Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains The Hunt, Survival, Wolves
Holy Names The Great Wolf, The Huntress, Lady of the Hunt, Wild Woman
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Western Region
Faction Neutral
Mark Velduris
Notable Creations TBD
Creator Luesco
Immediate Family None
Allies Raskalarn, Aeva
Enemies Faldrun, Audrae, Ethelynda, Valtharn
Scribe Basilisk


A creation of the Immortal Luesco, Karem was last Immortal created before the Great Shattering, a fact which has caused some to blame her for their death. This lead to her being a quiet, watchful Immortal who spent her time observing her family, learning what she could from them. The primary lesson the hunter took to heart though was that the Immortals would never willingly come together as a whole, that the infighting and distrust bred by their very creators would keep them from ever realizing the full potential they had if they were to unite. Despite this, at first Karem wasn't overly worried and enjoyed the quiet times she spent with her sister Ethelynda, one of the few who did not blame her for the death of the Original Beings, learning everything she could about the creatures of the world and finding the wolves that now make up her pack.

In time, she learned of humanity in much the same way as her siblings and at first didn't think much of them. However, when she saw the destruction railed upon Idalos by the Immortals and the war they wrought upon themselves and the Mortals that inhabited the world, Karem could no longer stand idly by. At first she thought to ally with her sibling Ethelynda, but after Ethelynda's disillusionment with the world after the downfall of the original Ithecal, Karem determined to stand alone against her siblings and do what she could to mitigate the damage they did.

However, shortly afterward she came across someone she quickly came to believe could ultimately end the war and unite not only the Immortals but the Mortals as well. Though she had initially believed Raskalarn to be a loud mouthed, violent braggart, her opinion of the Immortal of Conquest changed after witnessing her treatment of the abandoned Ithecal, now renamed the Raskithecal. Shortly after Raskalarn freed them, Karem approached the Eternal Empress and offered to serve Raskalarn if Raskalarn promised not to destroy where it wasn't needed. The Immortal of Conquest readily agreed, as it was already a policy of hers, and the Immortal of The Hunt became a general in the armies of the Eternal Empire, ready to fight against her siblings as necessary, her cold and strict personality giving her the calm determination needed to fight this war with a minimum of causalities while still being able to kill any target she sets her sights on.


Karem is a woman of average height and athletic build with long, braided brown hair and slate gray eyes. She wears furs sewn together from the pelts of the animals she has hunted and carries a simple wooden crossbow she made when she was still under Luesco's tutelage, along with a hatchet and a quiver loaded with crossbow bolts. She's usually accompanied by her pack, a group of wolves that have been with Karem since she took them in as pups, as their close proximity to Karem seems to have granted them immortality.

Memories of the Past

Karem didn't know Luesco for more than a second before he and six of the other Original Beings shattered. She often wonders what he would have said to her, what he would have taught her had he been alive.


Karem is currently serving as a scout and information gatherer for the Eternal Empire, looking for openings to exploit so that Raskalarn can expand her empire.