Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Deception, Secrecy, Shadows, Fear
Holy Names Lady of the Night, The Great Shadow, Shadow Mother, Mistress of Shadows, Lady of the Night, Mistress of Secrets, Nightmaiden, Dark One, Daughter of Whispers
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Augiery
Faction Anti-Immortal, Augiery
Mark Audnev
Notable Creations Naerikk
Creator Cierel
Immediate Family None known
Allies None currently known
Enemies Ymiden, Vri, Tried, Famula, Syroa
Scribe Dementia, Jade


Alike in mind and power, Audrae manifested from Cierel in a whirl of shadows and darkness. Audrae was more in tune to the Original Being than any Cierel had created before, full of power, curiosity, and deception. On a level, the Immortal never truly cared for her creator the way Cierel expressed her fondness for Audrae. It was only a matter of time before the Being would be disposed of and Audrae would be free from the chains Cierel imposed upon the others. She didn't care about them, instead wanting to rid the world of all higher beings so that she could rule, in some fashion.

However, Audrae never had a chance to enact her schemes. The Great Shattering took care of her target, thus freeing her from Cierel once and for all. Audrae basked in the freedom and descended upon Idalos, celebrating in the only way she knew how. She remained there for a short time before coming upon an odd sort of creature: Humanity. Like her sister, Audrae experimented with them by testing the boundaries of their fear and came to find they were much more intriguing than she anticipated. Audrae could feel the tension from the other Immortals and knew that it would escalate, but to what?

Shortly after the death of Daia, war broke out among the Immortals and Audrae had no choice but to leave the humans she had immunized fear from. Lurking in the shadows, she concealed herself, watching, waiting to find the answer to the death of her brethren. As she watched, however, Audrae noticed that no matter what they did to each other, they could not kill one another. Then it came to her...


She was among many Immortals who returned to Idalos to find it falling into chaos. With the help of her sister Moseke, Audrae resurrected her human experiments. She showed them kindness only so they would trust, protect, and work for her in this time of war. Insisting that she was the true ruler of the world, all powerful, cunning, and wise, Audrae molded her experiments into warriors, their birthmarks a symbol of her command over them. This race of people came to be known as the Naerikk.

For many Arcs, the Naerikk hid away in the fertile lands of Augiery, training, learning, and surviving with Audrae as their ruler. It wasn't until Tried, an Immortal she was quiet familiar with, came into her humble abode did the war truly begin for her. Tried had approached her about the Augiery settlement, wondering why she was hidden so far from her brothers and sisters with a small army of humans. Audrae simply smiled toward him, telling him of her woes, fears, and expressed that the humans were a shield of protections from the others wishing to do her harm.

Tried knew better, and attempted to leave to warn the others of Audrae's settlement. However, a clawed hand was soon plunged into his back and his heart, quickly missing from his chest. Audrae stood over his body, a wicked smile on her lips. Taking his heart, she placed it within a thick, locked, solid iron chest. With a wave of her hand, Audrae tasked a group of Naer to return to her with a pig's heart. Once obtained, she placed the heart within another locked, iron chest and journeyed to the continent of Oscillus to return Tried's body to his people. She then returned the chests, both identical and cursed. Audrae told them in a strong, wicked voice that they may return their Creator to his former glory if, and only if, they retrieved his heart from the correct chest, buried in the deepest, darkest shadows of their land. However, if they were to fail, his heart would be forever lost to the shadows and he would remain an immobile body of ice forever. For a moment, she vanished in a whirl of shadow, only to return empty handed.

Boarding their ship, the Naerikk departed the lands of Oscillus, leaving the people there in torment and despair.


When she chooses to appear to a mortal, Audrae takes on one of two forms depending on who she's interacting with. If her target is one of her Naerikk, or someone else who worships her, then she appears to them as a twisted version of their own shadow. However, if she must show herself to someone who doesn't already know of her superiority, then she takes the appearance of a Naer. Relegated to a humanoid appearance, her head is cloaked at all times. If one were to glimpse her face they would never be able to remember exactly what she looked like.

Memories of the Past

Audrae never cared for Cierel, though she acted as if the Original Being was in her favor. Cierel called upon Audrae often, whether for conversation or to do Cierel's dirty work. Though they were around each other frequently, Audrae despised every minute of it.


Ruling over the Augiery settlement, Audrae disguises herself to appear as almost anyone, of course with a handy artifact from Syroa. Very rarely are outsiders allowed to visit her and she does not attempt to interact with travelers or foreign bodies from other regions. If someone perks her interest, however, she will descend upon them in a manner best for her, whether that is in broad daylight or the shadows of darkness.