Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Souls, Servitude, Resurrection, Blood
Holy Names The Lanternbearer, The Soul's Servant, Keeper of Souls, Blood Mother
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Traversing The World
Faction Neutral
Mark Zuuda
Notable Creations Wisps
Creator Cierel
Immediate Family None
Allies Vri, Moseke, Jesine
Enemies Faldrun, Kata, Aelig
Scribe Doyenne


Famula is the last of Cierel’s children. She is grim, and stoic, often said to lack humor by many, but is regarded for her wisdom. She has remained neutral to the war, because she so often tends to the dead and victims of the war, that in her eyes, taking a side in the war is pointless. She believes that serving one’s country, lord, master, or however far up or down someone is in the hierarchy, is the only way for someone to find true peace in death. Servitude is how one earns honor, to Famula, and how one then earns their way to being served in some way.

As she walks over graveyards, or any earth with bodily remains, she instantaneously experiences the last living moments of the dead within herself. If the experience tells her the person who died was not at peace with their death, or with what they had accomplished in life, their souls rise as a Wisp. [For more details on Wisps and their contract with Famula, see the Wisp race page]. Ultimately, she weighs every soul individually, and tends to each of them impartially.

Famula, after the Great Shattering occurred, experienced grief in a more calculated way than most. She has a hard time getting on with her siblings due to her blunt and colder personality, and thus decided to travel the world aimlessly on her own for a while.

As she traveled, she stopped to ferry souls of the dying and dead to the Afterlife, often with little knowledge of the friends and family of the dying one. Most were at peace with themselves, some not, but she handled each death with little room for heart. If the soul was eager to stay on, she resurrected it as one of her servants, so that she was always well guarded and had companions to keep conversation with on lonely nights. When whatever regrets or conflicts they had about dying are resolved, they naturally pass on to the Afterlife, and she finds another servant to replace them.

As the war began, this duty became overbearing. At first she could hardly adapt to all the souls that needed tending to. She could hear their voices calling out to her. A human soldier, Kiriam, was found dying on the battlefield with blood spilling from his wounds.

"Why will you not let your soul pass on in peace?" she asked as he still tried to reach for his sword, men climbing over him already as though he were a corpse.

"They- they need me," he choked out.

"Your body is ready to die. Surely you know this." Her servants cupped his feet, and he kicked at them wildly.

"Never!" He cried through coughs of blood. "As long as I serve my country, and as long as we must defend our land from the likes of you, I will never give...never, stop..can’t…." Even as he was weakening, the knife was pointed at her. She sighed, and waited for his last breath.

Kiriam became one of her servants. He eventually became one she grew very fond of. While she always remained impartial in the war, Kiriam helped teach her empathy when taking the souls and raising them up again. He helped her give meaning to the servitude, and look upon her servants with more consideration and respect. Five years after his service began, he approached her in his Wisp form, while summoned from her lantern.

"It’s time for me to go." His eyes were fighting back emotions.

"Why is that?" For once, Famula’s crimson eyes were soft.

He dared not look upon her face or touch her. His body began fading. "I have nothing left to regret about my service to my people, because I have served you."

Famula said nothing. She took his ethereal hand in hers, and felt him as he faded away, no more words or glances between them. In her private cemetery, unknown to even her followers, legend says she erected a tombstone in his honor. It was Kiriam’s humble spirit that inspired her to seek so many souls to shepherd into Resurrection - so they, too, may find peace in their death.


At 5'6", Famula stands at a less intimidating height for a woman. What intimidates all who see her are the crimson souls who carry her four feet above the ground with the weight of their ethereal mass. Her eyes glow a deep crimson, her hip-length hair shines a dark silver-blue. The souls she has possessed to serve her have lost their original form, and take whatever shape she needs them to for her service. She can also dismiss them into a lantern she carries with her at all times. The lower half of her cloak is draped in chains. She walks barefoot most places, with tinted gray skin, in a plain crisp black dress. Everywhere she walks or travels, a layer of fog follows her.

Memories of the Past

Famula's relationship with Cierel was much like her relationship with most of the other Immortals in that it was virtually non-existent. That being said, Famula has always been glad of this as it meant she didn't turn out sadistically evil like Audrae or Sintra, or deeply disturbed like Lisirra. However, at times Famula wonders if her isolation was intended by her creator, as Cierel never sought any relationship with her youngest creation. The implications of such behavior worry Famula, leading her to wonder about her creators motives.


Famula wanders Idalos looking to help the souls of the departed pass on in peace. Due to the frequency of war in Idalos, this makes her whereabouts difficult to determine. At the current time, she is most frequently seen on the borders of The Eternal Empire, their expansionist policies leading thousands of dead soldiers needing her attention.