Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Fire, The Sun, Turmoil
Holy Names Fire-Heart, The Great Fire, The Mountain’s Fury, The Eternal Flame, The Burning Man
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Sirothelle
Faction Anti-Mortal
Mark Al'deurn
Notable Creations Aukari
Creator Anox
Immediate Family Kherron [1](Son), Fei, (Lover, Deceased)
Allies Edasha, Syroa, Kata, Mastes
Enemies Vri, Tried, Ilaren, Raskalarn, Ethelyda
Scribe Jade


Faldrun is on the side of the Immortals in the war, though honestly, he is on his own side to rule over them. He sticks close to Edasha at all times, reluctant to leave her alone for fear of her being destroyed the same way Daia and Treid were.

There was a time when he was more than what he is now. A time where he smiled out of love, where hatred was nonexistent, where his compassion showed through gentle actions. Faldrun was not always full of such turmoil. Even though he dictated such events, he was not one to succumb to the turmoil he so easily caused. However, his fascination for the original beings, namely one, spurred such immature mannerisms- or maybe it was the bitterness of losing someone he loved that cause him to become what he is. Faldrun was created by Anox, one of the original beings, who took pleasure in the darker aspect of life. This Immortal was the first to be created in his image, molded by the very fires of his soul till Faldrun was a body on fire, burning with life and light. Of course, he inherited Anox's gift to bring about turmoil. There was one original being, Fei, that Faldrun took a fast liking to. The two were completely opposite of each other. However, the chemistry remained even while Fei continued making Immortals. Love couldn't be described for what these two had, but they were closer than most were at this time.

When Fei shattered, it was a dark day for Faldrun. Not only did he lose his creator, he lost the being he sought after the most. The event pushed him into a pool of darkness that he slowly drowned within. His pleasantness disappeared, the light he gave that was so gentle seemed to burn those that gazed upon it. Faldrun was lost within the emptiness of his heart. Steeling himself, his mannerisms were forsaken for power. When he saw the vile abominations on the lands of Idalos, he went about burning anything he could burn just to sooth the ache inside. Faldrun didn't care about the consequences. He wanted to cause as much turmoil as he felt was within him. That is why he is such a cold, heartless, merciless Immortal. He will not succumb to such comforts of love again, though he has opened up to Edasha. Faldrun will set aflame anyone or anything that tries to go against his will, even if that means showing him the true meaning of love and friendship. He will know of none. This is the Immortal of fire and turmoil. He will stop at nothing until the world is as he feels it should be.


Faldrun appears as a tall and muscular man with flaming red hair that has a fiery glint and eyes that appear to be made of white fire. He is often sporting little armor and is typically seen in loose fitting pants with golden armbands and a shining, blue necklace. Some say it is the essence of Fei after she had shattered, but there has been no proof given to such claims. Faldrun carries around a large spear with fringed, red fabric tied around the middle part of it.

Memories of the Past

Faldrun didn't have much of a connection with Anox. While his creator was off, tormenting his brother, Faldrun spent much of his time with the Original, Fei. It was a strange connection between the two; they were polar opposites, yet the attraction was there and very magnetic. They spent a lot of time together, mostly in secret, though a few knew of the pairs' love affair. Fei was what made Faldrun feel more than what he was. She was also the one that helped control the inferno he was born as. He loved her passionately till the Great Shattering occurred and she was gone from his presence permanently. Like the other Immortals, Faldrun never knew true loss till Fei died. He sought to blame someone for her death, if not blame himself for being so vulnerable. Now, he is a changed man, unable to see past the wrath within him...


It is known that Faldrun visits Sirothelle often for confirmation that the people there are obeying his rule and command. When he is not in Sirothelle, he is off conspiring with his Allies, anticipating the death of the next victim on his list.