Development Credit: Faith


"The first virtue in a soldier is endurance of fatigue; courage is only the second virtue"
~Napoleon Bonaparte

Any physical skill is enhanced and enriched by a high Endurance, because it means that the character can perform that skill for longer without tiring or losing any of their skill due to fatigue. Endurance is the training of the body to perform for longer without tiring or suffering the debilitating effects of continued exertion, hunger, sleep deprivation or thirst. It is not a skill which lends itself to shortcuts and endurance is only learnt through long training. As a skill, endurance allows the character to exert themselves for longer, to endure more pain, to carry weight for an extended period and so on. Fundamentally, endurance allows the individual to exert themselves, to endure, for longer.

Endurance as a skill fundamentally brings two aspects; the ability to perform for longer and the ability to endure pain, hunger and tiredness for longer. Those with this skill might focus on one of these aspects or more, which is likely to be identified in the knowledges associated with the skill. Endurance itself might be built up with a regime of running or weight lifting. Equally, it might develop through being tortured for a length of time or after being in a long and arduous battle. Although it is mainly a physical skill, it as much linked to the emotional and psychological make up of the individual; the first place where endurance is built is in the mind.

It is important to note that endurance is a skill which is likely to have an impact on other skills; not impacting how good at a particular skill a character is, but if they are required to use that skill under duress, for extended lengths of time or in any other extreme situation. It is here that endurance comes to the fore and can be the difference between life and death, success and failure.

Skill Ranks

Novice (0-25)

This person has begun to develop their endurance to a point where they can see some results. Either through experience or an exercise regime, they have started to see the consequences of developing their endurance in their ability to carry on for longer, to endure more. This individual is able to endure more than once they were, but they still get tired or give in to pain on a regular basis. Their food intake remains usually normal, although they are now able to skip meals without side effects.

Competent (26-75)

At this level, the individual is truly able to endure more than most ever could. They can push themselves further and endure for longer, able to undertake forced marches or endure extended pain. This individual is very aware of their own mindset and physicality, giving them the advantage over others in extreme situations. They are now able to work out what exercise regimen or experience they need in order to develop and hone their endurance skill further. They can also start to apply this endurance to new and unknown situations. They are able to endure a night without sleep, a day or two without food and longer and longer without water and not suffer any ill effects.

Expert (76-150)

At this level, the individual is becoming known as a 'machiine' in terms of their ability to endure. This person can lead a forced march and then run back for something they left behind, will be standing and barely out of breath at the end of an epic battle. This individual can endure immense pain or extreme circumstances. Now the skill is able to be applied to many situations and the character does not so much have to adopt the necessary mindset to prepare for a test of endurance as they live it 24/7. However, situations which they fear or which they are not psychologically prepared still can be unnerving and that fear might over ride their endurance, as might illness or sleep deprivation. They are able to endure a few nights without sleep, although they will need an extended sleep at the end of that period. The same is true for enduring without food or water - the individual can endure for longer but it has a major impact later.

Master (151-250)

This character is endurance personified. They seem to need barely any sleep, can endure for trials at a time and seem never to break their stride.This individual can take part in an epic battle, can be tortured by the best of the best or can run across uneven terrain almost endlessly. Tiredness, illness, hunger, thirst and fear are not a concern to this person, they can endure.