Fast Facts

Status Alive
Domain Steel, Smithing, the Forge
Location Ivorian
Position Supports Mortals
Notable Creation Ethelynda's Armour
Parent Ethelynda
Allies Ethelynda, Ralaith
Enemies Raskalarn, Valtharn, Faldrun
Scribe Basilisk


The son of the Immortal Ethelynda, Ethelm was born during the early days of Yithiral with a leg defect that left him unable to move with any degree of speed. Despite his weak leg, Ethelm was well loved by his parents, learning the history of Idalos from his mother and blacksmithing from his father, one of the Euralcal of the Militia. Around the time of his 20th birthday, Ethelm's father died during a battle against a group of bandits that were preying on the fledgeling villages surrounding the city. Despite mourning his fathers death, Ethelm continued his studies, eventually becoming the greatest blacksmith in Yithiral, noticing as he got older that he didn't age as quickly as the people around him.

After a time, Ethelm discussed his slower aging with his mother, who told him that he was a Mortalborn, just as she was. Despite his powers, Ethelynda didn't put pressure on her son to join her or the other Immortals, and he didn't initially, instead choosing to live among the people of Yithiral. However, eventually, as the war between the Immortals waged on and claimed more lives, Ethelm came to feel that he couldn't sit on the sidelines as the Immortals that had sided with Faldrun tried to wipe out the mortals of Idalos. With this in mind, Ethelm joined his mother in her fight to protect the mortals of Idalos.


Ethelm appears as a human in his early 30's, visibly strong with burn marks on his arm. He has short black hair and dark brown eyes, with a short, neatly trimmed beard. He is frequently seen wearing a simple tunic and trousers with a smithing apron, usually with a heavy hammer at his belt. Due to his birth defect, he doesn't move around very quickly, and sometimes has to deal with shooting pains through his leg, as well as walking with a limp. While normally calm, Ethelm can be angered, and while he is an unnerving sight while angered, he tends to calm down fairly quickly. In addition, he's as stubborn as the steel he commands, and tends to dig his heels in if challenged on an issue, though he's smart enough to recognize authority in a subject he has little knowledge of.

Memories of the Past

Ethelm is still close to his mother and remembers her as loving and caring, if somewhat strict in how she raised him.


Working his forge in Yithiral, the capital city of The Ivorian Empire.