Desnind Resources


Here are all the resources in Desnind. We use the word here very broadly, as you will see below. Each link in the table takes you to an Index of that sort of resource, so please feel free to browse and don't forget that you can add your own submissions to Desnind in the Player Development Thread

Resource Type Description
Diseases All manner of diseases and illnesses, mundane, magical and everything in between here!
Drinks Hot and warming, cool and refreshing or specific to particular seasons or celebrations. Desnind specific drinks!
Drugs From hallucinogenics to sedatives and lots in between. What drugs are available in Desnind?
Fauna Beasts and monsters, NPCs and sea life are all here.
Flora Plants and shrubs and bushes and trees - all here!
Food Traditional dishes of Desnind can be found here!
Ingredients All the raw ingredients, fruits and nuts and all sorts of things are here.
Materials Here are all the raw materials that Desnind has on offer!
Medicine Medicine for the populace, cures and treatments specific to Desnind here.
Music & Song Is it a surprise that Desnind has a rich history of music and song? Specific melodies and instruments here!
Poison Specific poisons for torture and death!
Reagents Reagents for alchemy and chemistry here, many of which are Desnind specific
Textiles All the beautiful fabrics and textiles made from the raw materials Desnind has on offer!


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