Oram Mednix



  • PC full name: Oram Mednix
  • CS link: here
  • Notable Events: here
  • Race: Human
  • Date of Birth: 45th of Zi’da, Arc 693.

CS Approval Rewards

CS Approved by: Pegasus

  • Skill Points
    • Hunting +3
    • Fishing +2
    • Fieldcraft +3
  • Knowledge
    • Fieldcraft: Survival depends on a variety of skills (Peg)
    • Fieldcraft: Setting up a camp(Peg)
    • Hunting: Rabbit-tracks (Peg)
    • Fishing: Spotting where will be a good spot to fish. (Peg)
  • Starting Renown: 20

Starter Quest

Sitting around the campfire one evening, you hear a tale of a very powerful Spirit which resides in the Volcano in Faldrass. One of your fellow travellers talks about how there was an attack on Faldrass last arc where groups attacked the home of Baron Smooglenuff and attempted to sink Scalvoris into the sea. The tale that your companion tells is of a group of heroes who fought off the attack but that also, beneath the Volcano, there lives a group who protect Scalvoris from attacks. Can it be true? Is there someone really called Smooglenuff? Could such a group exist? .... only investigation will allow Oram to find out.


  • 50: 50% discount on a tier 10 trap-making skill kit.Approval Link
  • 100: Shoppe Category Weapons is available at 1 tier higher than this character's current tier. Approval Link
  • 150: 50 PB Points. link
  • 200: +1WP on Seasonal Wage from now on. approval
  • 250: Eagle-bone Whistle of Valor

This is a small, roughly finger-sized eagle-bone whistle with a fipple mouthpiece and a couple finger holes for varying pitch (although using them is optional for using the item's ability). Tier 7 quality.

Blowing the whistle has an effect similar to the "Hold the Line!" ability from the Favored Celarion mark. It dispels fear in those who can hear it and renders them immune to further fear-based effects for ten bits, and also enhances stamina for that time. It does not increase shield ability, but in compensation, the whistle affects animals as well as mortals, assuming these can hear the whistle's sound.

The effect resists fear from mundane sources, as well as Competent or lower Domain-based fear effects, and mark-based effects that are at Favored level, but not higher.

The whistle does not require any particular skill beyond the ability to blow it, although musical skill may make the instrument's tone less strident, as by default this is loud, piercing, and unpleasant (though not alarming, assuming its ability is being used). One does, however, need the ability to blow with full breath, and to close one's lips over the mouthpiece.

The ability can be used once per trial per competence level in Leadership (i.e., once at Novice, twice at Competent, thrice at Expert, etc.). Approval




Link to mark approval: here

  1. Blood Son - gained with mark approval - Pegasus
  2. Journey's Meal - gained with mark approval - Pegasus
  3. Traveler's Skills I - gained with mark approval - Pegasus

Skill Achievements



  1. Telegraphed Behavior

Faction Abilities

Fire Forged

Oram is an Initiate of the Fire Forged (0 Points)

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