Desnind Rebirth 719

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The Rebirth Cycle in Desnind is one of festivals and symbolism. Light returning after darkness, hope after despair. But Desnind has taken a real battering in the last few Cycles and Arcs and there is a change in Desnind. A feeling, difficult to pinpoint, that there must be some sort of action. Throughout this season, there are a number of small indications that the leaders of Desnind, both formal and informal, are trying to foster more of a sense of community, but community in the region. Desnind seems to be thinking that perhaps, it can no longer survive alone.



General Weather

Long cold days leave the world in a constant state of twilight. Living outdoors becomes extremely difficult due to the icy temperatures and flora and fauna suffer during this time. Grass dies making livestock, who need to eat more to survive the harsh conditions, difficult to feed, and a lot of trees fall into dormancy, slowing down their metabolism and energy consumption in order to survive the season until the sun comes up again.

While the days slowly tick on, the sun begins to sink to the horizon before finally being blocked by one of Idalos' slow orbiting moons. The stationary effect of this moon, however, is partly due to the Ellune and their dormant ruler, Treid. His influence over the moons, and his less than favorable views of Faldrun, prevent the moon from showing any light for 30 trials. A curse he enacted to punish Faldrun for his backhanded and wicked ways, Treid was incapacitated by Audrae before he could remove it. Now the world suffers sunless for 30 trials an Arc, until the light of Ashan touches it once more.

Desnind Specific

Cylus is a time when darkness takes Desnind and there is an air of doom over the place. Shadows lurk in each place and the trees and plants seem to move in eerie patterns. Being far in the south, Desnind rarely experiences extremes of weather, but this Cylus sees snow, sleet and freezing rain.

  • 9th Cylus: The snow starts to fall. It's late this arc but, when it falls it comes down hard and heavy.
  • 15th - 17th: Blizzard


General Weather

The first few weeks of Ashan are rigidly cold. Though the sun finally makes its appearance from Cylus, it takes many trials before the ice melts away into puddles, blooming flowers and grass. Ashan experiences a cold period, lasting for a quarter of the season before the temperature finally heats up enough to begin sowing crops for the Arc. Ashan is mainly known for it's spring weather, gentle breezes, and the rebirth of plant life. Barren trees slowly sprout buds of leaves and flowers, releasing a green haze of pollen while green grass grows slowly from the wet soil. Dead leaves from the previous season are swallowed up during this cycle, providing nutrients for new life growing from the ground.

Ashan lasts a total of 123 trials (days) while experiencing pretty moderate weather. Later in the season, rain clouds become a common thing, depending on the environment. The temperature begins to heat up while the green haze of pollen dies away and the budding plant life fully sprouts into bushy trees, thick grass, and lively, colorful flowers. As the season closes, the temperature rises, ushering in stronger storms and much hotter weather.

Desnind Specific

First third of Ashan experiences cold that only reluctantly recedes. Desnind then starts experiences warmer weather with conditions that seem to be in favour of nature and many plants bloom sooner than they usually would.

  • 2nd - freezing rain falls on Desnind almost as if Ashan has not arrived at all. Hale the size of thumb nail shower down for a few bits.
  • 35th - all the snow is gone, even in the darkest underbushes. Desnind citizens can now proclaim that the Rebirth cycle has truly begun
  • 48th - temperatures continue to rise and it is now possible to leave the furs at home, although an underlayer is still welcome to keep citizens comfortable
  • 70th - 73rd - warm showers take place in the promise of rainy season that comes at the end of Ashan
  • 111th - heavy rain usurps the land and doesn't let up, soaking into the ground
  • 112th - heavy rains continue and the ground is starting to find it hard to absorb all the water
  • 113th - 116th - parts of Desnind flood and they continue to flood until the raining subsides around the 115th and ends abruptly on 116th. There are severe damages to the ground level of Desnind and some of the upper levels too. The highest level of Desnind is the least damaged.

Seasonal Context

It's been a tricky time for Desnind and we approach the coldest season of the arc with limited supplies and low morale.

Festivals of Note




  • 1st - Darkfall Festival. This season, the Mulki are very noticeable during the Darkfall festival. This festival seems to mark a change in Desnind this Cycle. PM Peg if you wish to interact with anyone from the The Oludibo Cikakken - the Five will not be out in force, but a large number of the members will be seen.

  • 2nd - The Last Iyo - Self Mod. The iyọ throughout Desnind build their cocoons. By the end of the trial, the city is in complete darkness except for the few fires at the Hunter's Fire Pit. As the yellow, blue, and green light fades throughout the city, many citizens come to the Hunter's Fire Pit to welcome the night. Other citizens elect to stay up, in fear that Audrae and her disciples will take this as an opportunity attack.

  • 21st - 29th - Citizens of Desnind notice sudden spike in disappearances. Whoever ventures past the walls during these trials is less likely to return. Whilst it is not uncommon for this to occur during this season and many know it be dangerous to venture to the Lori during Cylus, it still makes the skin crawl when not one, but many experienced Sev'ryn do not come home. Search parties sent out do not return either.

  • 30th - there is an informal iyo-swapping throughout the trial, in preparation for the night and the return of the light.


  • 1st - Newlight Festival - self modded - this festival brings the spirit of giving to the City in the Trees and there are many random acts of kindness done throughout the trial.

  • 15th - 18th - "Disease on our doorstep" (self-modded) - Series of random animal attack threatens the walls of Desnind. From the very first incident it is clear that something unusual is happening. These animals don't look right. Some have been part mauled. Some have that unhinged look about them. All of them carry the foul stench of the Bad Lands. They come suddenly in herds or alone. They attack without logic or coordination, but then always retreat en masse. It is almost as if something, or someone, was sending out scouts to see the durability of Desnind's defences.

  • 35th - "Spectral visions" (modded case by case) - Strange sightings are observed. Mirages of humanoid shape are seen along the walls of Desnind. At first the alarm sounds and fears of Motsin attack take hold of the city. However, those are quickly disproved as a group of brave Nafaka head to investigate. Their report is mixed and inconsistent. Some refuse to give details altogether, but there is a running thread through it all. The Nafaka members believe that ghosts have arrived. What do they want or why they are there? No one can tell for sure, but an air of tension hangs about them.

  • 40th - A scout rushes into Desnind, horror on her face. The Bad Lands have spread miles past the safety posts. Something has accelerated its advance and the furthest borders which used to be 7 trials ride are now only 3 trials away.

  • 50th - Pervading Darkness Moderated Thread. A number of groups are sent out to try and gather information on the Bad Land spread. What will they find?

  • 81st - Darkbane Market this arc is a rather sorry affair, what with the difficulties of the last few seasons. However, the people of Desnind rally and do their best and, all in all, a good trial is had.

  • 90th - with the creeping Bad Lands and the troubles of the last seasons, there is growing unrest in Desnind. There are three main groups suggesting change: those who believe that Desnind should become more militaristic, those who suggest that the Immortals should be called upon and Desnind should focus on its religious and spiritual strength and the third group who look to magic. Which group, if any, will prevail? The Cikakken hold an 'open surgery' where citizens may come and speak on this matter. Moderator Overview: Please PM Peg

Focus this Cycle: Factions

This season, we want to focus on the Factions here in Desnind. Our aim is to get more PCs involved in these. Please PM Peg if you'd like to be involved in any of the existing factions or would like to set up one of your own. Thanks!!