Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Storms, Luck, Spite
Holy Names Seascourge, The Shattering One, The Fickle One, The Cracked, The Storm, Daughter of Despair
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Sea of Desolation
Faction Supports Herself, Hates Humans
Mark Rusalkis
Notable Creations The Mer
Creator Fei
Immediate Family None known
Allies No One
Enemies Everyone
Scribe Jade


Chrien is known to be one of the most violent Immortals among the bunch. Created at the hands of Fei, Chrien was tasked with keeping order to the storms within Idalos, as well as the giving of luck and spite. She is not one that maintains friendships or cares very much about anything affecting another person other than herself. She is a selfish, misguided deity that uses the humans as an excuse to destroy the lands with violent storms and weather. If a tropical storm, hurricane, or monsoon comes rolling into the coast, chances are Chrien was the one who spurred such a thing. Violent weather is usually the first sign of this Immortals assault on an area. Many of her brethren still wonder why Chrien lashes out so viciously. Some say that the abyss of bitterness took her whole soon after her mother perished.

This Immortal was one of the very first created to watch over the lands of Idalos. Though her mother created many more like her, Chrien and Fei bonded quickly as a mother and child would. Just before Fei shattered, Chrien had been with her and still was, even after the dust of her mother's scaly flesh disappeared with the water's currents. This had shattered the Immortal's heart to the point of no return. After the shattering of the original Seven, Chrien was changed. She did not view the world the same way others did and even blamed Delana for Fei's death. This heartbroken Immortal was already wrecking havoc in Idalos before the war erupted and after it did, she used it as an excuse to exact her sadness on the humans. It was through sheer mistake that Chrien created the merfolk. She never intended to have her abilities mixed with the essence of a mortal. However, as it did, Chrien slowly realized how malleable the human body was and how adaptive their spirits were. She began to great many more merfolk with the intentions of recreating Fei. Though she was never successful, Chrien's body has gained many shimmering scars from the misuse of her abilities.


Chrien appears as a giant underwater creature of sorts. Her entire body is covered in scales while her lower body appears as a fish tail, green and blue in color and shimmering with silver cracks from the merfolk she continues to create. She has a humanoid face with black, beaded eyes and dark, purple lips. Rather than hair, she has transparent-blue tendrils that span the length of her body. Sometimes she adores a crown of multicolored fins while other times, she is seen without it. Her body is much larger than an average human, though, she in no bigger than the average ship.

Memories of the Past

Chrien always had a close connection with Fei, so much that the two were nearly inseparable apart from Fei spending time with Faldrun. They shared much of the same ideology, ambitions, characteristics, and optimism. After the Great Shattering, Chrien fell into a state of denial which soon drove her to insanity. Vision clouded by sorrow and desperation, Chrien can't see that she's killing herself trying to mold a human into the image of Fei..


Hidden within the waters of the Sea of Desolation, it is unknown what Chrien is up to currently.