Fast Facts

Status Alive
Domain Monsters, Malice, Calculation
Location Northern Gauthrel, Western Idalos
Position Supports Self
Parent Thetros
Allies None
Enemies Thetros
Scribe Incubus


There are few individuals so grotesque, without bothering to be, so cruel, without acknowledging - as Icarus Iskariot, the son of Thetros, and the greatest blight of the Fields of Gauthrel. Born in Arc 394, to a woman who died in the breeding, and a father of Immortal quality, Icarus was always two things - wantful, and jealous. Envious of his father’s plentiful followers, his popularity, his prestige. He was wanting of more, feeling that if one thing mattered, it was escaping Thetros’ shadow.

Raised among Lotharro, and surrounded by the monstrous diversity of the Fields of Gauthrel, Icarus was inducted into the early and archaic variant of the Path of the Hunt. With his brothers, the greatest of Thetros’ flock, he traveled across all of the lands of Gauthrel and slaughtered monsters in the hundreds - even the thousands, examining them, taking samples, learning of their origins, their capabilities, their weaknesses, every fine detail. In some ways, he was the first evolutionary biologist, examining how each and every creature got to where they were, where from they came, and where they would go.

Icarus was never absolved of his curiosity. Somehow, he knew that monsters were the key to his greatness. He believed, fully, that he could harness their capabilities to expand upon his own… and he did, indirectly. Tirelessly, he examined these creatures under the view of night, beneath the stars, and even among vast unknowns. Wherever he went with his brethren, a trail of corpses followed, and his blade dug into all of them. Every inch of every corpse was examined, and he learned of the functions of every bone, muscle, gland and organ. Before long, Icarus had begun taming and breeding monsters, and creating… new ones.

That was when his first ability appeared, unique to him alone: the ability to impart a power upon monsters - to consume, adapt, evolve, and within a singular lifetime. He gave them the gift of rapid evolution, and made from the beasts of Gauthrel… even more challenging specimen. Before long, native ranges and habitats had been entirely shifted, and the Lothar were forced to adjust in the face of the newly emerging species of beast. Icarus focused his efforts primarily in the West of Gauthrel, where the Lothar (and himself) first emerged, causing for the land today to be a constant battle for supremacy - giving the creatures there evolutionary traits that would sustain them indefinitely.

And it was still not enough. He realized upon forcing the Lothar from their homes in the West… that he enjoyed such a thing. Witnessing monsters massacre townships in their wake, reproducing endlessly to fulfill an insatiable bloodlust - such a thing was keen on him, and he continued his projects. He was realized to be the creator of these monstrosities, and finally, the Mortalborn was exiled by order of Thetros, who had realized the senseless cruelty of his son. Unwilling to end his life, yet recoiling from the pain he’d caused to those the Immortal loved, Icarus was told to build a life in the far northwest of Gauthrel, westwards of Melrath, where even the Free Tribes would not dwell.

In that time, given years to reflect and absorb the days of yore, Icarus sealed himself away to the solitude of creation, researching monsters alone and building new creatures for centuries at a time. Now, after so long, those who remember him have stated seeing his marks upon the land - they know that something else is brewing. Change is here.


Icarus is a man of brutal calculation, typically determining within moments if someone is worthy of his cause. The vast majority of mortals have not appealed to the man, and as a result, he tends to utilize your unfortunate stray man or woman in a variety of unappealing ways - such as turning them into a food source, experimenting upon them, or testing his monster's lethality in combat. He is exceptionally cold, and utterly cruel, with little room for negotiation or rational conversation. Unlike his creations, his malice is not harsh and instantaneous, but demonstrated in an overtly crass and empty demeanor. The man demonstrates himself with little more grace than a rock, and unpredictably, can switch from greetings to a violent assault.


Icarus is, surprisingly, attractive considering his relative isolation. Due to his desire to surpass his father in virtually every way, the man tends to keep up appearances, attempting to appear as if divine or holy to stragglers, even if he ultimately intends to kill or demonstrate his malice upon them. The Mortalborn is quite tall, like his father, standing at 6'6". He tends to wear minimal clothing due to his lack of expertise in textiles, and the fact that he does not live in mortal society. As a result, much of his clothing is that of loincloths, fur pelts, and perhaps the occasional tattered robe.

Generally, he appears freakishly empty and harsh in his demeanor, a visible sociopath to most. The exception is in the thrill of the rush, or any moment igniting adrenaline, where Icarus' external appearance shifts to that of a man seeking wild gratification.


Currently, he resides in Northern Gauthrel, to the west of Melrath. He experiments on a variety of different creatures in a crude laboratory, surrounded by a horde of loyal monsters to ward off any approaching inquirers.