Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Beauty, Jealousy, Sight, Adultery
Holy Names The Blossom, Sister Blush, The Great Beauty, The Adultress
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Hiladrith
Faction Supports Immortals (Wavering)
Mark Elindria
Notable Creations TBD
Creator Pieren
Immediate Family No One
Allies Faldrun, Syroa
Enemies Zanik, Ethelynda, Raskalarn
Scribe Jade


Considered one of the youngest, Edasha was among the last Immortals created before the tragedy of the original eight. She is the ruler of beauty and jealousy, often comparing herself to her siblings in appearance to deem herself better. Often times she associated herself with Faldrun, the Immortal of Fire, Sun, and Turmoil. His wrath and flames amused the young Immortal as well as perked her interested in her brother. Though there was never any romantic interest between the two, it was obvious to the others that they were fond of each other. After the seven original beings shattered, Faldrun confided in Edasha the most, leaning on her for comfort and support. Secrets were whispered between the two before the start of the war; secrets that bond the young deity to her brother as to protect him from the others.

It is very rare that Edasha reveals herself to humans as she is not looking to cause conflict or, much worse, death. Instead, she is often seen roaming the streets of cities, perusing the shops and marketplaces for clothing and jewelry. She visits cities at time of major holidays or rituals in order to participate in the events simply to one up the other females there. Her beauty is striking and mysterious, an appearance that pulls the eyes of men and women whether they want to look or not.

Edasha is on the side of the Immortals. Though she enjoys her time with humans, her loyalty resides with her brethren, namely, Faldrun. She has her own opinion about the mortals yet she fears her brothers wrath enough to silence her thoughts and hide her interactions with them from his sight. Very slowly, she is building up the courage to make her voice her own opinion however, Edasha would prefer the way things are now than to oppose her brother and worry about death.


Edasha appears as a young maiden with flowing chestnut locks, reaching to her lower back. Often times, there are threads with beads, small strips of colored cloth, or flowers woven into her hair. At all times, she will have some kind of jewelry adorning her neck and arms since she finds that it brings out the length of her neck and collarbone. She is thin with lightly tanned skin and stands at a medium height of 5'6". Her clothing varies from a chest piece accentuated by bellowing, thin fabric to cover her legs to a simple dress that doesn't leave much to the imagination. Much of what Edasha wears is centered around her physical features and curves.

Memories of the Past