Fast Track Skill

What Is A Fast Track Skill?

A fast track skill is a skill which your pc is particularly talented with. It's like the one skill they're really quick to pick up, compared to all the others.

Choosing Your Fast Track Skill

You pick your Fast Track Skill when developing your character, it may be any skill other than a Domain Magic Discipline. A Fast Track Skill is a one off, 100 point maximum skill that allows you to spend points on that specific skill all the way to 100 without the multipliers that apply to other skills (250 etc).

Rules and Restrictions

No pc can pick magic for their Fast Track Skill.

The Fast Track skill is meant to identify a talent your character has. It might be unknown to them, so you do not need to include it in your history.

A Note

The Fast Track skill must be clearly identified on your Character Sheet (CS). It isn't one that you have to start out as skilled at - in fact, you don't have to start with any points or knowledge in it, unless you choose to.

How Do The Skill Levels Break Down

Well, they break down like this:

Fast Track Skill Level Usual Skill !
0 - 25 Novice 0 - 25
26 - 50 Competent 26 - 75
51 - 75 Expert 76 - 150
76 - 100 Master 151 - 250


Are the knowledge requirements the same? Yes, there's no difference in the knowledge requirements for Fast Track Skills

Can I become a Grandmaster in a Fast Track Skill? Yes, other than the XP requirements, there's no other difference between a Fast Track and a regular skill.

Can my Fast Track skill be my racial bonus? Yes, no worries

Does my FT skill get any bonus XP? Nope - not unless you make it your Racial Bonus, too