Acrobatics is a skill that focuses on a character's agility, flexibility, and endurance to move and balance. This skill helps a person dive, flip, jump, roll to avoid attacks, and overcome obstacles within their path. While assisting in movement across terrain, the Acrobatics skill can be used for multiple purposed in combat and entertainment and is not limited to any one thing. Some examples of this are softening falls, walking or running over uneven ground, quieting one's foot-fall, spins and flips within a dance routine, and much more. Having a decent acrobatics skill can be very beneficial to players, especially in tough situations. Related skills include Unarmed Combats, Wilderness Survival, Stealth, Dance, and Endurance.

Actions & Movement

Listed below are detailed actions and movements that the Acrobatics skill affects. If you are unsure what is included in the acrobatics, please look below for guidance. Further questions may be sent to any prophet.


Agility This effects one's movement in any given situation. To survive and endure, one must react quickly as to avoid any danger. Agility also plays a part in the fluidity of one's movements and can be used to draw the eye or trick it.

Flexibility To be successful with the Acrobatics skill, one must also become flexible and pliable. Along with Agility, one must be able to bend to avoid attacks, move around obstacles, and mesmerize an audience. The more experience a character gains in Acrobatics, the better their flexibility and movement will become.

Endurance This is a key ability in Acrobatics as the skill requires a lot of endurance to be able to maintain any kind of physical control. Endurance assists in giving energy and strength to the character which helps them move quicker, farther, longer. This is a highly important skill to maintain which is why it is classified in it's own page.

Dives Falls and Tumbles are also classified under this action. Dives are used to avoid attacks, projectiles, or blasts. They may also be used in dance routines and other kinds of performance pieces. If a character doesn't have proper Knowledge of a dive skill then they may suffer injuries should they attempt to perform such an action.

Spins & Twists are included in this action as well. Spins, like dives, may be used to dodge oncoming attacks or objects. However, spins are mainly used with the Dance skill to add grace and fluidity in routines and performance pieces. Twists may be used in the same fashion, though this action can help players maneuver through tight spaces.

Skill Ranks

Novice (0-25)

This represents the point where the character has truly entered the field of this interest. He has discovered, to his dismay, that it was only because those he has seen do this before are so good at it that they made it look easy. Still, he has an innate disdain for quitters, and pushes through his many early failures to enjoy a few successes. These give him the confidence to keep trying. He has also learned to be ready, in the more likely event of failure, to safeguard himself against the backlashes and pitfalls that result from his failures. He may have even been lucky to get this far.

Competent (26-75)

Now it is decision time. Does the character continue to branch off into learning low levels of whole new aspects of the skill, or develop more fully those he has already begun to grow familiar with? He can either secure the knowledge he has gained thus far, and enjoy frequent success therein, or he can gather new concepts, and continue failing more often than not. The former is more commercially viable, but the latter, while more risky, has the greater payoff in the long run.

Expert (76-150)

There is no longer any established branches of this skill that are difficult for this character to succeed at, provided he is still meticulous and acquires all the right materials. As long as he keeps within the accepted parameters of the skill, he pretty much enjoys consistent success. But groundbreaking ideas occasionally distract him. And these pursuits, while innovative and sure to eventually generate great interest, are going to set him back while he develops them. There will be frequent returns to the drawing board with these efforts.

Master (151-250)

It's almost as if the skill was originally developed just for this character to flaunt. He succeeds at everything he does in relation to this skill. Characters come from far and wide to get his endorsements and advice. It is only when he is supremely cocky and overconfident that he might make a mistake. But even then, it has almost the sense of being something he did on purpose, as a gag. It has probably been some time since he had a new idea to develop that was even in the realm of mortal possibility. But such ideas may still be out there. Perhaps an Immortal may even approach him with an idea.