Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Lightning, Sound, Brawling, Alcohol
Holy Names The Lightning of Rharne, Lightning Mother, Thunderhead, The Thunderous Brawler, The Mistress of Lightning, The Drunken Warrior
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Rharne
Faction Supports Mortals
Mark Palenon
Notable Creations TBD
Creator Ati'el
Immediate Family None
Allies Ethelynda, Ralaith, U'frek
Enemies Faldrun, Edasha, Chrien
Scribe Basilisk


Despite her loud, boisterous, and even sometimes childish attitude, Ilaren is one of the elder Immortals, a fact that is easily forgotten when observing her usual behavior. She was created during the early days of Idalos to control the worlds lightning and sound, as well as brawling and alcohol, and between the mix she quickly developed into one of the most brash and hearty Immortals. During the early days before the Great Shattering, Ilaren spent her time pestering her siblings and even her parents, a few times getting into drunken, if friendly fights with some of them. When the original Seven died, Ilaren was as shocked as the rest of her siblings and retreated from the eyes of her kin for a time.

No one is quite sure why Ilaren returned or what she did during her absence, but when she returned, she was as enthusiastic as ever and seemed absolutely enthralled by the humans of Idalos. While she didn't wind up creating a new race like her siblings, there were those who followed her and her ways and she gathered them together in the mountains of Central Idalos. When war finally broke out among her siblings about whether or not the mortals should be destroyed, Ilaren was among the first to jump to the mortals defense.

Now the skies above Idalos crackle and spark with Ilaren's wrath as she prepares to join the fight for the survival of the people of Idalos, her power and the rage that her siblings would destroy the mortals fueling the Immortal to ever more active action in the war for the lives of her followers. And behind her eyes lie a tragic secret that fuels her love for the mortals of Idalos and the reason for her long absence. Only time will tell what secrets will be revealed in the flashes of the coming lightning, but one thing is certain: Ilaren will never allow the people of Idalos to be destroyed while she still has a breath in her body.

Ilaren is on the side of the Mortals, without a doubt or moment's hesitation. She'll fight tooth and nail to her last breath to defend the people Idalos, no matter the odds.


Ilaren appears as a tall redheaded woman with dark brown eyes that seem to spark with a certain energy and constantly dance with joy. However, if one looks deep into her eyes, they will see a deep, abiding sorrow that cannot pass. She traditionally wears leather armor and carries a heavy knife on her belt. She tends to be hyperactive, loud, brash, and boisterous when she's sober and even more so when she's drunk, which happens with a certain frequency. She can be very friendly, to the point of being a tease, but despite her attitude, she's not particularly promiscuous, and is actually remarkably choosy about her partners. In battle, she's a fierce but intelligent fighter, using both her power over lightning and sound with alarming effectiveness, as well as just sheer skill in fighting with her bare hands.

Memories of the Past

To say that Ilaren disliked her creator would be an understatement. Ilaren saw Ati'el as a spiteful, shallow-minded, manipulative witch who was so concerned with herself that it undermined any attempts amongst the Original Beings or the Immortals to work together, partly believing that this division is a massive part of what led to the current war between the Immortals.


Ilaren currently resides in Rharne where she plans to destroy Sirothelle and Faldrun's followers once and for all.