Fast Facts

Status Alive
Domain Hexing, Bloodletting, Castigation
Location Eastern Gauthrel, Western Idalos
Position Supports Thetros, Lotharen Horde
Parent Syroa
Allies Thetros
Enemies Syroa
Scribe Incubus


Aedan, King of Clan Mac Teagan, was born to the womb of the Immortal Syroa, fathered by Fenn Thordan. One of the only Bred Lothar of his time, and a Mortalborn of a loathsome mother, the man faced incredible discrimination and adversity from birth to arcs well beyond his coming to manhood. For the first three decades of his life, he spent his days compliant and obedient to his mother, actively undermining the society his father had begun to build. He ran one of the region's first crime syndicates, known as Kaerskadd, an underground network of poisoners, drug traffickers, organ traders and illegal practitioners of magic.

It was only when he faced death at the hands of his father, Fenn Thordan, that he came into the role designated for him upon his conception. His father, old and frail, failed to successfully decapitate Aedan with a single slash of his blade, upon the eve of his execution. Instead, the claymore dug partway through the back of his neck, lodged into him as he bled out and life quickly faded. Thetros came to him then, removed the blade, and healed him of his wounds... leaving a scar to mark the moment. The two men famously became friends, and left Mac Teagan and its holdings for eleven arcs to travel Idalos. With Thetros and his flock as traveling companions, the man learned of the world and its beauties, and of the goodness of people.

It is due to his experience with the outside world that Mac Teagan developed a different architectural style, as well as a culture far distinctive from the rest of Gauthrel. When he returned to the realm, he discovered his father on his deathbed, and a choice before him: stand by Thetros' side forever as his greatest companion, or rule the realm always meant to be his. He chose what he believed to be his destiny, and since then, he has dramatically expanded the infrastructure, wealth and economy of Mac Teagan... turning it into one of the richest regions in Idalos. .


King Aedan, having ruled for over a hundred and thirty arcs, is known as one of the most respected, feared and loved leaders in all of Gauthrel. He is known by all as a figure only rivaled by High King Riordan, one of special significance to the people of his clan. He is a man of exceptional character and virtue, whilst also maintaining a practical, pragmatic and administrative nature. By all means, he is and has always been an administrative ruler; a statesman. He operates only in the best interests of his people, and is willing to claim either alliance or neutrality to protect them.

Unfortunately, a great downside of the Mortalborn has always been his heritage. As a child of Syroa, he is a man of incredible desire, who inspires desire in others. The man's interpersonal network of advisors is often some mangled web of romantic and sexual connections, and he has both broken many hearts and fathered many children. Many of the theatrical performances of Mac Teagan are based on his romantic and sexual dramas, though he is typically featured as a just and loving man, rather than one led by a vicious and arbitrary lust for passion and heat.

His domains, unique as they are, effect his personality. Hexing, the ability to lay what appears to be a curse of bewitchment on others, has led to many dark (and accurate) conspiracies behind the success of his leadership. He often seems fearless even among his greatest enemies, and many have said this is due to his ability to alter their minds, always getting his way. Bloodletting, an ability that demonstrated itself when his father nearly decapitated him, is an ability that allows him to regenerate and empower himself by consuming liquids natural to the body of another, an ability indicative of his born nature as a vile seducer. On this same note, it is believed by many that consuming the liquid of another individual dramatically augments the effects of his other domains on them. He is often called the Blood Lord of Gauthrel as a result of this domain, another reason for his feared reputation.

Finally, Castigation is an ability he may use on those who adore him. The more one favors him, the greater the effect of this ability. It is a monopolizing, cruel ability; he may implant such a great feeling of failure within a man that every atom in their body seeks to prevent failure at any costs. If the man is to fail him, the punitive measures will often be greater than death, many men peeling their own skin, torturing or mutilating themselves until they can no longer withstand it. This fear conditions his allies and those loyal to him to be exceptional, some of the greatest individuals of their time. It is for this reason that Mac Teagan has seen so many incredible artists, innovators and advisors -- those who fall short of a legend will be swallowed by their own loyalty.


Standing at 6'8", the man is quite clearly a descendant of his father. He hosts a lean build to demonstrate his focus on the agile methods of warring, typically seen wearing black clad leather armor and a gleaming beryllium emerald trident. However, when at home, he dresses much as a wealthy foreign aristocrat, wearing silk brocade or some other fine vestment. Like other Fenns, he typically wears a crown, one decorated wildly with a blood-colored tongue descending over his forehead and mammoth's ivory making up the material of the rest.


Currently, he rules Mac Teagan as their King, expanding their wealth and influence throughout Western Idalos. With the rebirth of the Lotharen Horde, he has stated desires to expand eastward - far into the other realms of the continent.