Racial Bonus

What Is A Racial Bonus?

It's a bonus to a particular skill is a skill in the form of XP points, which your PC gets because of their history. Usually, this will be linked to the race of your pc, but it is linked to their background and so, we allow the player to pick the Racial Bonus appropriately.

Choosing Your Racial Bonus Skill

You pick your Racial Bonus Skill when developing your character and the reason for your choice must be clear when reading your character history. A Racial Bonus is a one off, XP bonus which must be spent on a particular skill. This allows you to show how your character background has impacted your PC from the beginning

Rules and Restrictions

No race can pick magic for their Racial Bonus Skill.

A Note

The Racial Bonus must be clearly identified on your Character Sheet (CS). This bonus is one you have to take at the start of your PC - you can't pick it up later.

How Many Points?

Your Racial Bonus is 25 points.


Can I become a Grandmaster in a Racial Bonus Skill? Yes, there's no difference between a Fast Track and a regular skill.

Can my Fast Track skill be my racial bonus? Yes, no worries