Eruption Resistance

The Fire Within

Each Aukarian is born with a fire inside of them. A true, burning hot fire that runs within their blood and heats their hearts. They are warm to the touch because of this, not overly hot but just enough to appear feverish. The Aukari are able to use their blood as a weapon because of this as, after being scratched, their blood appears to literally boil from their wound. It can be painful to others, but only mildly as it cools quickly when released from the body. The Aukari are very controlled people. The reason being is because very high stress can cause them to catch fire as well as very intense emotion, often anger or pain. However, if they catch fire, unless their clothing or armor is fire resistant, it is immediately lost. Igniting into flames can be a slow process, depending on the Aukari's level of control, or is can be a very quick, sudden process. The fire usually starts from the center of their chest and works outward, running over their flesh like fiery water till it completely envelops them. The longer an Aukari stays like this, the harder it is for them to return to normal because it is in this state that they feel the least oppression, restraint, and loneliness. Being on fire for a long period of time slowly destroys the body, turning the skin to charcoal until the Aukari can no longer move. This is how most Aukarians end up dying with the only remains of theirs being dust. Water is a quick way to extinguish an Aukari's fire, however, it is very painful and can quiet possibly kill them.

Aukarians has a natural resistance to heat and can last longer in colder weather due to their unnaturally hot blood. Even before they are born, the Aukari are taught to different ways to try and control their fire. This helps them build up a resistance against the urge to erupt. This ability is practiced often in school so the younger generation of Aukari may have better control over their fire and, hopefully, last longer. However, this practice is not a guarantee that the flames can/will be controlled. Resistance against the urge can be built up but it does not prevent eruption or burnout.