swirling dark miasma, which destroys everything the Kasyni wishes. This shroud of ruin lasts until the Kasyni rests, or until the effect of his or her high wears off. This ability can only be used once every three trials, and has no effect unless the Kasyni is under the influence.
Madness This ability is granted only to those who become Kata's Champion. Only able to affect a single victim at a time, the Exalted Kasyni needs but to make contact (through eye contact or physical contact), and can shatter a psyche into cracks. Someone under the effect of Madness finds their mind crumbling around them. Madness destabilises a single mind, afflicting it with a bevvy of mental disorders that the afflicted must try to battle through the power. Weaker minds succumb, irrevocably broken even after this power has left them while stronger minds desperately grapple with psychosis until the ability leaves them exhausted and wary. The trick of this power is that there is no limit to the amount of people that can be affected, but for every individual over the first the Exalted must take madness into themselves and cultivate a specific mental hardship for each new target they can choose to effect. This can be Phobias (but of something present in the scene), Obsessions, Paranoia, and other specific disorders. These will persist for the remainder of the trial, as does the curse of madness on a victim. A Kasyni can choose at the start of each new trial to extend the madness of their victim (but it counts as their use of Madness for the day). A true enemy of the Exalted Kasyni can be kept in madness almost indefinitely without outside intervention.

The Curse of Kasyni

For the Cursed, they share the same scar(s) that the Blessed do, and receive them in much the same way. However, these wounds will not heal, and will remain black and inflamed, with the appearance of festering infection, causing the further pain, on top of the pains of the curse as a whole. Generally speaking, as the Curse's power is fed directly by Kata, without any of Mastes' domain influence, a Curse will be slightly weaker if it comes from Mastes, compared to Kata. At present, Mastes is unable to Condemn someone; his hold over Kata is strong... but not that strong.

It is possible to receive a Curse of Kasyni even if you have done nothing to deserve it: Kata is unpredictable and at times uncontrollable. Even if she is intentionally trying to Mark someone, she may accidentally Curse that individual. It is easily undone, however...a few trials of complete and absolute dedication to the name of Mastes will cause him to take pity and, at the very least, remove the Curse. For those who impress him, they may even receive a Blessing from him too.


The Hated by Kata and Mastes often find themselves marked for no particular reason. Kata and Mastes both enjoy the random power their misfortune brings as it can uniquely highlight certain attributes in a person they may want to mark later. The first level of Kasyni curse replaces your need to eat, drink, and sleep with your strongest vice. Rather than a pastime it becomes the fuel your body needs to continue. If it's drinking, you must consume alcohol every day, throughout the day, in order to not wither.

If your vice is gambling, you will weaken when not actively engaging in gambling. Your primary vice becomes your life, unable to escape it without risking your own life. While manageable in reasonable doses daily, it changes the direction of an entire life till the Curse is lifted


The Despised of Kasyni are either those truly disliked by either of the Immortals or those that are simply too fun to observe in the throes of suffering. The Despised of Kasyni are unable to be caught for any crime they commit, but they are remembered as the perpetrators of crimes they're not even aware of. A Despised of Kasyni will take the place of thieves, murderers, and criminals in the memories of people around them randomly. A Kasyni will never be aware this switch has taken place but when it does, they will be powerless to convince someone otherwise. Conversely, the crimes they do commit will have effects similar to the Red Handed power. Kata is not so petty that she'll allow justice into any part of her curse, but she will delight subjecting the Despised to injustice of anyone else around them.


For the Condemned of Kasyni, both Mastes and Kata must be in agreement. This individual deserves to suffer extremely, and then perish. When the curse takes effect, the victim's entire body will change composition. Every fleck of skin, every hair, each drop of sweat, bone, and ounce of blood will convert into a highly addictive drug-like substance. Those who touch the Kasyni, bite them, or stay in proximity with them will be drawn to consume more and more of the drug that produces an intense rapturous high with no ill effects. Most Kasyni Condemned must isolate themselves away from everything, as even animals share the same intense desire to ride the high of the Condemned's blood and bones. When a Condemned of Kasyni is killed, usually, there's not even a speck of them remaining.