The Blessing of Ezere


Ziell is known as a fairly aloof immortal. Not taken to long bouts of socialization, Ziell tends to choose those who bear his mark personally. Those who progress in Ziell's mark also tend to progress in familiarity and friendship with the Immortal. Ziell often chooses those who remind him of Daia to represent him in the world. Those consumed by creativity, light, and optimism are those he's drawn to. Likewise he holds those who uphold peace in rare respect. It is not uncommon to see him mark a city official or a protector.

The mark of Ziell manifests in the design of broken ice emanating out from the heart. The more marks one receives, the larger and more complex the design. While Ziell is not omniscient, he tends to curse those who cause wanton violence for the sake of it or endanger joy and innocence. His curse manifests as a blueish hue to the skin, as if in the beginning stages of freezing. As the mark progresses, the coloring grows worse. Those most despised of Ziell, the few there may be, look like walking frozen corpses in coloration.

It should be noted that these abilities are remarkably potent and powerful during Cylus and Zi'Ida, but lose much of their power during the hot cycle (Ymiden and Saun).


Ability Name Ability Description
Snow Falls Silently In the winter, one can almost hear the sound of quiet snow drifting and building around them. This ability takes that silence and applies it to a different sound. The user of this ability can silence all sound they make, evoking nothing louder than the gentle sifting of snow. (They can maintain this ability for half a break before needing to rest.)
Calm Before the Storm The user of this ability can target one person who is able to hear them. The ability lives within the words that are said and this ability is especially powerful in the moments before a verbal argument comes to blows. The target will feel all anger, annoyance, fear, and violence seep away from them. It may not change their minds about their disagreement with the other party, but they will no longer feel compelled to escalate the argument. This ability is triggered with a few words or sentences to the targeted individual. Those especially learned in Meditation can resist, but cannot hold their anger for long. This ability is useless against those that are already in pitched combat.
Winter's Warmth The blessed individual doesn't feel the cold as strongly and is able tolerate much colder temperatures than the average person, walking in snow without footwear, venturing outside during Cylus, or swimming in an icy lake without issue. The marked cannot be affected by an ice or cold-based effect.
The Smell of Conflict This ability can be used to smell aggression and the intent to harm. Violence or the potential of violence has a strong smell. Some marked use this ability to patrol the streets of their city, following the scent to scenes of violent crimes and putting a stop to them. Others catch a whiff of violence growing in the bar and decide to call it an early evening. If someone intends to do the marked one harm, one with this ability can smell it on them.
Chill Finger The user of this ability can impart the effects of hypothermia on anyone they meet with skin on skin contact. The effect is immediate and spreads from the point of contact throughout the entire body. During the warmer months this ability, at best, imparts sharp tremors and shortness of breath, but during the colder months it can debilitate an opponent with weakness, chills, and tremors. Not meant to be a deadly ability, this power paradoxically guards the victim against the fatal effects of the chill they are affected with. Although they will experience the full devastation of hypothermia, they will be freed within a break (or when the marked removes contact) with their body temperature restored to a natural, healthy state.
Touch of Greatness (Minor) With this ability, one can sense the capability of another. While not truly a 'prophecy' of what is to come, this ability grants a sensation of what one target is capable of. Those with Competency in a weapon will smell of blood or steel, someone accomplished in magic might smell acrid or lance the tongue with a shocking sensation. Players are encouraged to be creative with this ability. While it does not deliberately spell out a character's skills or abilities, a learned user of this talent will be able to identify certain people by what they are capable of.
The Peacefather's Skills Add an extra three skill points to one of the following skills: Persuasion, Meditation, or Investigation. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.
Safe Hearth (Minor) This ability manifests as a light dusting of snow and frost along the walls and floor around the user that seems impervious to melting, no matter the temperature. Anyone who steps on the surface marked by the user immediately alerts the user of their presence. If their intentions are peaceful, they move comfortably within the space...but if they intend to cause violence or harm, the ground becomes slippery with ice and the room plunges in temperature. The marked becomes instantly aware of impending violence and can act. This ability can be used to mark a room sized location at this level. During the warmer months, this ability is at its weakest and the cold will be only a slight nuisance to those who enter the area, but in the colder months the effect can be strong and dangerous to the unwary. . Many marked use this ability on the road when they slumber, marking the area around them. Some choose to guard their hearths. When the trap triggers, the ice and cold will melt and seep away as normal and the location must be marked again.
Prophetic Insight (Minor) The ability to foresee a major event that will take place within another person's life during the next season upon coming into physical contact with this person (hand touch for example). This must be planned with and agreed to by the person you're roleplaying with.


Ability Name Ability Descripiton
Peaceful Intent Sometimes, people are hard to be angry at. For the blessed of Ezere, this is common. A blessed individual exudes an aura of calm wherever they go. People find it difficult to be angry, much less hold a grudge. While not an infallible ability, it imparts a certain social buffer that allows a blessed to speak their mind without raising tempers or make mistakes without inciting frustration. While this ability can be counteracted by the blessed doing anything someone could construe as hostile, either emotionally or physically, the blessed of Ezere rarely get pulled into fights. This ability even extends to their travels along the road. Animals will not view a blessed as a threat or prey unless the Blessed harbors intent to harm them.
The Peacefather's Skills Add an extra six skill points to any two of the following skills (max of 3 points per skill): Persuasion, Meditation, or Investigation. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.
Snow-steed Although aloof, Ziell understands the importance of companionship. Often ones mount can be their closest ally. This ability binds a spirit of ice and snow to the user that is ordinarily imperceptible to others (save for the sensation of a cool breeze). An Adored of Ziell can bind this spirit into snow and ice to temporarily give it form. During the colder months, the spirit often takes the form of a white steed, (or an appropriate mount animal) and can maintain this form so long as winter's influence is maintained. During the warmer months, however, this form can only be attained by gathering ice and snow before binding the spirit and the mount form can only last half a trial before 'melting'. Afterwards a full trial must be endured before binding them into a steed form again. The spirits have the intelligence of small children and are naturally inquisitive. To those who are able to see spirits, they manifest as faces hidden in the comet of snow and wind that gusts around their Adored. The spirit is always loyal to the Adored but will visit no violence as part of its pact with Ziell.
Hibernate Many animals are noted for seeking reprieve from colder temperatures and scarcer food through hibernation. A deep, healing sleep can often suspend some creatures from warm season to warm season. An Adored can make use of this healing sleep in a form to heal from injuries or impart that healing to others. This ability is activated before the next time subject will slumber and must be attempted somewhere warm and safe. For five trials, the hibernation will place the subject into a deep coma. The sleeper will require no food or water during this time although it is recommended to eat heartily before attempting this power. During those five trials, the body begins to heal as other processes are held in stasis. There are more than one story of a favored avoiding death from poison by inducing Hibernation while they waited for an antidote. Even the most devastating of wounds can be healed if the user sleeps before death claims them, however they will be helpless in their slumber. Five trials of unwaking sleep in which they could easily be assassinated or slain. The hibernator will wake for nothing, even if the home they lie in catches fire and burns down. Those who wake from this sleep often say they did not dream at all, locked away somewhere warm and safe for the entirety of their rest. This ability cannot be forced on someone, they must accept it in some way.
Blizzard (Minor) Most effective during Zi'Ida and Cylus, this ability allows the favored to call upon a sudden and dreadful blizzard to roar down from the heavens. The storm is not large at this level, affecting only a mile or so in radius and persists for a full trial. The Favored is not impeded by the storm at all and has full visibility. The storm will follow the marked as they progress, whirling around them as an epicenter. At this level, the blizzard is not deadly, simply difficult to travel in with shrieking wind and heavy snowfall. During the warmer months, this ability manifests as a storm of cold, torrential rain that lasts for only three or four breaks at most, leaving a cold mist in its wake. After using this ability, a favored must wait for six whole trials before attempting it again.
Touch of Greatness (Moderate) The power of this ability grows in scope rather than intensity. At least five individuals can be targeted by this ability at the same time, although it will take a talented user to interpret all they are being shown and sensing. In addition the ability grows more specific. The smell and taste of blood will be thick and immediate in the presence of a murderer unrepentant for their actions and like to perform them again. A wave of nausea might signal that someone is a capable poisoner and the rich smell of barley might identify a skilled farmer. Up to expert level skills can be sensed with this ability, the potential for impressive examples of skills.
Right Place, Right Time Someone with this ability should contact a storyteller once per season for intervention in a current thread. Right Place, Right Time is an ability that allows someone to know the correct place to be, or the right words to be said to motivate a positive action in the completion of continuation of a quest, story, or interaction. It may be knowing that to talk down a guard holding a prisoner is to mention his ailing wife and where he can go to save her...or it could be knowing to take the right fork rather than the left and avoiding a trap. Storytellers are encouraged to collaborate with a player who asks to activate this ability to give the character unique insight into an upcoming obstacle, giving them time to formulate a response.
Safe Hearth (Moderate) At this level the ability becomes great enough to mark the entirety of a home. In addition to the stronger effects of this ability against those who intend harm, the power now extends to keeping the location at a comfortable temperature all year around. A house so marked this way is unable to be put to the torch, flames unable to find purchase against the wood. Although fire can still be made in the fireplace, the house itself becomes impervious while warded.
Prophetic Insight (Moderate) The ability to foresee a major event within the blessed individuals city set to take place the following season. Add three skill points to meditation. This must be planned with and agreed upon by the city prophet. Moderate.


Ability Name Ability Description
The Peacefather's Skills Add an extra nine skill points to the following skills (max of 3 points per skill): Persuasion, Meditation, or Investigation. Any skill points granted by this Mark can break the 100 point cap on skills.
Winter's Friend This ability is passive and applies the Immortal's protection over the coldest seasons of Zi'da and Cylus. This ability grows powerful during the winter although has little effect during the warmer months. Winter's Friend allows the user protection during the winter seasons. They will always find food, the cold will not find them, they will leave no tracks in the snow or scene to follow, and ice will never shatter beneath their feet. It is as if the dangers of the winter are exempt from these favored of Ezere.
The Peacefather's Armor Non-violence, peaceful interaction, these are the tenants of Ziell. For those who take this teaching to heart, this ability is natural in progression. When this ability is activated, it appears as though the user becomes as a translucent ice sculpture, riddled with cracks. So long as they are in this state, weapons will find little purchase or damage to their form. This ability lasts only for a break, after which a trial must pass as the Exalted rests before using this ability again, but in order to attain this near invincibility the user must take no aggressive action against those attacking them. The moment the user engages in combat with intent to harm or disable their attacker, this ability ends.
Blizzard (Major) An Immense blizzard called down to shield the Exalted and punish their foes. The Blizzard is miles across and persists for at least two trials (or until dismissed) with the Exalted at its epicenter. The Exalted is not at all affected by the inclimate weather but those caught in the blizzard must seek shelter or risk becoming lost or worse. The Exalted can shield at least three to four others from a Blizzard summoned so long as they remain in the epicenter with the Exalted. A storm can be released or dismissed by the Exalted. If released, the storm may last much longer than the ability stipulates but the Exalted has no more control over its path or effects. Dismissing the storm will cause the winds and snow to die down within several breaks till the storm is at last banished. During the warmer months, this ability can still call a blizzard, but one that lasts for only three breaks. Toward the end, the supernatural cold is dissipated and the storm ends in cold mist and stinging rain. The ability is powerful enough to exhaust the Exalted for three trials afterward and cannot be called on again for three additional trials after that.
Touch of Greatness (Major) Reading someone with this ability (which requires both former levels of the skill) is like drinking deep the cup of prophecy. Master and legendary level skills manifest as a maelstrom of whirling sensation and possibility. Masters and Legends can change the course of cities and history itself and so prophecy is strong about them. At this level, the unique 'aura' of master and legendary individuals can be memorized. A user of this ability will always know if the individual memorized is in the same town as them, or in what general direction if tracking them.
Prophetic Insight (Major) The ability to foresee a worldwide event set to take place within the next season. The player must submit a request to Prophet Support and will be given vague information regarding an upcoming world event only to be used in thread.
Safe Hearth (Major) This ability can now extend to sprawling estates or entire temples. Those who dare to tread on such sacred places with intent to do violence will be buffeted by supernatural wind and hoarfrost. The worst a winter storm could be will rage against the intruder down hallways or through doors. The few who have dared to assassinate an exalted of Ziell in their own home have often paid with their lives, frozen at the front door or dead in the hallway as ice climbs over them. During the summer this ability may be survivable against those truly prepared to step into such a property, but during the winter it is almost always fatal. Not only is the home protected from flames under this ability, but the worst of storms will not damage windows or its walls so long as it is warded. Against powerful storms in the summer months, this might require the home to be marked multiple times as it will expend its divine protective energy and fall inert.
Sovereign's Authority Requiring the Ancient language to cast, a champion of Ezere is the very embodiment of peace. Any individual who looks upon the Ezere champion while this ability is active knows in their heart it is blasphemous to even consider raising a hand against them. This ability can be extended to two others in physical contact with the Champion and makes it impossible for any being to attack or do harm (social, mental, spiritual, or physical) to the targets. However, this ability immediately ends as soon as a violent or harmful intention is thought by any of the targets. In the middle of a hateful trench battle, a Champion could walk through the enemy line unharmed so long as they harbored no intention to use this ability to visit any harm on their foes. The ability lasts for only two (hours...whatever we call them) and cannot be replicated for five trials thereafter.
Soothsaying Requiring the ancient language to cast, a Champion of Ezere not only understands the nature of prophecy, but can even speak it into being. This ability is feared of Ziell's champions and rarely used lightly. Those that understand prophecy also understand that fate can sometimes be cruel and unforgiving. This ability allows a champion to speak a Prophecy that will come to pass in the next Arc. The nature of this prophecy is always in a statement and cannot shatter the established order of things. "I will become an Immortal" or "I will kill and Immortal" are not appropriate uses of this ability. The language of prophecy is vague. "The King will see his last sunrise before the passing of the next Cylus" is a more appropriate use. This ability can be used once per Arc due to its natural power and few things can stand in its way. Players need to have their prophecy approved by the Prophet Support Forum before speaking it.

The Curse of Ezere


The curse of Ezere presents itself on the individual as a kind of frostbite that starts at the finger tips and toes and slowly works its way across the person's form as the curse progresses. The individual may still be able to use their body, however, it will feel immensely cold to any who touch them and they will be in a constant state of chilliness.


Winter - A cursed individual will feel the cold no matter where they go, what they wear, or how warm the weather is. The feeling will follow them everywhere and often lower the temperature of a room enough for those nearby to notice the change. Limbs and especially hands and feet will feel cold to the touch. During the cold seasons travel in the wild will almost assuredly spell death. Only by huddling near warmth for the entirety of the cold seasons could the cursed avoid dying of the cold with their remarkably low body temperature.


Peace - The inability to start conflict. Cannot argue and will become tongue-tied and stammer if they attempt to. Cannot fight as they will be attacked by tremors that makes holding a weapon impossible, and cannot hunt as they're unable to take life or use violence of any kind.


Prophecies - The cursed individual will always seem to be in the wrong place at the wrong time, nothing goes right for them and their luck minimal to non existent. They have trouble trying to understand an individual and find it impossible to determine what that person might be thinking or planning. The cursed has almost no foresight, fails to plan ahead a lot of the time, and always expects the worst.