Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Conquest, Dominion, Devastation, Discipline
Holy Names The Conqueror, The Divine Empress
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Korlasir, The Eternal Empire
Faction Neutral, Imperial
Mark Krorros
Notable Creations None
Creator Anox
Immediate Family Valtharn (Daughter)
Allies Karem
Enemies Faldrun, Ethelynda, Valtharn
Scribe Basilisk


One of the elder Immortals, Raskalarn was created specifically for the Original War, not after as is the case with most Immortals. Made by Anox to, in his mind, be the perfect conqueror, Raskalarn was charismatic, skilled, proud, and stubborn. Unfortunately, he did his job a little too well and Raskalarn rebelled against being her creators soldier, and left his service, though none can say how she managed this. Despite being mostly a lone actor, Raskalarn did aid her kin in the Original War, though she was an unreliable and rash ally, maintaining strict discipline of her followers, but displaying none herself.

After the Original War, upon finding out the truth of what they had been a part of, Raskalarn came to believe that, since they had usurped rule of and care for Idalos, that they were honor and duty bound to protect it from misrule, a belief that set her to frequently clash with both her creator and the worst of her kin. During this period, fighting mostly her kin and her creators soldiers, Raskalarn came into her own, growing calmer and more dependable. Perhaps the biggest reason for her shift in personality was Ethelynda, the Noble Serpent. While the two disagreed, violently at times, on their respective beliefs, both could respect the others motivation and Raskalarn learned patience and, finally, discipline of herself in her rivalry with the Immortal of Protection.

When The Shattering came, Raskalarn didn't mourn her creators loss, but instead took an interest in the new human race. Continuing the work she had started after the Original War, Raskalarn fought those of her kin who would subjugate humanity, teaching the new race how to fight for themselves. It was a good life, a good time, with Raskalarn frequently hailed as a hero. However, the Immortal War put an end to all that. For most of the war, Raskalarn stayed out of the conflict, trying her best to help humanity, the people she and her kin were meant to protect, to survive the destruction of Idalos.

In the end, however, it was all for naught. When the last of humanity died on a blasted world, Raskalarn finally returned to the battlefield. If Immortals could kill each other, Raskalarn would have slaughtered many of her kin for their negligence, their greed, their contempt for the world and the lives they were meant to guide and protect.

The Immortal War broke something in Raskalarn, and when the Immortals realized their folly and revived the world that their meaningless squabble had destroyed, her path was forever set. Gathering up a few warrior tribes that had never amounted to much, Raskalarn convinced them to join her, to join her cause. If multiple rulers would destroy the world in their greed and anger, then there would be only one ruler, one who would protect all of Idalos and its people.

With her new followers, Raskalarn began prepare. She had traveled the world, learned much before the Immortal War, and she shared that knowledge with her people. New farming and building techniques became their infrastructure, new military tactics strengthened her army. In all people, no matter their role, she instilled iron discipline, unwavering loyalty, and a bedrock sense of honor. Carving the black stones from a mountain that hadn't recovered from the end of Idalos, Raskalarn and her followers christened their new city "Korlasir".

It wasn't long before they had their first taste of real conflict. Ethelynda had created a new people, the Ithecal. But, lacking the will to do what was necessary, her control over her people was tenuous, and several split off to form their own nation, Dynaash. Dynaash swept through the lands, conquering what they would, and finally came to Korlasir itself. This mighty army swept upon Korlasir in a mighty wave...and broke on the iron will and firm discipline of Raskalarn's forces, trapped by superior tactics and crushed by the Immortal herself.

The leader of Dynaash, who was too proud and perhaps too foolish to accept defeat, was slain by his son, who swore fealty to Raskalarn. So it was that Dynaash fell in less than a single generation, becoming the bedrock for Raskalarn's new Eternal Empire. Over the next generation, Raskalarn would train the Ithecal to the same standards as her own soldiers, taking them from nearly barbarian clans to the disciplined soldiers of The Eternal Empire, forming them into her legions.

With her new army, Raskalarn began to expand her empire, occasionally stopping to fully integrate the territories she conquered into her Empire. However, she was no depraved, hedonistic conqueror. Ruthless though she was, Raskalarn cared deeply for the people of her empire, even those brought in by conquest. It was this care, and the ruling style it provoked, that caused the loyalty of her empire to grow and grow beyond what many of her kin were capable of.

But she will never forget watching the last of humanity die on a barren, blasted husk of a world as her kin fought each other, thinking only of their own gain and their own desires. For all that many of her kin claim to be protecting the mortals, she will never forget that few of these protectors stayed on Idalos to help save those caught up in the destruction of the world they were meant to protect. She will never forget. And she will never forgive.


Raskalarn is the same whether appearing to Immortals or Mortals, a tall woman with raven hair and deep green eyes, wearing armor and carrying a heavy broadsword. Though not unintelligent, Raskalarn is incapable of compromise or surrender. And while a capable tactician, she cannot be made to retreat. When appearing among her own forces, Raskalarn is surprisingly calm and kind, willing to aid them when needed. When appearing among other peoples, however, Raskalarn is cold and forbidding, and the few Mortals who encounter her outside their own lands have described her as carrying a sense of implacable resolve, and unyielding drive to complete her goals. When speaking to most other Immortals, she wavers between contemptuous and openly hostile. She especially has little use for the anti-mortal faction, believing them to be the worst of scum, though she doesn't think that highly of many of the pro-mortal faction either.

Memories of the Past

Raskalarn barely interacted with Anox, as shortly after her own creation she began to work on her own plans without regard to her creator or the other Original Beings. She did see his manipulation of her brother, which in part fueled her desire to lead the other Immortals, to get them away from the infighting that infected the Original Beings. But she didn't have any sort of personal relationship with her creator or the other Original Beings and thus never really talks about them.


Raskalarn is currently acting as the ruler of Korlasir at the heart of her Eternal Empire. She rarely interacts with her family at this point.


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