The Scientist, The Inquisitive

Fei was perhaps one of the most creative, save Luesco, of her siblings. When she came to Idalos she saw a beautiful world filled with the wonder of possibility. Of all the Originals, Fei’s creations were the most remarkable and strange. She was a scientist of Emea, experimenting with the chaotic energy of creation she and her siblings had been granted with. Logical, distant, but kindhearted, Fei believed in progress and something greater than herself. She came to Idalos not as a conqueror but as an observer and willing participant. She took an immediate love to the Shay and protected them as best she could. The Shay city Pyk, set on an island in the midst of the sea was her preferred place of refuge. She created Chrien to be an image of the sea, to bless the Shay of Pyk with luck and their enemies with spite, to control the storms that raged around them.

Fei fell in love with Faldrun, a proxy creation of Anox. While Fei had no strong attraction for the violent and conquest-minded brother, she found his copy, his immortal Faldrun remarkable. He was warm and shared in her enthusiasm for the world. They spent countless days together traversing Fei’s watery domain as Faldrun would compose her poems.

Fei protested the battle against Idalos and the powers that existed. As the floating islands the Dragons retreated to remained in her domain, she forbid any Original from bringing war there. For Fei, any creation was worth making and any possibility worth pursuing. She never questioned what caused the Islands to rise from the water, considering it providence that finally the poor survivors of their occupation could find a home beyond their purview.

The Shattering found Fei beneath Pyk, swimming blissfully with the sea life. She was not prepared and all her studies had not warned her of the danger. It happened before she had time to be surprised, and some of her children hope her last moments were happy ones.

When Fei was gone, Chrien, in her furious spite for the passing of her creator, turned the sea against Pyk and washed away all trace of its civilization.

Her Grand Fracture is the most curious of the other Fractures. Wondrous oddities emerge and grow around the Fracture itself, as if Fei is still creating and evolving the creations around her. Curious lights, sounds, and voices are always in a strangely harmonic song. Most of her Fracture is beneath the waves and reality becomes mutable. Even those who do not have gills can enter her Fracture of their own free will. For those that explore, it is not uncommon for their bodies to begin to change. The chaotic magic of experimentation and discovery warps the line between reality and fiction, corrupting totems instantly and twisting forms in new and unique ways. All magic behaves curiously here, reacting in unexpected ways. All these transformations are beautiful in their own right, although for those who stay too long in the blissful embrace of her Fracture find they can never leave and remain with the others, content to eventually swim in the chaos of Emea, and discover what lies beyond. Most of the creatures in her Fracture are not inherently violent or malignant, but many are hungry and often have no personal motivation to attack a visitor save to defend their territory or fill their stomach. Although not overtly threatening, Fei's Fracture has been remarkably dangerous to mages especially or to anyone who dares to chance the magic of her remnant. The waters around Scalvoris tend to be the calmest in all the seas, her blessing to the ancient Shay extending to the humans and other races that now crowd its shores.