Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Neutrality, Commerce, Isolation, Glass
Holy Names The Negotiator, The Tradesman, Coinking, The Onyx Word, The High Merchant, The Separate
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Eastern Region
Faction Neutral
Mark TBD
Notable Creations None
Creator Ati'el
Immediate Family None known
Allies Aeva, Vhalar
Enemies Kata, Mastes, Syroa, Audrae
Scribe Basilisk


Chamadarst is one of the children of Ati'el, but he never had much to do with his mother or direct siblings, preferring to stay on his own and remain neutral in all discussions and arguments, only giving his support when he stood to gain something by it. Eventually, his mother passed, and despite his distance from her, he joined his siblings in their grief, only letting his grief pass when he heard of the humans.

Initially, Chamadarst was not inclined to involve himself with humanity in any way, preferring to watch uninterested as his family squabbled over what to do about the mortals. As time passed, however, he developed something of an interest in the humans, in the way they would barter and argue over even the smallest of things, often times refusing to do anything unless rewarded or paid for it. After watching this behavior for a time, the Immortal approached a group of humans and proposed that they build a city in the desert after their own minds.

The humans accepted this proposal, and as they build a great city on the edges of the Nashaki oasis, Chamadarst began to teach them his ways, the ways of neutrality, commerce, and isolation. In time, Chamadarst left the humans to their own devices, and upon hearing of the war between his siblings over the nature of the Immortals, he once again took up his stance of neutrality, this time unwilling to lend his aid to any side in any way, no matter the offers they brought to him. He would wait and see how this played out, and keep to his own goals and plans in the meantime.


Chamadarst appears as a tall middle-aged man with long black hair, clad only in the most expensive, if functional, clothing. Cold and calculating, Chamadarst cares not for the merits of either side in a debate, and will only voice an opinion on the matter if he stands to gain by it in some manner, or he becomes directly involved in it. He is virtually impossible to anger, but despite this, he has been known to lash out at his siblings when they try to draw him in to their conflicts and mischief.

Memories of the Past

From the beginning Chamadarst was a reclusive man, so spent very little time with Ati'el. What little he saw of her left him with the impression that she was self-centered and shallow, but not stupid and a bit of a schemer, but since he didn't involve himself with any of her plans, he could never say for sure.


Chamadarst's location is currently unknown, but some believe he's with his cult in Nashaki.