Fast Facts
Status Alive
Domains Illusion, Mimicry, Chaos
Holy Names The Enigmatic, Shrouded One, Faceless One, The Lord of Illusion
Holy Symbol -
Religion -
Location Rhakros
Faction Supports Syroa and Lisarra
Mark Argua
Notable Creations Yludih
Creator Pieren
Immediate Family -
Allies Syroa, Lisarra
Enemies All Others
Scribe Shards


Pieren, one of the Original Eight, created Ælig to control the domains of illusion, mimicry and chaos. His creation had unexpected results. Ælig was bestowed his power, but he was left horribly disfigured. His body began as a mere sack of bones, he smelled of a rotten corpse and he was faceless. As a result, Ælig was considered too horrific for the rest of his siblings and was avoided immediately. While Delroth and Edasha fought for attention, Ælig would also try to fit in the only way he knew how. Without a face, he could not speak, so he began to create entire illusions of a scene where he would become his two siblings, copying how they behaved exactly. The scene itself was accurate, but to the eyes of his brother and sister, it infuriated them that they were mimicked in this way. Ælig was told he would pay dearly if he attempted such an act again which left him confused.

Ralaith, Ælig's other brother understood him somewhat, but his own withdrawn attitude meant he could not to offer the support Ælig desperately needed. It was Pieren, Ælig's creator and father, who had regretted creating his son so misshapen, truly understood that Ælig was unable to fully express himself. This recognition was enough for Ælig to look up and love his father, Pieren, more than all else.

Suddenly the Great Shattering had come to pass and destroyed the hopes and dreams of Ælig immediately. It was said that the event struck Ælig like the world had fallen upon him. The role of father that Pieren represented was all Ælig ever wanted and needed. Now it was just another broken dream, shattered with the Original Seven.

Ælig then disappeared.

Time passed. Ælig was only mentioned in passing as a sorry tale to the immortals that knew him. Many assumed Ælig had gone into hiding or had died somehow. And so rumor became fact and it was accepted that Ælig was gone forever.

After many more arcs, the Immortal's world was at war. During this time, peculiar things were occurring. Immortals that had sworn allegiance to each other were breaking their truce and inciting violence upon their allies. On the other hand, Immortals were making good with their enemies. In the human world, proclamations from kings and queens were made to their people commanding to make war on their neighbor. Stories told were always the same: one would wake in the night to find them in a hellish place and their worst nightmares would become reality. It caused terror, confusion and hysteria to all. Many Immortals and humans alike died in the chaos. But soon the Immortals and mortals began to realize, as the pieces of the puzzle slowly slotted into place, that all of this was no coincidence. Perhaps this had been orchestrated to cause terrible events to unfold, that something or someone was behind all of this?

They were right, of course. It was Ælig.

He did not die. He did not hide. No. He had disappeared to hone his craft. He lived among human and Immortal alike to understand their ways, their motives, their dreams to a point that he could pull the right strings and bring the towers of order toppling down. Perhaps he was doing this because he blamed all for the destruction of the Original Seven, or perhaps he simply, without a mouth to speak, wanted to express himself the only way he knew how: through chaos.

Syroa and Lisarra both answered his chaotic call. Only these Immortals, experts themselves at the art of deception, came to recognize Ælig for his horrid stench, and used every brief opportunity to speak with him. Ælig was experiencing for the first time the feeling that these two really valued him for who he was.

While she began the slow process of luring him to her cause, Syroa was distracted by another force that entered Idalos. Her eyes had rounded at the culmination of a residual energy that blackened the sky, after the creation of race after new race. During Syroa's attempts to harness this great power, Ælig suddenly stepped in to prevent her from being destroyed. With this act, Aelig had unintentionally caused the creation of the race now known to be the Yludih. Ælig knew not how to support this race and these people disappeared into the cities as confused and lost as he. Deep down, somewhere in his corpse like body, Ælig felt sorry for the Yludih and swore silently to himself to one day protect them, as his father would have done for him.

After this incident, Syroa was taken aback by the terrible appearance of Ælig. But it was not enough for her to swallow her pride and she reprimanded Ælig for interfering, despite him saving her life. As Ælig slowly began to disappear during her harsh rebuke, Syroa clamped her mouth midway and instead quickly demanded him to join her as an ally. Ælig faceless head nodded and he then vanished anyway.

From then onward, Ælig worked in with Syroa and Lisarra as an ally. Syroa has found him frustratingly difficult to reach and unreliable to follow any orders. However, she has soon realized that Ælig only involves himself when absolutely necessary and when he can create the largest amount of damage with his power. For this reason, Syroa has been well pleased.


The most shocking aspect of Ælig is that he is faceless. Where there should be a face, there is a void, a vacuum, a nothingness. From his head is long tangled, leathery hair, that is strewn down his tall body like oily, black rope. A blood red tattoo streaks down one arm and shines like wet paint. Ælig's body is clammy and cold and his skin opaque with a partial view of muscle fibers within. His trousers tight fitting and an oily fabric, almost kelp-like material, that add a foul accent to his general stench of rotting flesh.

Memories of the Past

After the Great Shattering, Ælig always thought of what could have been. He would recreate these old memories and possible futures to himself with Illusions, mimicking Pieren and his brothers and sisters still being alive. Ælig had wasted hundreds of arcs living in his fantasy world until he suddenly stopped this practice for good as the war among the Immortals began.


Ælig now strives to express himself in the only way he knows how, through utter chaos, by using illusion and mimicry to draw his victims in manipulate them to cause further destruction. Ælig continues to study people by living vicariously through others using elaborate illusions around collections of oblivious people. His addiction to this power has made Ælig turn into nothing short of a monster.