Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Technology, Metal Working, Ambition, Pride
Holy Names Forge Mistress, Tyrant of Smiths, The Imperious, Craft Mother, Metal Maiden, Bearer of Swords
Holy Symbol Twin hammers crossed, in front of a sun with eight ray beams.
Religion -
Location Western Region
Faction Officially Neutral, Supports Mortals
Mark Thall
Notable Creations TBD
Creator Luesco
Immediate Family TBD
Allies Yvithia, Ymiden, Ilaren, Moseke
Enemies Faldrun, Kata, Mastes, Delroth, Edasha, Audrae
Scribe Jade


When the war first erupted, Aeva was one of many who remained neutral. Even though she had taken a short leave from Idalos, Aeva was too enchanted by the ways of man to be apart from them permanently. She was visited multiple times by her brothers and sisters to be recruited to fight. This request puzzled her and yet, she couldn't help but find humor with each one of her siblings. She was the tamed child, alright. Aeva could only see the pointlessness in the war since Immortals could not kill each other. Not only that, but the Immortal couldn't understand why any of her brethren would be so cruel as to use humans to murder one another. Aeva knew her brethren thought this same idea but still, they continued to battle.

She has escaped from fights more than she cares to admit. Being ambush by a group of cursed humans was something to watch out for because she knew that it didn't matter who they killed, as long as she died, they were released from their curse.It was disappointing to see humans reduced to mindless weapons... Yet Aeva was inspired by them, motivated to stand up for the humans when she could. As long as she lived, she was the voice for man, to restore the balance among the Immortals, end the war, and let the mortal world be at peace again.

Aeva neither fights humans nor her brothers and sisters. She is neutral in the war. Her blessings are hard to come by and because of her compassion for man, her curses are even rarer. In highly populated cities, some humans have had the opportunity to meet her, however, they are unaware of it because of her casual appearance. She frequently visits the cities, often times browsing the armor or weapon shops and finds herself walking about her temple, if there is one established. Aeva enjoys watching her followers perform rituals in her honor and is happy to listen to their prayers even though they are hardly ever answered. If she is truly impressed by an individual's will or craftsmanship, then she will bestow her blessing upon them.

Aeva is the ruler of technological advancements, the craft of gathering, shaping, and molding metal, ambitious will, and the mother of pride. Among her brothers and sisters, she is considered a tamed child looking to prove her purpose within her family. However, to the mortals of Idalos, Aeva is the shinning light of luxury within their world. Often times, many cities hail her with high hopes that their children may receive her blessings but this is far from what the Immortal aims to do. That some being would impress her enough to gain her blessing is a rarity. Though, those who possess her power are often burden by the wants and needs of the people. The ability to construct, establish, and/or invent items is enhanced with Aeva blessing along with the pride and ambition of the individual. Therefore, those who are blessed by this Immortal find themselves as slaves to their city's people. The power given by Aeva is one to be desired and since the blessing is a rarity, those that obtain it can expect a life dedicated to crafting and knowledge.


Aeva appears as a typical human with honey blonde hair, tanned skin, and silver eyes. In the mortal realm, she adorns common clothes with a burgundy red cloak to hide her features, if need be. Some things that stick out against her clothes is the odd amount of metal jewelry and pieces of what could be considered armor on her outfits. When she's not attempting to conceal herself, she is often seen in her plate armor, shining gold with a type of cloth material that is nearly impenetrable. This is a special kind of armor that only she can forge. Aeva has yet to teach or share this kind of material with anyone else.

Memories of the Past