Fast Facts
Height: ...................... 5' - 6'6"
Weight: 90-200 lbs.
Life Span: 80-100.........
Creator The death of the Original Seven
Population 54,000,000
Notable Features Adaptibility
Mostly Live In Everywhere
Racial Bonus Leadership or Weapon/Combat Skill +25
Fast Track Skills Any One Skill


The history of Humans is a complicated one; something that is shrouded in mystery and painted in chaos and tragedy. How Humans came to the world is unknown to all presently, though how they were used by the Immortals, and still continue to be used by them, is known to many.

Humans populated Idalos after the unfortunate events of the Great Shattering. They existed like any newborn would, wandering aimlessly whilst attempting to figure out their ways, who they were, what they needed to do to survive. For many arcs, they existed quietly, never having glimpsed the Immortals or witness their strange gifts. Humans gathered together in small packs and hunted, living off the land and the creatures they could kill to eat.

Once the Immortals caught sight of them, Human evolution exploded. Being one of the first to educate them, Daia and many of her brothers and sisters interacted with Humans, teaching them civility, language, harmony, and many other things. Generations passed as these Immortal beings watched creatures that resembled themselves too closely wither and die, however, as time continued, their mentality and consciousness grew. They learned and passed their teachings on to their children. Such became that the Immortals' teachings weren't needed and they could watch while civilizations developed from their efforts.

Time was nothing to the Immortals before Humans. It was Humanity that fascinated and frightened them, as well as made them painfully aware of time and it's precious arcs. During this time of peace, Humans copulated with these enchanting beings, producing Mortal Borns that were the first of their kind. Though this should have been a wondrous time, the news of such offspring didn't settle well with most. Mortal Borns were different from Humans. They were gifted like their Immortal parent yet as weak and fragile as any other human. They aged and grew old, though they did so slowly. Mortal Borns were largely discriminated against in many human city, by both mortal and immortal beings.

Humanity turned wicked. Vile. What the Immortals taught them quick lead the mortals down a path of war and destruction. They learned ways of murder, of destruction and turmoil. They conquered cities and pillaged towns and villages. They tortured and abused each other in the name of pride, greed, and/or lust. This development spurred tension among the Immortals though many refused to intervene for fear of losing such entertainment.

It was after the death of a beloved Immortal, Daia, that many of the others concluded the genocide of Humanity was needed for their survival. Death was unknown to the Immortals and having only ever experienced such a lose by way of the Great Shattering- which left them devastated for many, many arcs- losing Daia at the hands of a mortal divided the ethereal beings. While humans gathered and fought across the plains of Idalos, the Immortals fought each other, trying to protect and kill each other and the humans.

They pulverized each other, humans against humans, and immortals against immortals. There were times where godly fights would break out above massive cities only to leave such places in ruins with nearly its entire human population laying dead beneath the rubble. Compassion was forsaken, caring, harmony, balance- all of it was pushed aside while war and darkness won over. Arcs came and went while the world fell apart, crumbling into pools of lava, broken, burnt land, and pestilence that killed and changed and mutated mortals.

It was years later, when humanity was on the brink of extinction that the Immortals diverted their attention to the fragile creatures, and not entirely for the better. Many of the Immortals had gained such bloodlust and hatred for their kin, they needed to see them dead at all costs. But such was it that the Immortals could not kill one another. So the only other option left was to use humanity for their murderous intentions and so they did. By abusing their abilities and resurrecting the dead, many of the Immortals began to crack. They enslaved the humans they brought back, bending and breaking their wills to mirror that of their saviors. Those humans became twisted.

Though, there were many Immortals that brought humans back to life for the sake of its race and despair at losing such creatures. They resurrected the humans not to use them, but to protect them from their kin and see to their survive in this now maddened world. Thus, a rift was created and sides were to be chosen and while most Humans could attempt to live out their days without being involve in the war between these beings, it is nearly impossible to do so. Every day is a trial of life or death, tested by unfair odds and luck. To stand with it or against it is a chose that will always have to be made. Humans are easily coaxed and corrupted and death is but a breath away.

Out of Character

This race page isn't largely detailed because we're all humans outside of the site and need little explanation on how to be us. Humans occupy every corner of the world Idalos and are the most populated race. We are never lacking humans, that's a definite. If there is anything that you feel we should include in this page regarding humans, please send Jade a message.