BBCode Guide

Here on Standing Trials we can use a number of BBCodes in order to enhance the visual appeal of our posts. Below is a guide to the code available to you - and how to use it / what it does!

Available BBCodes

This section details some of the BBCodes that are available on the Standing Trials site.

Note: Not all of the available codes are currently listed here, but we are working on it for you.






Example use: [ooc text=My OOC comments.]My IC comments[/ooc]

Supported Paramiters

Name Type Example Description Required
text String/Text "Some OOC text here." This text will be displayed in the 'hidden' OOC popup, allowing you to enrich your posts with Out of Character details without interrupting the natural flow you for character's narrative. Yes


Example use: [font family=FontName size=200]My styled comments[/font]

Supported Paramiters

Name Type Example Description Required
family Simple String Verdana This is the name of the standard CSS font you would like to apply to your text. Note: No special characters are permitted and will result in the tag not rendering correctly. Yes
size Number [70-300] 200 This is the numerical percentage of the site's standard font size you would like your text to appear in. e.g. 150 will mean that the text is displayed as 150% of the standard size. Note: You may only 'decrease' the text size by 30% and 'increase' it by 200%. No more is permitted to prevent abuse of this feature. No


Example use: [anchor=Nav goto=SectionName]My Link Text[/anchor]

Supported Paramiters

Name Type Example Description Required
Simple String Nav This is the name you wish to give this anchor for later reference by other anchor or goto BBCodes. Yes
goto Simple String MySectionName This allows you to specify to which other anchor on the page you would like this link to go to. No