Fast Facts

Status Alive
Domain Dreams, Sleep, Imagination
Location Emea
Position Supports Mortals
Mark Nyvora
Parents Vri and Anaza
Allies Vri, Pier & Pre
Enemies Kielik
Scribe Dementia, Anomaly


The Mortalborn Jesine, daughter of Vri and his love Anaza, sister of Kielik, among the first to be born of both mortal and Immortal realms; blessed with power greater than their mortal blood could safely handle. When she was still alive, Jesine loved her mother dearly and treasured all the time that she had with her, though she would come to inevitably outlive her.

When age took her mother and Jesine yet lived, enjoying youth that should've long since expired, her grief was what initially awakened her gifts and illuminated her purpose; the mystical realms touching her consciousness and empowering her core, uplifting her and Kielik. These gifts came much too late to spare Anaza her suffering and eventual demise, however; a tragedy that Jesine mourns to this day and that spurs her vigilance to protect mortals in her sphere of influence, venturing deeper into the realm beyond their conscious minds to follow a calling she didn't initially understand.

Only then did she come to understand Emea better. She gazed beyond the mortal realms and it looked into her in kind, its vast and limitless power flowing through her and stretching the limits of her mortal body, threatening to overwhelm and destroy her. What should've been her demise instead became her salvation and the key to her ascension as her innate power resonated with the chaotic and amorphous nature of the realms beyond. It reached into her and opened her mind, sealing her fate alongside her brother.

Together, they formed a sort of morbid duality with power and influence beyond that of other Mortalborn, empowered by much more than just the blood they inherited from their Immortal father. Out of loyalty to her heritage and the mother she'd lost, Jesine woved to be the silent guardian of mortality, watching over them as they slept to shelter their thoughts and ambitions and protect them from what threats lurked beyond Idalos, in the depths of Emea, and from her own brother---Kielik's betrayal and allegiance cementing her loyalty to her cause.

For now, Jesine resides in Emea, vigilant as ever in sabotaging her brother's efforts in poisoning the spirits of mortals for his new masters. She watches carefully over her shoulder, always; eyes turned to the darkness, waiting and bracing herself against the terrors that await beyond. Meanwhile, she expands her network through the distribution of her mark, slowly building a vanguard to protect Idalos against otherworldly threats.


Jesine appears as a tired-looking woman carrying more baggage under her eyes than in her hands. Light blonde hair is kept in a pixie cut, usually mussed with bedhead. Tattoos cover her body, sometimes visible and sometimes not, but they are always in motion. It's said that her tattoos change with her emotions, though that's never been proven true. Because of her parentage, she can't change her appearance at will the way other Immortals can. Though she frequently yawns and often drifts about the world as if in a daze, she's more than capable of becoming quickly animated with emotion and excitement. Her skin is dotted with shining silver 'freckles', constant echoes of the blessings and curses she's granted.

Memories of the Past