Fast Facts
Status Deceased
Domains Companionship, Prosperity, Tailoring, Dance
Holy Names The Mortals' Goddess, Mother of Lions, The Great Lioness
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location The Great Beyond
Faction Supported Mortals
Notable Creations Familiars
Creator Luesco
Immediate Family None known
Allies Ziell, Ralaith, Ethelynda, Ilaren
Enemies No one
Scribe Jade


Daia was the epitome of a true friend, whether it was to her creators, her brothers and sisters, the animals, or the land. She saw the balance in the world and was one, if not the only one, who realized the imbalance in the world before the seven original beings shattered. Daia was among though in agony over the loss of their mothers and fathers. She felt the most of it because she felt as though she could have stopped it. During her time of morning, Daia came across a group of humans who were oddly similar to her, however, they were much weaker and didn't appear to have any abilities. Her curiosity pulled her from the sorrows that engulfed her and before long, Daia was completely invested into the on-goings of the creatures she found. She decided they would be called 'Humans' since she'd never seen a kind of creature like this in all her time on Idalos.

With excitement, she told her brothers and sisters about the humans hoping that the existence of such a creature would pull them from their woes as it did with her. The reaction she received was far from what she was expecting. Panic arose among the Immortals as each assumed the worst about this new race of beings. Daia spoke up, but her voice was hushed against the cries of argument her siblings ensued. So, she left them.

Daia decided her time was better spent with the humans than with her siblings. At this point, she was well known within the community she governed, preforming blessings, teaching the people the ways of animal husbandry, pet training, and how to gain familiars. She taught them language, though some took onto it faster than others. Over time, she noticed that the humans changed. They grew old quickly and they died, much in the same way an animal would.

But they weren't animals...

As time past, much of the community changed. It began expanding while walls were erected to keep unwanted hostiles from harming their citizens. Government was formed and an economy was established. The seasons changed, however, and with that comes famine. Crime became an issue and before long, the city was the end of her. Daia died trying to help humans. Her death was the clue to the humans' power over the Immortals and the fuel for the fires of war.

Dia was always on the side of the mortals. She helped humans evolve, grow, and expand in knowledge. This Immortal never wanted to compare them to animals as they appeared so much more than simple beasts. Even on her death bed, she still had hope for the humans existence.


Daia appears as a middle-aged woman with ebony skin and short, black, curly hair. She would often go to Edasha for fashion requests as most of the fabrics her sister wore, she enjoyed. Unlike her sister, Daia dressed moderately well though, most of her outfits usually involved beaded jewelry of some kind. This Immortal always appeared with a lion by her side, each one different in color and size. Most of the time, even the lion's mane would be decorated with the same kind of gems and jewels. When Daia died, the Lions that were adopted as familiars disappeared. No one knows where they are or if they still exist.

Memories of the Past

Daia was exceptionally close to Luesco, as her creator treated her like a favored daughter. In her frequent talks with human companions, she cited his guidance and companionship as the reason for her own outgoing, welcoming nature. She mourned his death greatly, and her closeness to her creator may have influenced her decision to so readily accept humanity, as it may have helped fill the void left by The Great Shattering.


The Great Beyond.