Fast Facts

Status Alive
Domain Abduction, Brainwashing, Crows
Location Unknown
Position Serves Sintra
Parent Sintra
Allies Sintra, Kielik
Enemies Faldrun, Audrae, Raskalarn, Ilaren, Lisirra, Ethelynda
Scribe Basilisk


The child of the Immortal Sintra, Labrae was raised from birth to be a loyal servant of her mother, her insanity cultivated and molded to a form that served the Webspinners agenda. Acting as the head of Sintra's secretive cult, Labrae may not have invented the aspects of Idalos that have become her Domains, but she unquestionably one of, if not the best in Idalos at them. To grow the cult, Labrae does not seek adults or even adolescents, for their service to the Webspinner would be impure. Instead, this insane child of the Immortals hunts young children, seeking out those that she can easily take and mold to her mothers will.

From the moment she takes the children she targets, their lives are lived in service to the Webspinner, as Labrae raises them to be true, unwavering believers in Sintra, willing to commit any atrocity or make any sacrifice in her name. They know they are to be used and discarded at a moments whim by their Immortal and yet cannot conceive of serving any other, truly slaves to Sintra's will. However, it is the final act of their brainwashing that is the most disturbing and the most monstrous, for Labrae returns them to their parents as adolescents. However, these children are not returned to live with them, but rather to slaughter them and bath in their blood as Labrae was bathed in the blood of her own father, ridding them of any attachment to the world of Mortals.

Aside from her manipulations and growing of the cult, Labrae has little noticable presence on the world stage, for the child of the Webspinner is no warrior or politician. Her one and only purpose in life is to provide her mother with followers and it is a task in which she takes extreme pleasure as she watches "her" children fan across Idalos in service of her mother. However, some small rumors abound that, in her twisted way, she cares deeply for "her" children and resents her mothers cavalier attitude towards them. But until she acts on this rumor one way or another, the parents of Idalos must fear The Scarecrow as they do her monstrous mother.


Labrae is almost identical in appearance to her mothers human half, with raven hair, pale skin, and blood red eyes. In addition, she is very thin and remarkably tall for a woman, earning her the nickname "Scarecrow" from those who fear to speak her name for fear that it will call her down upon their children. In addition, helping bolster use of the nickname, is the flock of crows that always accompanies her, black out the sky above her when she moves to expand Sintra's cults and providing the world of Idalos their only warning that The Scarecrow is again praying upon its children.

Memories of the Past

Labrae is almost slavishly devoted to her mother, considering her to be the supreme being in Idalos, having been raised the same way she raises the children she steals. That said, she does consider her to be unnecessarily cold in the way she treats her cult, though how strongly this affects her decisions is unknown.


For now The Scarecrow waits and raises the children she has stolen, waiting for them to be ready to take their final test.