Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Nobility, Honor, Protection, Serpents
Holy Names The Shield, Shieldmaiden, The Stalwart, The Bastion, The Noble Serpent, The Protector, The Guardian
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Ivorian
Faction Supports Mortals
Mark Taithir
Notable Creations Raskithecal, Ithecal
Creator Luesco
Immediate Family No One
Allies Ilaren, Ralaith, U'frek
Enemies Raskalarn, Faldrun, Lisirra
Scribe Basilisk


One of the elder Immortals, Ethelynda was alive to witness the Originals War against the Verses and the Dragons. Seeking to prevent the total destruction of the Dragons, Ethelynda made a secret pact with the Verses, secreting the souls of the fallen dragons away from Famula's purview. However, the Shay, who turned their backs on the Verses and the Dragons, found themselves shunned by the Immortal of Protection, who erected a shield around the Iulure Isles to prevent any Immortal or Original from setting foot on the last haven of the Dragons and the Induk of Idalos itself.

Then came the Great Shattering and the fall of the Originals. Unwilling to take up the role of deity that so many of her kin shamefully claimed as their birthright. Shedding the appearance of the Noble Serpent, the half-snake form that everyone identified her with, Ethelynda took on a human form and lived among the nomadic tribes, a wandering warrior and protector. Then the Immortal War began, and Ethelynda found the nomadic tribes she had lived with destroyed. Furious at her kin, who claimed dominion over the world, but would not care for it, Ethelynda returned to the battlefield.

Ethelynda had not been seen by many of the Immortals since the Great Shattering, but she had always been respected for her tactics and prowess on the battlefield. When she joined the battlefields of the Immortal War, she proved that she had grown even more skilled since the Shattering, switching freely between her humanoid form and the Noble Serpent form to make clever use of the advantages of both. And through the battles, she displayed nothing but scorn for those of her kin who thought themselves masters of the world, put on airs that they were more than what they were.

But the battles and the absence of the caretakers took its toll on Idalos, and the world began to die. Seeing the need for the worlds true caretakers to return, Ethelynda made a new pact with the Induk Idalos and it's kin. Taking the souls of the fallen dragons, and making no alterations to their nature, Ethelynda used her power to create new bodies for them to inhabit. The effort was outside her normal abilities and caused her to Fracture somewhat, a glowing Fracture Scar stretching from below her left eye to just below her ribs on her left side, but the result was well worth that price.

The Ithecal were born, a mixture of humanoid and draconic form, though lacking the wings and great powers of the latter. The one alteration she had made was to make sure no memory of their time as dragons remained, but their stubborn, protective nature was fully intact. At first, she had a struggle to get the Ithecal to follow her lead, to get them to become the protectors she had intended for them to be. In the end, her success was only partial.

One of the Ithecal leaders, a man named Ras, led several of the Ithecal to form their own nation, Dynaash. Dynaash's conquest was as fierce and expansive as it was well intentioned, and in the end, they came into conflict with Raskalarn's fortress city, Korlasir. Hoping to prevent a brutal conflict between Dynaash and Korlasir, Ethelynda brought Ziell, the Immortal of Prophecy, to attempt to dissuade them from their course.

"Ambition divides what promise created. Any warrior of Dynaash to storm the fortress of the Conqueror, will be no more."

With this warning ringing Dynaash's ears, Ethelynda took the Ithecal clans still loyal to her and left for a new homeland. An island in the Crescent Sea that had once been home to dragons. There, on unclaimed land, her people founded the fortress city of Yithiral, taking the first steps on what would, in time, become the Ivorian Empire.

Ethelynda is on the side of mortals in the war of the Immortals. She has made it her sole duty to defend the people of Idalos from those of her siblings who would see them destroyed, usually through her Ithecal. If she can be found in physical form in Idalos, it's going to be in a Ithecal-controlled area, where most will find her to be stern, but welcoming, kind, and fair. She enjoys teaching young members of other races who are willing to learn the ways the Ithecal live by, so that they may grow to defend themselves and others. If they are attacked while she is present, she will take up arms alongside her followers to defend them. However, she can be arrogant, and looks down on the Immortals that consider themselves the rightful masters of the world, believing that they should only claim dominion over territories that ask them too. This belief is the driving force of her rivalry with Raskalarn.


Ethelynda is most associated with her "Noble Serpent" appearance, half woman and half snake, with pale skin, deep red eyes, and raven hair. Her tail is a deep chocolate brown, and she wields a heavy shield and spear in combat, prioritizing defense over offense while fighting. While the spear and shield remain her weapons in her other forms, Ethelynda has mastered the art of quickly switching between three forms, one of her other two forms being pure human to take advantage of the smaller size and greater agility, while her third form is an Ithecal form.

Memories of the Past

Ethelynda remembers Luesco fondly, more as her father and teacher than her creator. She speaks of him but rarely, but she has said in the past that she wished he was still alive when she was raising Ethelm so that she could have asked his advice.


She is currently in Ivorian.