Farmer's Pack



A starting pack that is tailored to fit those players who wish to settle their character down in the rural environment outside of the hussle and bussle of the urban cities. This package is design to suite the players who wish to have a character serve as some form of farmer or rancher. To work the land and provide the populations of Idalos the much need bounties of the land.

Wealth Tier

Someone taking Option 1-3 of this package, has their starting Wealth Tier based on their Wealth Skill. If the player takes Option 4, their starting Wealth Tier will be based on their Wealth Skill +1 Wealth Tier (for example, if you start in Wealth Tier 2 and choose Option 4, your starting Wealth Tier will be Tier 3).

If you take a farm / ranch, to better represent the financial struggle of owning and maintaining a farm / ranch, you must maintain your starting Wealth Tier for at least two cycles. During this time, Wealth Points may be earned, but your Starting Wealth Tier can not be surpassed.


Farmer's housing will be 400 sq ft. Houses include one bed, two chairs, one table, two knives, a set of six plates (assorted), one chest, and a fireplace. Most farmhouses will either appear as small cottages made of wood or stone, depending on the location. Housing formats may be found in the cities in question.


Starting Items:

  • 1 x Ox.
  • 1 x Small, ox-drawn cart
  • 1 x Wheelbarrow

Pick one of the following:

  • Option 1- Growing Produce:
  • Land: 1 Acre of workable land, that includes the player’s home and a well.

    • 1 x Ox drawn plow
    • Compost pile (Yields enough compost for an acre)
    • 1 x Rake
    • 1 x Spade
    • 1 x Shovel
    • 1 x Hoe
    • 1 x Hand Fork
    • 1 x Watering Can
    • You may choose your starting crops, but limited to four types (Corn, Beans, Wheat, etc)

  • Option 2 - Raising Livestock
  • Land: Up to 6 Acres of grazing/pasture land (no less than an Acre), that includes player’s house and a well.

    • Appropriate housing structure, if needed (hen house, pig pen, etc)
    • 1 x large Water container
    • 1 x large Feed container
    • Animal feed
    • Either 2 horses (breeding pair), three cows & bull, 8 sheep, goats or pigs (will at least one male), or twenty chickens (with at least one rooster. You may only pick one animal type.

    Note: See Animal/Land Guidelines below for more details.

  • Option 3 - Raising Bees:
  • Land: 2 Acres of prime bee raising land (high amounts of flowering plants), that includes player’s house and a well.

    • 1 x bee suit, complete with hood and gloves.
    • 2 x Beehives. This consists of boxes, supers, bottom boards, covers, and frames with patterned wax foundations.
    • 1 x smoker
    • 1 x hive tool (which is a mini pry bar specifically for beekeeping)
    • 5000 x Worker Bees
    • 2 x Queen Bees

  • Option 4 - Working as Farm/Ranch Hand:
  • Land: 1 / 4 of an Acre assigned to you by farm/ranch owner. Has access to water source. Farm/Ranch that player works on follows guidelines from above, except tripled (Working on Farm, NPC farm is 3 acres of farmland with various crops. OR NPC ranch is up to 15 acres with up to three different livestock types and triple the amount of start animals). These Farms/ Ranches are fully outfitted with Owner/Family, Foreman, and other farm/ranch hands.

    Note: This farm/ranch does not belong to the player. See below for NPC information on this option

Starter Items

You may have any items from your Wealth Tier or below upon startup

A Note on NPCs

For players that select opinion 4: You must fully create Farm/Ranch Owner NPC for the farm/ranch you are working on. You may create a Foreman NPC. These two NPC must follow the NPC guidelines.

Note: These NPC fall into the Personal NPC category but with the following exceptions:

  • 1.) Owner NPC can grant the PC seasonal “salary”.
  • 2.) Owner NPC can grant the player rewards, if earned ICly (Example: granting land, livestocks, etc)

Farm/Ranch Owner:
-Can have up to 150 skill points. Up to 40 points in one skill. All others No more than 30 and no less than 5 in one skill

-Can have up to 100 skill points. No more than 30 and no less than 5 in one skill

All NPCs from this Starting Package must be submitted to the Prophet Support Forum (PSF) and titled “Personal NPCs’ and mention in the thread that you are taking opinion 2 of the Farmer's Pack.

Heirloom Item

You may have ONE item at up to TWO Wealth Tiers above your own as part of this Pack. However, this can not be sold or given away and must be of emotional or practical significance to your PC.

Quick Animal to Land Ratio Guide

When farming, it is necessary to have pasture for your animals. Different sizes of animals need more room for pasture. This is merely a rough guide as to how many acres you might need for large, medium, and small animals. You do not need to strictly keep to these numbers; however, if you want to play as a farmer, owning acreage is typically part of RP.

  • Large Livestock (like horses, llamas, or cattle) - 1 animal per 2 acres
  • Medium Livestock (like pigs, sheep, or goats) - 10 animals per 1 acre
  • Small Livestock (like chickens, turkeys, or rabbits) - 50 animals per 1 acre


Massive thanks to Isen for creating this starter pack!!