Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Birds, Wind, Vanity, Greed
Holy Names The Winged Calamity, The Vain
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Central Region
Faction Supports Immortals
Mark Tarouz
Notable Creations The Avriel
Creator Pieren
Immediate Family None
Allies Mastes, Ilaren
Enemies None
Scribe Whisper


Arguably the most forward out of his siblings, Delroth has never been one to shy away from crowds, particularly when his covetous nature rears its ugly head. There is a unique and strange charisma about him that helps him when he sets his sights on something that he must have. Arguably one of the most selfish of Immortals, he was infamous for his greedy nature... and relatively mistrusted for it. But he had a way with words, as well as an irresistible smile - which cause nigh on all of his brethren to grudgingly like him, at the very least.

However, there were some, such as Xiur and the twins of Equality, who would never accept him. They held the unwavering believe that there was a darker, malignant side to him which he kept hidden. Some did not approve of what they thought of as poorly concealed deceit. Edasha, too, held issue with her older brother. Though more beautiful than her older brother, each day she woke up frightened that her looks would fail her... for that she never stood beside him with ease. The Great Shattering brought on very mixed emotions in Delroth. Having always sought material items, he did not have much time - or inclination - to form any truly significant, lasting emotional attachments to the other Immortals, including the Original eight. He did, however, covet what he could not have, and he couldn't have the eight, so he craved them, an almost obsessional desire which took him decades to be rid of. The humans, for a long time, were of very little consequence for Delroth. He was vaguely aware of their presence, but thought nothing else of it for a period. Only when the late news of the growing war reached his ears, did Delroth finally turn to critically evaluating the humans. In the end, he found very little that he liked. Most of all, however, he despised the idea of having to share his land with the ignoramus beasts. But he did not join Faldrun, instead using his own affiliation to the sins to turn enough individual mortals against one another until he caused enough strife. The creation of the Avriel was, in the grand scheme of things, of little consequence to Delroth; he considered the carcasses of a number of humans found across Aeva's Peak and, much like Immortals before him, he experimented. The result was the winged, majestic creatures. Initially, he was fond of the beautiful creatures. His support of the Avriel was limited, however, and only a few were created before he realised how savage and depraved the result was. He fled the region, hoping they would die off without guidance.


Very much the make incarnation of Edasha, Delroth is much like his younger sister. The image of beauty, he covets that which will make him stand out more against his sister's own infallible looks. A young appearing man with slicked back blond hair and piercing, ice-blue eyes, many cannot deny an instant physical attraction to him upon first seeing him. It is his young, almost babyish, features that make him seem most beautiful, though. He appears innocent, which is an alluring sight in itself.

Memories of the Past

In terms of companionship, it is with rose tinted glasses that Delroth looks back on the time before the Great Shattering. With the world seeming so much larger now, and filled with thousand of inhabitants to corrupt, Delroth is blind and arrogant enough to forget who his enemies were, and still are. However he also despised his life before, for the minimalist life he - and all the Immortals - lived. Barbaric, is how he choses to remember it, and some part of him is glad for the Shattering, if only for the changes it wrought upon the land.


Delroth occasionally glances back to see what has become of the creatures he brought into the world, yet it brings him little more than sadness each time he does. On many occasions has considered tricking another Immortal into helping him rid Idalos of the filth of Avriel, hoping that, if he were to wipe them off the land, he might more easily forget the monstrosity they have become. Ever vain, he cannot help but appreciate their beauty, yet he is disgusted by just how wrong he went in molding their minds, not fully understanding the influence of Lisirra and Syroa. Occasionally found in the company of Mastes, Delroth can be considered to be mainly a nomad, in search of fulfilling his own selfish desires.