The Conqueror, The War-Starved

Anox was by far the most belligerent and furious of the Originals. When they first passed from Emea into Idalos, it was Anox who convinced his siblings to upset the current hierarchy of the world in order to take it for themselves. While some of the Originals hoped for peace and cooperation, Anox struck first and slew one of the primary Induk of Idalos’ council, sparking the conflict.

Anox was known to crave control and order, valuing strength and martial ingenuity above all other creative pursuits. His children he created as his generals, with moderate success, to serve him on the fields of battle against Induk and dragon both.

When the dust settled, Anox turned to overlooking his kingdom, stressing the importance of his followers to follow military doctrine and credence. His was the creation that would last the longest, he believes, would burn the brightest.

Constantly stymied by his brother Brelt’ek, he ardently desired to possess his sister At’iel but she found his brash and impulsive nature too immature and unappealing. Anox, ruler over what is now the Hotlands, was said to burn so brightly wherever he went that the desserts were born from his passage. All that the Induk created there was destroyed or absorbed into his domain, leaving sand in its wake. Whether he intended to keep it that way or build upon it is unknown, as he Shattered before he could continue.

It is Unknown what Anox felt during the Great Shattering. He was alone in the desert when it occurred, perhaps scouting his territory for new places to begin building or conquering. His Grand Fracture is hidden in mirage, guarded by sand, and is one of the most dangerous Grand Fractures of his siblings. Only the most vicious and dangerous Emean creatures skulk and prowl within the range of his Grand Fracture, a living testament to his philosophy of Accomplishment through Conquest. The terrain behaves strangely, viciously, as though alive and hungry. Few mages have tried to brave its dangers to seek powerful wells. The risk seems to far outweigh the benefit.