Step 06 Wealth

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Now, it's time to work out your PCs Wealth! This pretty much does what it says on the tin, it identifies the kind of lifestyle your PC can afford to live - and the amount of disposable income within that. It's worth to note that we strive to make this system as realistic and yet hassle free as possible. But if you're living above your means (which you certainly can... for a while) then you're soon going to be really strapped for cash. Likewise, if you're careful and save your coppers, you'll see the reward.

Record Keeping

Your Wealth Points are recorded in your CS in their own ledger in much the same way as Renown. Namely, you have to put a link to the thread, what adjustment the thread makes and then, what the total is. It is good practice to keep a note of the Tier there, too.

In your User Control Panel, you have a drop down box to identify your Wealth Tier. You must keep this up to date as it is there to help staff and peer reviewers.

Also, where you are accessing items which are limited in number, modified or have some other non-usual aspect to them - you are required to keep them in your CS. There are no exceptions to this.

How Do I Work It Out?

So, to determine your Wealth, you must do the following:

Step Information
Work out your Wealth Tier Your Wealth Tier is the broad explanation of your lifestyle. It is identified in your Starting Package.
Determine your Wealth Points Each Tier has a range of points. What are they? What do they mean? How do you earn or lose them? Look here! As a new PC, you have the minimum number of Wealth Points for the Tier you are in.

How Will It Work?

Once you have submitted your CS for approval you are able to post. At that point, you can:

Step Information
Decide your Wealth Skill Identify the Skill you will be using to maintain and improve Wealth at each Tier
Complete your firstWealth Thread The seasonal thread required to make sure you maintain - and improve - your lifestyle.

Useful Links

Check out the full system here.


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